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How will payment for registration to ISRCTN be arranged?

  • If your study qualifies, the Department of Health (DH) will fund the ISRCTN registration of your study. To check if your study is eligible please visit our eligibility page
  • If your study is not eligible for ISRCTN registration funded by the DH, the ISRCTN Registry will invoice your study sponsor (as detailed in the IRAS Form for your study).

For the current cost of trial registration, please visit the ISRCTN website.

Do I need to apply directly to Current Controlled Trials for ISRCTN registration?

No, if you apply for an ISRCTN using the Central Portfolio Management System (CPMS) then the details of your study will be forwarded to the ISRCTN Registry and the ISRCTN editorial team will contact you in due course. Please do not apply directly to the ISRCTN Registry if you are registering for an ISRCTN via CPMS.

What if my study has an ISRCTN reference or is registered with another register (i.e.

In the event that your study already has an ISRCTN or reference, you should advise the NIHR Clinical Research Network of the appropriate reference number.

How will I find out what the ISRCTN number allocated to my study is?

Following the ISRCTN registration, the ISRCTN Registry will inform the Study Coordinator (as recorded in CPMS) and the NIHR Clinical Research Network of the ISRCTN assigned to a specific research study. The allocated ISRCTN will automatically be added to the study record in CPMS.

What do I do if the ISRCTN information I submitted through CPMS needs to be updated?

It is the responsibility of the Study Coordinator or the Chief Investigator to ensure that the relevant ISRCTN information held in CPMS is current and correct by updating the ISRCTN information. Please note, any updates made to this information in CPMS will not be forwarded to the ISRCTN Registry following issue of the ISRCTN Number.

Please direct all of your queries to the Study Support Service Helpdesk