Research Units and Schools

The NIHR funds research units and centres in partnership with leading universities to support national bodies, government and other stakeholders with research that addresses priority areas. 

Our research schools bring together leading academic centres to fund and collaborate on research in primary care, public health and social care.

Research units

Blood and Transplant Research Units (BTRUs)

The four BTRUs are research partnerships between universities and NHS Blood & Transplant (NHSBT) that undertake research to improve the supply of blood, blood products, stem cells and tissues, and organs for transplantation.

Health Protection Research Units (HPRUs)

The 13 HPRUs are research partnerships between universities and Public Health England (PHE) and act as centres of excellence in multidisciplinary health protection research in England.

Policy Research Units (PRUs)

The 15 PRUs are university-based research groups that undertake research to inform government and arms-length bodies making policy decisions about health and social care.

Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology Research Centre (SRMRC)

Our Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology Research Centre brings both military and civilian trauma surgeons and scientists together in a partnership with the Ministry of Defence, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Birmingham.

Research schools

School for Primary Care Research (SPCR)

The SPCR is a partnership between nine leading academic centres for primary care research in England. The School aims to increase the evidence base for primary care practice through high quality research and strategic leadership, and to build capacity in primary care research.

School for Public Health Research (SPHR)

The SPHR is a partnership between eight leading academic centres of public health research in England. The School aims to build the evidence base for effective public health practice by bringing together England’s leading public health research expertise in one virtual organisation.

School for Social Care Research (SSCR)

The SPCR is a partnership between five leading academic centres for social care research in England. The School aims to develop the evidence base to inform and improve adult social care practice by commissioning and conducting world-class research.