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Clinical Research Practitioners

Clinical Research Practitioners (CRPs) work to deliver safe, ethical and high quality clinical research care. They make up around 25% of the research workforce.

What do CRPs do?

CRPs are an essential part of the research delivery team in various clinical and non clinical settings. CRPs:

  • work autonomously
  • are adaptable team members
  • specialise in consent, data collection, and other study protocol activities
  • are key project managers liaising with research investigators and research delivery teams

The UK Professional Standards Authority (PSA) recognises CRPs as an occupational group in health and care. The PSA approved adding CRPs to the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) Accredited Register in 2020. The AHCS Accredited Register for CRPs opened in March 2021.

CRP Directory

If you’re starting out on a training pathway as a CRP, you should join the CRP Directory. You’ll be part of a growing community helping to shape the professional identity of CRPs.

You are eligible to join the CRP Directory if you:

work in a research delivery role involving direct contact with patients and activities in health and social care research settings

  • are not currently registered with a healthcare profession
  • are applying to join the AHCS Accredited Register for CRPs
  • are already professionally registered as a CRP

Find out more:

CRP Directory on the AHCS website

Join the AHCS Accredited Register for CRPs

You can apply to join the AHCS Accredited Register for CRPs if you:

  • meet the AHCS Standards of Proficiency for CRPs and
  • have the required education, training and experience

Joining the register will help you to:

  • demonstrate your proficiency in delivery of research
  • define the expectations and accountability relating to your practice
  • develop professionally

Find out more About the CRP Accredited Register on the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) website

Support for CRPs and their managers

Find out more about CRPs and get help:

NIHR Clinical Research Practitioners' Community website


NIHR contact:

AHCS contact: