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The NIHR invests over £1 billion annually into health and public health research.

We ensure that evidence relating to all of our funded research is available to patients, public, health and care professionals and researchers.

We support a wide spectrum of activities including research projects and programmes, training and fellowships, research networks and units, and development and capacity building activities. We believe that the way we work as a funder can help to maximise the potential to improve the health and wealth of the nation.  

There are a number of ways to find out more about our funding and research findings.


Funding and Awards

You can search and analyse information on NIHR supported activity in health and care research, including expenditure and research findings through our Funding and Awards webpage. 

Funding and Awards


NIHR Journals Library

We are the first health research funder to publish comprehensive accounts of its research within its own publicly and permanently available journals. The NIHR Journals Library has five open access, peer-reviewed journals on a  range of health research areas.

NIHR Journals Library


Dissemination Centre

Additionally we  provide summaries of health research through the NIHR Dissemination Centre's Discover Portal in the form of Signals, Highlights and Themed Reviews, which aim to help clinicians, commissioners and patients to make evidence-based decisions about which treatments and practices are most effective and provide the best use of resources.

Discover Portal


Open Data

We publish administrative data about our funding of health research using an open platform under an open licence. Anyone can view and use the data under the terms of the licence. For information on accessing research datasets, please see the NIHR policy on data sharing.

NIHR Open Data