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NIHR Incubator for Mental Health Research


Published: 12 August 2020

Version: 2.0 Jan 2021

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The life-changing work that mental health professionals do every day is underpinned by research. However, a chronic lack of research is impacting on people’s lives - academics in mental health are desperately needed to help solve increasing mental health problems in the population. The people who can provide the insights to promote good mental health and transform treatment will come from varied walks of life. They will bring perspectives and experience from a range of disciplines and research backgrounds.

The NIHR Incubator for Mental Health Research has been created to increase capacity in mental health research. It aims to inspire and support a wide-range of professionals, by showcasing mental health research and careers, sharing training opportunities and working to develop new opportunities for those interested in mental health research.    

For more information about the incubator please visit the Mental Health Research website, or contact Follow the NIHR Incubator for Mental Health Research on Twitter @MHRIncubator