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Doctoral Fellowship Selection Committee



The remit of the Selection Committees is to support the development of the NIHR Doctoral Fellowship scheme, assess applications, interview candidates and make funding recommendations based on quality.

The NIHR Doctoral Fellowship applications are reviewed by our Selection Committee which is reviewed regularly and adjusted in response to need.

The interview Committees for the NIHR Doctoral Fellowship is composed from the members listed below.

  • Professor Gary Frost (Chair), Imperial College
  • Professor Andrea Manca (Deputy Chair), University of York
  • Professor Gordon Taylor (Deputy Chair), University of Exeter
  • Professor Gretl McHugh (Deputy Chair), University of Leeds
  • Professor Richard McManus (Deputy Chair), University of Oxford
  • Professor Trudie Roberts (Deputy Chair), University of Leeds
  • Professor Alison Richardson, University of Southampton
  • Professor Andrew Hayward, University College London
  • Professor Andy Husband, Newcastle University
  • Professor Anne Forster, University of Leeds
  • Professor Ashley Adamson, University of Newcastle
  • Professor Catherine Exley, Newcastle University
  • Professor Charles Hutchinson, University of Warwick
  • Dr Cynthia P Iglesias, University of York
  • Professor Elizabeth Meins, York University
  • Professor Gary Collins, University of Oxford
  • Professor Glyn Lewis, University College London
  • Professor Ingunn Holen, University of Sheffield
  • Professor Jayne Woodside, Queen's University, Belfast
  • Dr Jenny Myers, University of Manchester
  • Professor Judith Rankin, Newcastle University
  • Professor Katherine Checkland, University of Manchester
  • Dr Louise Connell, University of Central Lancashire
  • Professor Marilyn James, University of Nottingham
  • Associate Professor Michael Sweeting, University of Leicester
  • Professor Mike Crawford, Imperial College London
  • Professor Neil Sebire, UCL, Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health
  • Professor Nigel Hoggard, University of Sheffield
  • Dr Oliver Rivero-Arias, University of Oxford
  • Dr Pearse Keane, University College London
  • Dr Phil Shackley, University of Sheffield
  • Professor Paul Brocklehurst, Bangor University
  • Professor Richard Riley, Keele University
  • Dr Robert Meadows, University of Surrey
  • Professor Ruth Harris, Kings College London
  • Dr Sonia Saxena, Imperial College London
  • Professor Steven Cummins, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Professor Steven Jones, Lancaster University
  • Dr Victoria Cornelius, Imperial College London
  • Professor Waljit Dhillo, Imperial College London
  • Professor Yvonne Birks, University of York