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Our visual identity

Whether you are from an NIHR-funded research team or organisation, or we have otherwise enabled your research, you will find a starting point here to fulfil acknowledgement of our funding, support or designation.

Our visual identity enables us to:

  • flag the people and places we fund,  unifying our distributed organisation - the NIHR family
  • convey the breadth and reach of our funding and support across health and social care research
  • acknowledge our partnerships with the NHS and others. 

On the launch of our current identity in 2019, Professor Chris Whitty, then Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department of Health and Social Care, said:

The NIHR has transformed research in and for the NHS. The NHS and its patients continues to be at the centre of the NIHR, but it also has a critical role to play in public health and social care practice beyond the NHS. The new NIHR identity reflects that wider UK health landscape and also research the NIHR is funding to improve the health of the most vulnerable people in low and middle-income countries.

Our logos and other design elements can be used in NIHR-related communications, websites, presentations and other outputs.


Funded by an NIHR research programme?

Visit the manage your research project pages for information and research outputs and publications guidance to download the ‘Funded by NIHR’ logo to use on your posters, websites and presentations.

Funded by the NIHR Global Health Programme? 

Use our Global Health Research branding guide to guide you through how to use our branding and logos, as well as acknowledgements and disclaimers.

Funded through the NIHR Academy? 

Visit the career development pages for advice on research outputs.

Funded through part of the NIHR infrastructure - a Centre, School or Unit? Local Clinical Research Network? 

Contact your NIHR Communications Lead for advice regarding NIHR sub-logos and other resources (see section for Communications Managers).


Has part of the NIHR supported your research in some way - delivery, expertise and/or facilities?

We support research funded by other funders including industry, charities and other partners.

We have created a  ‘Supported by NIHR’ logo (see visual and download below) so that users of our Network or wider research infrastructure can use it to demonstrate our support through study delivery, expertise or dedicated facilities. You can also name and link to the NIHR in your press release relating to our support.

The logo can be positioned on websites (above the 'fold' so that it is visible without having to scroll down the page - but not in the header) and in print such as on posters and flyers (below the 'fold' so in the bottom half of the page), and in presentations (final slide or wherever you are referring to location details of the study). 

If you do use this logo, please also name the relevant part of the NIHR in the acknowledgements.

NIHR also partners with other organisations in a corporate fashion, such as the joint funding of a scheme, in which case the NIHR logo or relevant sub-logo would apply.

Download - NIHR Supported by logo

Comms managers

Are you the lead for communications in your part of the NIHR?

We provide support for applying NIHR's visual identity across the NIHR, which you can also share with your web or graphic designer.

Please contact the Comms team in the Coordinating Centre that manages your part of the NIHR for guidance on:

  • how, when and where to apply our identity and your NIHR sub-logo if applicable
  • accessing NIHR logos, fonts, design motifs and colour palette
  • NIHR templates including for slides
  • our style guide, use of imagery and when partner logos apply
  • other comms advice such as how to notify us and refer to the NIHR in press releases arising from research outputs.

Press officers

Issuing a press release related to NIHR research?

Press releases arising from NIHR-funded or supported research need to:

  • be notifed to the Comms team in the Coordinating Centre that manages your part of the NIHR
  • name the NIHR appropriately
  • and carry the NIHR boilerplate.

Our press office page provides further guidance for media enquiries. 


Working with a part of the NIHR to design a website or as a graphic designer for other materials or platforms?

Ask your NIHR Communications Lead for access to NIHR's identity guidance and design elements.


Who to contact 

Advice on NIHR's visual identity is available from Communications Teams in our Coordinating Centres.