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ISRCTN registration

ISRCTN registration provides the unique identification number necessary for the future publication of clinical trials and other studies. The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) funds ISRCTN registration for eligible NIHR CRN Portfolio studies.

All studies eligible for Clinical Research Network support which have a study identifier are able to register for an ISRCTN using the Central Portfolio Management System (CPMS).

How to register

Log into your study on the Central Portfolio Management System and select 'Edit' to go into Edit mode.  Please then click ‘Apply for ISRCTN Number’ on the ‘Identifier & Status’ tab. This will take you to the ‘ISRCTN Registration’ page where you will be required to complete the extended minimum dataset before selecting ‘Apply for ISRCTN’ at the bottom of the page.

Which studies are eligible for free ISRCTN registration?

Non-commercial studies with an interventional component included on the NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio qualify for ISRCTN registration funded by the DH in England. Please see the table below which defines the NIHR CRN Portfolio studies that will be eligible.

Free ISRCTN registration eligibility criteria for NIHR CRN Portfolio studies:

Primary study design: ‘Interventional’ or ‘Both’ (i.e. interventional and observational)
Study status: ‘In set-up’ or ‘Open’ or ‘Closed – in follow-up’
ISRCTN and status: ‘Null’
NIHR CRN Portfolio study: Non-commercial studies funded by the NIHR, other areas of central Government or NIHR non-commercial Partners; non-commercial adopted studies funded by industry (non-industry sponsored), overseas Governments or overseas charities

Studies which may be registered with ISRCTN but are NOT eligible for free registration

We encourage ISRCTN registration on industry-supported industry sponsored, observational and devolved administration* studies via CPMS. However, the DHSC will not fund the registration of these studies. If you choose to register we will flag this to ISRCTN Registry who will invoice the primary study Sponsor (as provided during the NIHR Clinical Research Network support eligibility process) for the full registration fee.

For up-to-date details on the ISRCTN registration fee click here.

*Devolved administration studies in this context are those studies included in CPMS that don’t have English sites.