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Closing date: 30 December 2020
Location: Twickenham

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Programme Grants for Applied Research - Subcommittee Membership

We are pleased to announce an excellent opportunity has arisen to participate in Programme Grants for Applied Research assessment committees. These prestigious appointments offer senior applied health researchers the chance to take part in and gain experience of making recommendations to NIHR for large scale, high quality programmes of research for the benefit of patients and the NHS.

Senior Research Manager

The NIHR Central Commissioning Facility is looking to recruite Senior Research Managers to support its Policy Research Programme.

Senior Research Manager

NIHR is a large, multi-faceted and nationally distributed organisation funded through the Department of Health and Social Care. Together, NIHR people, facilities and systems represent the most integrated clinical and social care research system in the world, driving research from bench to bedside for the benefit of patients and the economy.

LGC is an international life sciences company working with customers in the government, academic, pharmaceutical, agricultural biotechnology, food, environment, security and sports sectors to achieve excellence in investigative, diagnostic and measurement science. LGC’s Grant Management Group (GMG) are experts in managing research funding to maximise its impact. On behalf of the UK Department of Health and Social Care, GMG manages three important components of the NIHR: the Central Commissioning Facility (CCF), the NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure and the NIHR Centre for Engagement and Dissemination.

CCF is now launching a number of new exciting research funding initiatives that will shape the future of health and social care. We are looking for Senior Research Managers (full-time or part-time) to join our CCF Research Programmes Directorate team to help drive, among other things:

  • further development of the NIHR Policy Research Programme, for example through novel research commissioning approaches or research portfolio development initiatives.
  • public health related research, initiatives and analysis, with a particular focus on the needs of local authority.
  • new funding scheme designed to generate a pipeline of data science and artificial intelligence translational research projects to understand and map clusters of multiple long term conditions (multimorbidity) (MLTC-M). This initiative will support research collaborations and partnerships between leading academic institutions, health and care researchers, AI experts, and practitioners and grow capacity and capability for multi-disciplinary working in MLTC-M for the benefit of patients, practitioners and the public.

At the heart of these investments is a commitment to reducing health inequalities, reconfiguring the health and social care system in areas and for populations living with the greatest burden. In order to genuinely deliver on these commitments, meaningful and sustainable engagement at multiple levels is required. Key stakeholders will include communities, local authorities, industry, regulators, policy makers and academics.

These roles will cover the full end-to-end process of research management, from launching new calls for applications through to the active monitoring of funded projects and will require an ability to work collaboratively with other team members and across organisations. The posts provide the opportunity for exciting external liaison, with interfaces to UK government, academia, industry and the clinical community. Senior Research Managers will be expected to take on additional line management or technical expert associated tasks.