What do we fund?

  • We commission and fund research into health, public health, social care, health and social care services and organisation, clinical evaluation and translation, and technology development.
  • We fund research to produce evidence so that healthcare professionals, policy makers and patients can make informed decisions about healthcare and new interventions.
  • Most of our programmes fund research that is later rather than earlier in the research pathway, and none fund basic research or work involving animals and/or animal tissue.
  • If you are looking for career development and support, please see our career development support and training page. 
  • The Research Design Service provides a free advice service to anyone in England who is interested in NIHR research funding.

We fund:

Who can apply for funding?

  • Any applicant who considers that they can carry out high quality clinical, applied health or social care research is likely to be eligible, either directly or with a partner.
  • Applicants should check the guidance documents for individual funding opportunities to find out the specific eligibility requirements, and contact the relevant funding programme if they have further questions regarding eligibility.

We awarded £227 million of funding to 302 new high-quality research projects in 2017-18, increasing our spend by 9% on 2016-17.

Research ProgrammeNew Projects FundedFunding Amount
Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation* 12 £16,194,479.81
Health Services and Delivery Research 33 £25,552,890.85
Health Technology Assessment 75 £91,060,448.25
Invention for Innovation 26 £19,226,270.00
Programme and Development Grants 17 £34,887,955.00
Public Health Research 19 £15,998,716.80
Research for Patient Benefit 89 £20,723,970.00
Systematic Reviews 31 £3,330,177.17
TOTAL 302 £226,974,907.88

*In partnership with the Medical Research Council (MRC).

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