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Which research training award?

NIHR research training awards are available at different levels and for different professional backgrounds. Those completing a training award become Members of NIHR Academy.

All research funded by the NIHR as part of a training award must fall within the NIHR Academy’s remit for personal awards.

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Overview of Research training awards

AwardFellowships ProgrammeIntegrated Clinical Practitioner Academic ProgrammeIntegrated Academic Training ProgrammeLocal Authority Academic Fellowship Programme
Description Develop as health or social care researcher with flexibility for clinical time Combine research with continued clinical practice and development Develop a career in research alongside clinical training Undertake research and training whilst continuing to practise
Eligibility All professions Health and social care professionals, excluding doctors and dentists Doctors and Dentists Professionals in local authority settings
Pre-doctoral Pre-doctoral Fellowship Pre-doctoral Clinical and Practitioner Academic Fellowship Academic Clinical Fellowship or In-Practice Fellowship Pre-Doctoral Local Authority Fellowship
Doctoral Doctoral Fellowship Doctoral  Clinical and Practitioner Academic Fellowship Not applicable Doctoral Local Authority Fellowship
Post-doctoral Advanced Fellowship Advanced Clinical and Practitioner Academic Fellowship Clinical Lectureship Advanced Local Authority Fellowship


The NIHR Research Professorships scheme is for those with an outstanding record of clinical and applied research that has improved health and care. It is open to:

  • all professions
  • all Higher Education Institutions (HEI), NHS organisations, or other providers of health, public health and/or care services based in England.

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Support for students

We have two new schemes to provide research training specifically for students at undergraduate level.

Both schemes will provide students with a first step towards a research career in healthcare, social work or public health, and enable them to combine research training with their degree course studies.

The INSIGHT scheme launched in June 2023.

Team Science

The Team Science programme is an annual initiative designed to support researchers to form new interdisciplinary collaborations and enable research in areas of need.

Each year individuals can apply for a place at a fully-facilitated Team Science Camp, with a focus on a specific research area, where they will be supported to form new teams. Teams are then able to apply for a Team Science Award. These smaller development funds can be used for pilot research, training for the team, and establishing new collaborations.

Infrastructure and Schools

Infrastructure and Schools offer a number of career development opportunities and further information can be found on their websites.

NIHR Academy Members based within their programmes can access:

  • The Short Placement Awards for Research Collaboration
  • Visiting Speaker Award

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Bridging funding and support

We offer funding to help you get to the next stage of your research career. 

Schemes include the Pre-Application Support Fund, Senior Clinical and Practitioner Research Award, and the Development and Skills Enhancement Award.

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