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Emergency Care Incubator


Published: 03 August 2022

Version: 1.2

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The NIHR Incubator for Emergency Care was launched in June 2019 after a proposal by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM). It is a national portal established to coordinate academic training within the field of Emergency Care, and is led by RCEM, in partnership with the College of Paramedics and the National Ambulance Research Steering Group.

The Incubator is multi-disciplinary in nature, supporting doctors, nurses, paramedics, other allied health professionals and those undertaking EC research in related disciplines and professions (including, but not restricted to: methodologists, engineers, mathematicians, social scientists).

The aim of the incubator is to:

  • Stimulate and inspire those currently working or aspiring to work in this field to pursue academic careers and,
  • Enhance the opportunities for those pursuing academic careers in the field of EC by signposting to relevant training opportunities and mentorship.

The Incubator ultimately intends to shine a spotlight on research in Emergency Care, enhancing mentorship, training and support for clinical academics, as well as creating a core community, enhancing recruitment and retention, and ultimately building research capacity and delivery.

As such, the Incubator and its community of practice welcomes all those who wish to pursue clinical academic careers in emergency care, as well as those who support and mentor aspirant researchers in this area/field.

For more information about the Emergency Care Incubator please get in touch:

Website: Emergency Care Incubator


Twitter: @ECIncubator