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The NIHR's mission is to improve the health and wealth of the nation. Our research accelerates the translation of discoveries into new treatments and supports growth of the UK economy.

Read about how our work is influencing care, and making a positive difference to people, and the economy.

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Sexual health promotion

Digital media for sexual health promotion

Interactive digital interventions (IDIs) are effective for sexual health promotion and HIV prevention. They could be rolled out much more widely to complement school sex and relationships education and sexual health services.

Improving cancer diagnosis in primary care

NIHR researchers have shown that early cancer diagnosis rates can be improved in primary care by increasing symptom awareness and reducing referral delays. Their research has contributed to national guidance developed to support GPs’ decision making and improve cancer survival rates in the UK.

ACTIB hero

Remotely delivered CBT alleviates symptoms and reduces impact of IBS on patients’ lives

Researchers investigating the role of IBS-specific CBT have found that both telephone and web-based CBT helped patients to better manage their condition, reducing the severity of their symptoms and the impact of IBS on their lives compared with their usual treatment.

flu vaccination GP

Improving flu vaccination rates in general practice

A study identifying key strategies to improve the influenza vaccination rate among people at risk of serious disease has informed guidelines used by general practitioners to plan and deliver their annual vaccination programmes.

Preventing sexual transmission of HIV in gay couples

The PARTNER2 study has confirmed that antiretroviral treatment for HIV reduces the risk of sexual transmission between gay male partners to zero.

Specialist cerebral palsy surgery helps young children to walk

NIHR researchers have shown that a surgical procedure for young children with cerebral palsy improves their mobility and quality of life. The procedure is now available to eligible children on the NHS as a result of this evidence.

FINCH hero

Understanding continence care in care home patients living with dementia

The FINCH study has reported new evidence to inform the management of care home residents with dementia who experience faecal incontinence.

Early diagnosis of lymphoma in children and young adults in sub-Saharan Africa

A multidisciplinary team of researchers based in Oxford, Tanzania and Uganda are testing novel diagnostic tools and strengthening local capacity to improve early diagnosis of blood cancers called lymphomas.

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Goal-oriented cognitive rehabilitation for people with early-stage dementia

An NIHR-funded trial has shown that therapy helps people with dementia achieve everyday goals, and this is being rolled out to health and care providers.

Supporting patients to take their new drugs correctly

An evaluation by NIHR-funded researchers of the widely accessed New Medicine Service pharmacy scheme found that it improved patients’ adherence to new medications and resulted in cost savings to the NHS of £558 million.