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Manage your global health research

Involve patients and the public

Researchers funded by the NIHR Global Health Research Portfolio are expected to involve patients and the public in planning, implementation and evaluation of their research.

Find out more about involving communities in your research

Provide progress reports

When your project starts, we will advise you of the dates or milestones when progress reports need to be submitted. We will send you a reminder beforehand. We will read your reports and associated documents and provide feedback.

Annually you will be asked to provide a full report of progress and key data to support Official Development Assistance (ODA) transparency reporting.

Complete collaboration agreements

The NIHR will need to hold signed copies of your Collaboration Agreements. If these are changed during the course of your contract, please keep NIHR informed.

Submit ethics approval

If your study requires any ethical approvals, the NIHR will need to hold copies of approvals from approval bodies in both the UK and low and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Notify NIHR of changes to your project

Please contact the NIHR if, over the course of your NIHR-funded project, you need to make changes to your programme such as change of partners, virements of funding over £20,000, or changes to planned work packages.

Notify NIHR about changes to your Plain English summary

If you wish to update your Plain English summary during the life of your project, you can do so through the relevant management system. This ensures the NIHR website always reflects the latest information about your project. For further details, please contact your NIHR programme team.

Notify NIHR of research outputs

Acknowledge NIHR funding in research outputs: The NIHR must be acknowledged as the funder of your research in both oral and written outputs, using standard wording. Projects funded by the Global Health Research Programme can display a ‘Funded by NIHR’ logo together with the UK aid logo.

Find out more in the Global Health branding guide.

Report impact

We ask NIHR-funded researchers and trainees to track and measure outputs, outcomes and impacts during their funding award and for at least five years afterwards. 

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