Areas of Research Interests

The ‘Areas of Research Interests’ (ARIs) are documents setting out the key research questions confronting government departments.

ARIs also include information on departmental research systems, research and data publication policies and research and development strategies.


In response to the 2015 Nurse review of the UK Research Councils, the Government accepted the recommendation for a more strategic approach in relation to their departmental R&D programmes. This included developing a more sophisticated dialogue with academia, and providing a document that sets out the most important research questions confronting each department.  

The main benefit of the ARIs will be better alignment of scientific and research evidence from academia with policy development and decision-making as well as better access for departments to a wider range of suppliers and more coherent engagement with researchers. In the long term, improved openness should lead to access to stronger policy evidence bases at better value for money – with departments being able to share more effectively research commissions, and indeed unlock the international evidence base.  

Areas of Research Interest - Research for the Department of Health and Social Care

Read the Department of Health and Social Care statement on Areas of Research Interest.


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