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Support to set-up and successfully perform your study

Streamline your study set-up

We will create and implement a study-wide action plan containing recommendations and key information to help sites open as quickly and efficiently as possible. We use our national network to share the action plan with all your sites.

The study-wide action plan serves as a central resource - enabling a ‘do once and share’ approach. It facilitates development of proactive solutions, encourages collaborative working, and ultimately helps to maximise successful delivery of your research.

As part of the Health Research Authority (HRA) approval process, all NHS sites are required to confirm that they have capacity and capability to deliver your research. For studies taking place within the NHS, the study-wide action plan also contributes towards the assessment process and helps to provide consistency in set-up across all sites.

Performance monitoring: Keep your research on track

We will work with you to monitor the progress of your research against its recruitment target and timelines. Our data systems collate site level information to provide study-wide oversight which enables a proactive approach for identifying studies that require additional support to stay on track.

As part of this service, your study will be allocated a performance review lead who will be responsible for monitoring the progress of your study through its life cycle. They will schedule regular review meetings and will be your main contact point for all study related queries while it is open to recruitment.

What other support is available?

We offer a range of support to help you plan, place and perform high quality research:

  • Plan your study: If you haven’t already, we suggest you take a look at how we can help you plan your research. Our advice is to engage with us as early as possible - even if you haven’t secured funding for your research yet
  • Place your study: Learn how we can help you to identify sites for your study and optimise delivery by anticipating challenges before they happen

Contact us

If you are unsure where to start or require any further assistance, please email the Study Support Service helpdesk: