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New to NIHR - or looking for general news and information about NIHR?

Do you want to know about the broad spectrum of research activities that NIHR is involved in? Follow these accounts for news on NIHR initiatives, resources, opportunities to work with us, newly funded research and significant findings from NIHR funded research.

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Our research community social media accounts carry details of potential career pathways, training and research funding opportunities. They also showcase great work from across the NIHR community of researchers and health and care professionals working with the NIHR.

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Patient, carer or member of the public looking to get involved?

If you want to know more about opportunities to participate in research or become involved in supporting the development of research, whether for yourself or on behalf of others, then please connect to the following social media accounts.

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Working in the pharmaceutical, medtech or life sciences industry?

See how different organisations are already working with the NIHR, and find out about the various ways that we can support your work as a research partner.

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Looking for the latest notable research evidence from NIHR?

We want to put good research evidence at the heart of health and social care decisions. If you want to hear about notable research findings, take a look a the following account.

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Interested in research in low and middle income countries?

Find out about funding opportunities, career development, news and more from the NIHR Global Health Research Portfolio, which uses UK aid to fund high quality applied health research and training  in low and middle income countries. 

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