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We partner with health and social care charities to support high quality research. Explore how charities can work with us to maximise the value of research for patients, the public and the economy.

Working with charities

We engage with charities to bring the benefits of health and care research to patients and the public. We jointly-fund research and training programmes and work together to share expertise and develop best practice.

There are three main ways that charities can work with the NIHR:

  • access free NIHR-funded services and resources
  • exchange expertise
  • collaborate in areas of shared interest

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Support for charity partners

We are keen to work with charities across the whole research pathway.


We can each share our knowledge of the national research landscape to help shape research questions. 
Understanding the research landscape.


We can work together to identify research needs and help set research priorities. 
Identifying research needs.


We can collaborate to co-fund individual research projects, funding calls or funding programmes. 
Co-funding research.


Researchers you fund can access our services and support to plan and deliver research in the NHS or in public health or social care settings. 
Services to plan and deliver research.


Together we can reach a wider audience to share research findings and support changes to practice. 
Disseminating research.


Together we can provide invaluable training and development opportunities to attract, develop and retain a research workforce. One that is ready for the complex health and care challenges of the future. 
Attracting, developing and retaining researchers.


We can bring together and share the knowledge and expertise of our patient, professional and academic experts to improve the quality of health and care research. 
Sharing expertise and developing best practice.

Become a non-commercial partner

Charities can become non-commercial partners of the NIHR. This can help researcher to access our research delivery support quicker.