NIHR Training Advocates

NIHR Academic Training Advocates are ambassadors for clinical led research and clinical academic careers. They promote NIHR training and career opportunities, and support clinicians embarking on or developing their own research career.

If you are an aspiring or early career clinical academic, or an organisation developing clinical academic careers, our advocates may be able to advise you.

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Dietetics and Nutrition

Associate Professor Steve Wootton -

Professor Gary Frost  -

Professor Mary Hickson -

Dr Linda Wedlake -

Healthcare Science 

Dr Owen Driskell - 

Dr Jane Freeman- 

Dr Samantha Irving -

Dr Elaine Cloutman-Green -


Professor Jane Sandall  -

Dr Annette Briley -

Dr Kirstie Coxon -

Dr Sara Kenyon -

Dr Vikki Snaith -


Professor Dave Richards  -

Dr Sarah Bailey  -

Dr Caroline Nicholson-

Professor Caroline Watkins  -

Dr Theresa Wiseman -

Occupational Therapy 

Professor Pip Logan  -

Professor Jo Adams -

Dr Sally Fowler-Davis -

Dr Christina Jerosch-Herold  -

Dr Niina Kolehmainen -


Dr David Alldred -

Dr Ian Maidment -


Professor Nadine Foster  -

Dr Caroline Alexander  -

Professor Anne Forster -

Associate Professor Lisa Roberts -

Professor Sally Singh -

Psychology Practitioners

Professor Richard Brown -

Professor Cathy Creswell -

Dr Isabel Clare - 

Professor Barney Dunn -


Professor Anne-Maree Keenan  -

Dr Lindsey Cherry -


Dr Carole Burnett -

Speech and Language Therapy 

Dr Roganie Govender -

Dr Jackie McRae -

Dr Jo Patterson -

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Telephone: 0113 532 8444

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