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Local Authorities

Learn more about how we work with local authorities. Explore training opportunities and available funding in public health and social care research.

Find out about funding grants and how we can support you to evaluate new and existing interventions.

Learn about the ways we can help develop research knowledge and expertise in your team.

Read about research that could inform your decision making.

Research with local authorities

We work with local authorities to develop research that improves health and wellbeing, supports independence and reduces health inequalities.

We do this in three ways:

  • funding public health and social care research
  • sharing evidence and best practice guidance
  • offering training and development opportunities for local authority staff

We recognise that effective public health programmes and social care services need to be informed by evidence. This evidence is key to future decision-making and must be available for others to learn from.

By bringing together academic researchers with public health and social care practitioners across the UK, we can identify and provide research into the most pressing public health needs.

We know there is a greater need for capacity to share and use research within local authorities. In response to this, we have created professional training qualifications that will develop skills in understanding, using and producing evidence for the health and social care, public health and commissioning workforce. 

NIHR Local Authority Academic Fellowship Programme and Associated Opportunities

This programme of fellowship schemes and short placement awards supports individuals based within English Local Authority settings to develop as health and/or social care researchers whilst retaining their existing employment and salary. This new initiative provides exciting opportunities for a wide range of individuals, including for funding schemes. 

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