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Services to support study delivery

We can help you deliver quality research across the NHS, community, social care and public health organisations.

Through the Clinical Research Network (CRN), you can get help with:

  • the planning, placement and delivery of your research to achieve the greatest impact
  • meeting the NHS Support costs for your study, if you are eligible. This could include access to extra staff, facilities or equipment

The CRN supports research covering 30 Specialties across England, through its 15 Local Clinical Research Networks (LCRNs).

The CRN Portfolio

All high-quality research studies, eligible for, and in receipt of, NIHR CRN support in England, are included on the NIHR CRN Portfolio.

If your study meets the Eligibility Criteria for NIHR CRN support, we will work with you and other partners to deliver your study to time and target. You should contact your local CRN as soon as possible to ensure that you get the full range of relevant support for you and your study.

Find out more about CRN Portfolio eligibility and how to apply.

NIHR CRN supported studies benefit from:

Non-commercial studies also benefit from:

  • Provision of NHS support as defined by AcoRD and/or the equivalent of NHS Support in other settings (e.g. research carried out in social care, care homes, hospices, or public health settings)
  • Provision of Research Part B costs as defined by AcoRD (for studies funded by AMRC member charities only)

Study Support Service

Our Study Support Service can help you ‘Plan, Place, and Perform’ your research:

  • We provide expert advice and guidance to help you plan your research
  • We identify study sites and highlight any challenges to your study delivery
  • We help streamline your study set-up and keep your research performance on track

Study Support Service

If you are looking for support to deliver commercial clinical research, please visit our Industry section.

Attribute and recover research costs (AcoRD)

The AcoRD guidance provides a framework for the NHS and its partners. It identifies, recovers and attributes the costs of health and social care research and development, in a transparent and consistent way.

We’ve developed a range of resources to help you navigate AcoRD. Including the Online SoECAT tool, attribution e-learning tool and FAQs, as well as access to a network of AcoRD Specialists, based within our LCRNs.

Find out more about AcoRD and the people and tools available to support you, including online SoECAT guidance and Excess Treatment Cost details.

Digital services

Our Integrated Research Intelligence System (IRIS) is a suite of digitally connected systems. They provide access to CRN services and record essential information about studies for the purpose of supporting research delivery and performance management.

At the heart of IRIS is our Central Portfolio Management System (CPMS). Through CPMS you can complete applications for CRN services, attribute costs for your study, confirm recruitment data and manage your study record.

Find out more about CPMS and IRIS.

Recruiting participants for your study

Our national network helps over a million people take part in research across the UK every year. We have specialised strategies to find suitable participants for your study.

Our Be Part of Research service helps the public to find and take part in health and social care research taking place across the UK. The Be Part of Research volunteer registry also provides researchers with free and easy access to research-engaged volunteers from across the UK, enabling study teams to recruit more quickly and effectively. The service can help to identify volunteers for your study through a wide range of data including age, ethnic group, sex, location and condition.

For more information on this service, visit the Be Part of Research website.

Join Dementia Research

The Join Dementia Research service allows you to access thousands of potential volunteers across the UK. Volunteers who want to work with researchers on dementia studies, whether they have the condition or not.

If you’re enrolled as a researcher on our database, you’ll be able to search for volunteers who meet your particular study criteria – such as diagnosis, location and age. When potential volunteers are matched with your study, you’ll be able to both screen them and contact them directly.

All ethically approved dementia studies from across the UK suitable to recruit from a register can use the Join Dementia Research service. Find out what the service offers for researchers on the Join Dementia Research website.