The NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) Portfolio of studies consists of clinical research studies that are eligible for support from the NIHR CRN in England. 

All high-quality research studies, eligible for NIHR CRN support in England, are included on the NIHR CRN Portfolio. NIHR CRN supported studies benefit from the following:

Understanding which studies are eligible

NIHR CRN support is available to all studies, regardless of location, study type, study size, therapy or research area, provided they meet the Department of Health and Social Care established eligibility criteria.

The NIHR CRN eligibility criteria was expanded in January 2018 to include research taking place outside of traditional NHS settings. This change in policy was introduced to better reflect the environment and services that people access and live in today. This means that the NIHR can now support the delivery of funded health and care research taking place in settings such as care homes, hospices, schools, prisons, or other social care and public health environments.

Further information:

How to apply for NIHR CRN Support

A Portfolio Application Form (PAF) is no longer required to apply for NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) support and was removed from IRAS in early November 2020.

**If your study is an English-led CTIMP and you are applying for HRA Approval through the HRA and MHRA’s combined review service, you must apply for CRN support through the new Non-commercial Portfolio Application service in CPMS.** 

All other applications to be considered for NIHR CRN support are made via the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS), or, where Health Research Authority Approval is not required, via the relevant Local Clinical Research Network.

Studies that require HRA Approval and submission through IRAS

If your study is taking place in the NHS then it is likely it will require Health Research Authority (HRA) approval. More information can be found on the HRA website.

To apply for NIHR CRN support users must select ‘yes’ to question 5b of the IRAS Project Filter. This will ensure key information from your IRAS submissions is automatically shared with us.

This information, including the IRAS form (the main research study application form), the  study protocol and grant award letter(s), will be used to determine eligibility. You will be notified of the outcome, via email.

Please note: we cannot make an eligibility decision until full funding has been secured and evidence of this has been provided.

If you are applying for NIHR CRN support, and have not already done so, you are advised to contact your local Clinical Research Network as soon as possible to access the NIHR CRN’s Early Contact and Engagement Service.

Studies that do not require HRA approval

Some studies, including those running outside traditional NHS settings eg. in care homes, hospices, schools, prisons, or other social care and public health environments, do not require HRA Approval. These studies will not be received automatically by us, for review.

To apply, please contact your local CRN who will work with you and submit a CRN application form, along with the study protocol, grant award letter(s) and evidence of the appropriate research approval(s) to us on your behalf.

Information from your submission will be used to determine eligibility and you will be notified of the outcome, via email.

Applying for research infrastructure support in other UK administrations

All studies should indicate, in question three of the IRAS Project filter, where the study is taking place. In addition, studies led from other UK administrations, which want to access NIHR CRN Support in England, should select ‘yes’ to question 5c. This will ensure your information is shared with all relevant national coordinating functions, including the NIHR CRN, for review. 

Queries regarding access to research infrastructure support outside of England, including for studies that do not require HRA Approval, should be directed to the relevant national coordinating functions:

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