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Government support for research related to COVID-19

Find out how to get your study nationally supported or funded as high priority COVID-19 Urgent Public Health Research - published 26 March 2020

COVID-19 Urgent Public Health Research is being prioritised to gather the necessary clinical and epidemiological evidence that will inform national policy and enable new diagnostic tests, treatments and vaccines to be developed and tested for COVID-19.

Government support is available to prioritise, coordinate and deliver these studies, regardless of sponsorship and funding source. This support includes expedited identification of sites to ensure appropriate geographical distribution of Urgent Public Health Research to maximise recruitment and minimise over-commitment of resource.

To be considered for this support the Department of Health and Social Care review process is:


Provide information at this point in time, please provide as much as you can.

Complete the research application form. If you have difficulty accessing the form please email


Review of the submitted study information by clinical and research experts. They may signpost applicants to additional resources that may be available for the study, e.g. funding opportunities or research delivery support. The study information provided will enable the experts to make recommendations for support via the Department of Health and Social Care to the Chief Medical Officer/Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England.


Expedite the set-up and delivery of studies confirmed as part of the COVID-19 Urgent Public Health Research response by all necessary organisations across the research, health and social care systems.


Coordinate oversight of all COVID-19 Urgent Public Health Research to optimise set-up and delivery. This will be managed by the NIHR.  


Please do not contact Local CRNs, R&D Departments or healthcare sites directly with any new COVID-19 studies. Central, coordinated communications via the NIHR will enable the most effective delivery of the collective COVID-19 Urgent Public Health Research.

Information about current NIHR support for all other research. 

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