Restarting research

Re-starting research paused due to the impact of COVID-19

We have set out a framework to guide the re-starting of NIHR research activities which have been paused due to COVID-19. This could be research either funded or supported by NIHR in healthcare, social care and public health settings.

The framework sets out guiding principles, pre-conditions, study prioritisation, and local and national roles in implementing this. We have worked in close collaboration with key stakeholders, patients and the public, and health research organisations to support the pace and coordination of the re-start of paused research, and to ensure coordinated UK-wide working.

This framework has been developed in order to support the following objectives:

  1. Restore a fully active portfolio of NIHR research to improve the health and wealth of the nation.
  2. To continue to support COVID-19 NIHR research as part of the Government response to tackle the pandemic.
  3. To provide a structure to guide the re-starting of a full range of NIHR research, across all sectors of health, social care and public health, while maintaining local decision-making and flexibility.