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NIHR Global Health Research branding guide


Published: 18 June 2019

Version: 1.0

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The NIHR Global Health Research (GHR) Programme is funded through UK Official Development Assistance (ODA) via the Department of Health and Social Care.

This document is a guide for acknowledging ODA funding awarded through the NIHR in research outputs and other materials.


Award holders, through their host institution communications teams, are required to send details of all media activity (e.g. press releases, media exclusives, journalist briefings and any other significant forms of outreach to journalists) and a copy of any accepted journal articles to the relevant NIHR coordinating centre team. This notification should take place as soon as reasonably practicable and a minimum of three working days prior to any journalist outreach, and should include copies of all press releases and, where possible, the relevant research papers. All other outputs should be included within normal reporting processes including Researchfish (Global Health currently only requires Researchfish submissions after the award ends).

Output notifications must be submitted through the correct management system:

More information is available in the NIHR research outputs and publications guidance.

Acknowledgement and disclaimer

The NIHR must be acknowledged as the funder of your research in both oral and written research outputs.

All published material must contain an acknowledgement of funding, and when mentioning research findings or opinions, an appropriate disclaimer. For research papers, the acknowledgement and disclaimer should be added to the funding or acknowledgments section of the manuscript.

The wording of the acknowledgement and disclaimer is as follows:

“This research was funded by the NIHR (project reference) using UK aid from the UK Government to support global health research. The views expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the NIHR or the UK government.

We may ask you to add/edit an acknowledgement and/or disclaimer if necessary, but do not approve your outputs.

More information about how to acknowledge NIHR funding in research outputs is available in the annex.

Brand requirements

All award holders and Academy Members funded via the GHR Programme should represent the ODA funding to an external audience by using the 'Funded by NIHR-UK-Aid' logo.

Download - NIHR UK Aid logo

This ‘Funded by NIHR-UK-aid’ logo lock-up is sized for use on A4. Advice will be provided regarding use of the UK aid logo in transition countries, and/or in countries where specific considerations apply.


Bottom half of page (or above the fold if on a web page), with NIHR acknowledgement in proximity.

Press releases

Global health researchers are required to send details of all media activities to the communications team in the relevant NIHR coordinating centre ahead of issue. This notification should take place as soon as reasonably practicable and a minimum of three working days prior to any journalist outreach.  For more information about providing notification on media activities and working with the NIHR press office please consult our guidance on NIHR research outputs and publications.

Press releases should acknowledge the NIHR and ODA funding in the body of the release and included the following boilerplate in the Notes to Editors:


The NIHR is the nation's largest funder of health and care research. The NIHR:

  • Funds, supports and delivers high quality research that benefits the NHS, public health and social care
  • Engages and involves patients, carers and the public in order to improve the reach, quality and impact of research
  • Attracts, trains and supports the best researchers to tackle the complex health and care challenges of the future
  • Invests in world-class infrastructure and a skilled delivery workforce to translate discoveries into improved treatments and services
  • Partners with other public funders, charities and industry to maximise the value of research to patients and the economy

The NIHR was established in 2006 to improve the health and wealth of the nation through research, and is funded by the Department of Health and Social Care. In addition to its national role, the NIHR supports applied health research for the direct and primary benefit of people in low- and middle-income countries, using UK aid from the UK government.



Annex – Research outputs

How to acknowledge funding

All NIHR Global Health Research funding should be acknowledged by using both the ‘Funded by NIHR’ logo and the UK aid logo, unless advised otherwise (see below).

If you are unsure whether the use of the UK aid logo is appropriate for the context of your research, contact your NIHR programme manager for advice.


Funded by NIHR / UK aid logo 

Funding Statement 



Audio outputs – Radio interviews, podcasts etc.

Yes (where possible, if shared online)

Yes (verbally, within the piece)

Yes (where possible)

Funding also to be acknowledged verbally where possible.

Acknowledgement and disclaimer to be included on webpage/location where the audio clip/podcast is hosted

Blogs by NIHRGHR- funded research teams, sharing research findings




Acknowledgement and disclaimer should be included at the end of the blog if about NIHR research (NIHR branding should not be used by individuals in their non NIHR capacity)

Editorials, magazine and feature articles on research




Funding to be acknowledged

Social media channels e.g. Facebook and Twitter of NIHR GHR funded research teams, sharing research findings




Acknowledgement and disclaimer should be included in the profile if about NIHR research.On Twitter, use NIHR Twitter handle @NIHRglobal and #NIHRGlobalHealth for any relevant tweets. NIHR branding should not be used by individuals in non-NIHR capacity

Journal and conference abstracts


Yes (where possible)

Yes (where possible)

Consult with host organisation as applicable

Journal and conference articles, incl peer- reviewed




Acknowledgement and disclaimer to be included in funding section

Logos – designed by project team




A logo can be created for an NIHR-funded study, but not for a group of researchers. Has to be submitted to Programme Manager for approval

Materials and summaries to patients or in-country stakeholders (printed or digital) explaining NIHR GHR-funded research; they may be giving advice to the public on what to do, based on research findings)

Yes – placed within lower half of the page



Templates of the award- holding institution(s) should be used

Newsletter produced by project team




Acknowledgement and disclaimer should be included at the end of the newsletter

Posters of research

Yes - placed within lower half of the page



Consult host organisation. NB NIHR template for research posters are also available

Press releases on funded or supported research.

Yes – if house style of host org permits

Yes in the body of the press release

No – include boilerplate

 The NIHR boilerplate should be added in the notes to editors

Research protocol

Yes – but optional




Slides of research

Yes – placed within lower half of page



Consult host organisation

Website - for project




Should be hosted on institution website. NIHR stamp and UK aid logo to be visible above fold of webpage. Funding to be acknowledged in ‘about us’ or similar section

Video - Videos created by research team sharing research findings

Yes, closing frame



Videos to be uploaded to research team’s own YouTube channel and NIHRtv can add them to a ‘featured’ video list if carry appropriate branding and acknowledgements