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Reporting on your research

This page outlines the ways in which you will be required to report on your NIHR-funded research.

Report impact annually

You need to track and measure outputs, outcomes and impacts during your funding award and for at least five years afterwards.

You need to report this information once a year through Researchfish.

How to report impact through Researchfish

Progress reports

You also need to send us regular progress reports. This reporting allows us to:

  • review the progress of research projects against their plan
  • review any issues and their impact
  • identify whether you need extra support

Progress reports are generally due every 12 months, although this varies according to research programme, project stage, and key milestones.

When your project starts, we will advise you when your progress reports are due. We will also send you a reminder when a report is due.

We will read your report and associated documents and provide feedback.

Read more about progress reports.

Updating trial records and registries

Whilst the project is underway, you need to ensure that you:

  • update clinical trial registry records to include final enrolment numbers and the date of Primary Study Completion (defined as the last data collection time point for the last subject for the Primary Outcome measure).
  • report on all relevant trial registry information via agreed progress reporting schedules.

Read more in the NIHR policy on clinical trial registration and disclosure of results.

Submit a final report

You need to submit a final report on your project. You must provide a draft final report to the relevant research programme team within 14 days of contract completion date or date of termination.

For five of our research programmes, the final report is published in NIHR Journals Library.

Find out more about submitting your final report on the Information for Authors section of the Journals Library website.

Submit research outputs

You should acknowledge our role in any outputs from your funded research. You may also need to notify us of forthcoming outputs.

You can also use the NIHR brand on some outputs.