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Prioritised support for urgent COVID-19 research

Applications no longer accepted for studies to be designated as Urgent Public Health

Due to the drop in COVID-19 case numbers and significant progress with the vaccine roll-out, we are no longer accepting applications for studies to be designated as Urgent Public Health (UPH).

If you wish for your study to be included onto the NIHR CRN Portfolio and to access NIHR CRN Study Support Services, please visit our NIHR CRN Portfolio webpage.

If you have any queries regarding the ongoing research delivery activities for your study, please contact

Urgent Public Health Studies

Read about  our Prioritised Urgent Public Health COVID-19 studies.

Apply by completing the High priority COVID-19 Urgent Public Health Research Prioritisation Application form, providing as much information as you can at this stage. If you have difficulty accessing the form please email

If you are planning a systematic review, please be especially careful to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort as many reviews are already underway. Before applying, please check with the PROSPERO register. We encourage people planning and doing systematic reviews to collaborate rather than compete with each other. Applications will require justification showing the special contribution that the review will make, that it is not an unnecessary duplication of effort and that the work represents good value for money.

If you are planning a clinical trial, it is critically important to include the relevant core outcome sets for COVID-19 as indicated on the COMET website.