How to apply for NIHR CRN support

How to apply for NIHR CRN support


To apply for Clinical Research Network support, researchers undertaking non-commercial studies should:


  • Submit a Portfolio Application Form (PAF) in IRAS
    • The PAF serves as a “heads-up” to Local and Specialty teams so they can begin working with the study team
    • The PAF is reviewed to ensure it is a valid application and a preliminary assessment of eligibility is made


  • Submit the full IRAS form, along with associated documents including the study protocol and grant award letters, to the Health Research Authority (HRA), via IRAS. 


The HRA will automatically share the IRAS submission with NIHR CRN once they have completed their REC (Research Ethics Committee) validation. Following receipt of the IRAS submission, a full eligibility review will be performed by the NIHR CRN Eligibility Team. The researcher will be notified of the eligibility decision via email.

See more detailed steps in the non-commercial eligibility and adoption application process in our process flowchart.