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Clinical Education Incubator


Published: 01 June 2020

Version: 2.0 March 2021

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The NIHR Incubator for Clinical Education Research launched in April 2020 with goals to build capacity, develop careers and realise the impact of Clinical Education Research. The Incubator is led by a partnership between the School of Medical Education and School of Dental Sciences at Newcastle University, with input from a number of key stakeholders including academic and NHS partners, professional bodies and professional societies.

The aims of the Incubator are to:
  • Raise awareness and engagement of target constituencies and promote the attractiveness of Clinical Education Research as an element of clinical careers.
  • Support high calibre researchers and develop the academic field of Clinical Education Research to reflect and anticipate changing, and complex, healthcare needs and associated requirements of practice.
  • Form the hub of a national research community, with links to adjacent areas, such as public health, global medicine and technology enhanced learning, in order to increase access to opportunities, and promote coordination and collaboration.
The Incubator will work to achieve its goals by signposting researchers to institutions and teams that offer the right subject and methodological expertise in order to support high quality and meaningful outputs.

As such, the Incubator and its community of practice welcomes all those who wish to pursue academic careers in Clinical Education, as well as those who support and mentor aspiring researchers in this field.

For more information about the Clinical Education Research Incubator please visit the Incubator for Clinical Education Research website or contact Follow the NIHR Incubator for Clinical Education Research on Twitter @ClinEdResearch