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20/39 TAR Retender - Commissioning Committee Meeting Outcomes September 2020


Published: 20 October 2020

Version: 1.0 November 2020

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Production of Technology Assessment Reviews (TARs) for the NIHR - Outcomes

Friday 4 September 2020


Dr Jane Adam – Chair of Committee A Meetings, NICE
Mrs Jane Newton – Head of NICE Sponsor Team, Department of Health and Social Care
Professor John Powell – Evidence Synthesis Programme Deputy Director, NIHR
Mrs Jenniffer Prescott – CHTE Programme Director - Process and Operations, NICE
Professor Ken Stein – Evidence Synthesis Programme Director, NIHR (Chair)
Professor Olivia Wu – Director of the Health Economics & Health Technology Assessment Unit, University of Glasgow


Dr Kay Pattison – Head of Research Contracting, Department of Health and Social Care


Ms Sally Bailey, Head of Evidence Synthesis Programme - NIHR
Mr Rob Squire, Research Manager - NIHR


The TAR Retender Commissioning Committee recommended the following proposals for either immediate funding or for funding subject to certain conditions:

Project ReferenceLead ApplicantInstitutionOutcome
NIHR131974 Professor Nicky Welton and Dr Penny Whiting University of Bristol Fund with changes
NIHR132004 Professor Luke Vale and Mr Stephen Rice University of Newcastle upon Tyne Fund with changes
NIHR131947 Professor Matt Stevenson University of Sheffield Fund
NIHR131921 Professor G.J Melendez-Torres University of Exeter Fund with changes
NIHR131942 Dr Steve Edwards BMJ Group Fund with changes
NIHR131946 Professor Lesley Stewart University of York Fund
NIHR131930 Professor Joanne Lord and Dr Jonathan Shepherd University of Southampton Fund with changes
NIHR131964 Dr Amy Grove and Dr Paul Sutcliffe University of Warwick Fund with changes
NIHR131973 Dr Angela Boland University of Liverpool Fund
NIHR132005 Dr Miriam Brazzelli University of Aberdeen Fund with changes
NIHR132383 Professor Jos Kleijnen Kleijnen Systematic Reviews Ltd. Fund with changes