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We offer funding through our different funding programmes. Any applicant who considers that they can carry out high quality research is likely to be eligible, either directly or with a partner.

Am I eligible for NIHR funding?

Our programmes are open to applications of any rigorous study design including:

  • evidence syntheses
  • pilot and feasibility studies
  • randomised controlled trials
  • quantitative research
  • qualitative research

The most suitable programme for your research idea depends on your broad research area, the scale of the study, whether it will generate new evidence or blend existing evidence.

Eligibility criteria

We accept applications from:

  • individual researchers
  • academic institutions
  • local authorities
  • industry
  • charities
  • social care organisations

It’s a good idea to review individual funding opportunities for specific eligibility requirements. You can contact the individual funding programme for further questions about eligibility.

We won’t:

  • fund research involving animals or animal tissue
  • accept the same or similar applications to more than one NIHR programme

Most programmes do not have a limit on funding. If any funding opportunity does have a limit it will say so in the call information.

Applications from the UK

Some programmes can only accept applications where the lead applicant is from England. If this is the case, the programme’s specification will outline this. Co-applicants for all programmes can be from anywhere in the UK.

Applications from outside the UK

International applicants may apply as a co-applicant with a UK or England-based lead applicant, depending on the programme's specification. Find out more about international funding.

Funding programmes

Find out more about Our funding programmes

Eligibility for Global Health Research

Our Global Health Research portfolio funds high quality applied health research and training for the direct and primary benefit of people in low and middle income countries (LMICs).

Our research is funded via the UK Government’s commitment to Official Development Assistance (ODA), also known as UK international development funding.

Our global health funding programmes are open to researchers in higher education institutes and research institutes in the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and in LMICs eligible for ODA funding.

Applicants should check the guidance documents for individual funding opportunities to find out specific eligibility requirements.

ODA-eligible countries

To be eligible for NIHR global health research funding, research proposals must be for the direct and primary benefit of people in ODA-eligible LMICs.

Countries eligible for ODA are defined by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) and listed on the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) list. This list is updated every three years.

List of LMICs eligible for ODA

Demonstrating ODA compliance

Applicants to global health research funding will be asked to provide an ODA Compliance Statement that outlines:

  • which LMIC(s) on the OECD DAC list will directly benefit
  • how the application is relevant to the development challenges of those countries
  • how the outcomes will promote the health and welfare of people in the relevant LMIC(s).

Where all or part of the research is not undertaken in an ODA-eligible country during the course of the award (including where a country graduates from the DAC list during the lifetime of the award, or there is a need for specialist expertise from a non-eligible country), the application must clearly state the reasons for this, with due consideration to the benefit of the research to ODA-eligible countries.

Full ODA guidance for researchers