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Equality, diversity and inclusion

We are committed to embedding equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) across NIHR's research, systems and culture.

Embedding EDI across NIHR will help us:

  • foster an inclusive environment
  • engage the talents and energy of diverse people in all areas of our work
  • improve the relevance and quality of our research

Our EDI strategy

We have developed a strategy to ensure we deliver on our commitment to EDI, while improving the health and wealth of the nation.

Our EDI strategy centres around five key themes:

  • Become a more inclusive funder of research
  • Widen access and participation for greater diversity and inclusion
  • Improve and invest in the NIHR talent pipeline
  • Embed evidence-led diversity and inclusion approaches
  • Collaborate with partners for impact and sustainability

Our approach

We aim to ensure:

  • equality, diversity, and inclusion are embedded in our systems, culture and processes
  • our research and advisory workforce is considerably more diverse
  • access and participation in health and social care research are far wider
  • everyone in the NIHR community visibly contributes to the ongoing delivery of the strategy
  • an approach of learning as we go - about what works and what doesn’t, within the wider NIHR community, in and out of our sector, and beyond – is adopted across the board

We are tackling significant, complex issues, some of which are structurally embedded within NIHR and society as a whole. Drawing on evidence and best practice from our partners and industry leaders will be imperative to the long-term success of this strategy.

Read the full strategy (html)

Download and read the full strategy 

Our people

To reach our EDI aims, we will engage and collaborate with the different groups of people who play a part in our work. Our strategy encourages action from people at all levels.

Our people can be divided into five main groups:

  • NIHR workforce, comprising staff in NIHR coordinating centres and research delivery staff
  • NIHR research workforce, which is made up of people who apply for, or are in receipt of NIHR research funding
  • Advisory workforce, which is made up of people on committees, reference groups, advisory boards and external reviewers
  • Research participants, specifically study participants
  • Public contributors, whose input spans the activities of the four other groups

We strive to create the right environment so that our people are valued and supported to thrive and grow and that they are treated with respect. We also endeavour to be open and fair in providing opportunities that are responsive to our people’s needs.


Information for NIHR public contributors on updates to the standard application Form.

An overview of the race equality action group and its aims.

A suggested framework of questions to guide funders, researchers and delivery teams to reach more under-served groups.

More information about our EDI work

NIHR Diversity Data

We are beginning our EDI journey by first understanding our diversity. One of the most important tools to enable us to make and monitor progress is the collection of data and evidence. Understanding where we are now will help us establish how we can get to where we want to be.

Read more about our diversity data.

Best Research for Best Health

Our EDI work is part of our mission to improve the health and wealth of the nation, as outlined in Best Research for Best Health:The Next Chapter.

Read the full report.