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Accessible transcript for the video: Company perspective: NIHR facilitates patient input into Servier’s first Sjögren’s Syndrome trial


Published: 07 April 2021

Version: 1.0

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This is an accessible transcript for the video 'Company perspective: NIHR facilitates patient input into Servier’s first Sjögren’s Syndrome trial'.

Text on screen: The NIHR facilitates Servier’s first Sjogren’s Syndrome trial

Text on screen: We interviewed Marta Garcia Manrique, R&D Chief Patient Officer at Servier about the valuable insight gained from the patient engagement session.

Marta Garcia Manrique:We have removed some aspect that was really limiting for them, so it will be more feasible and we will have more chance to have a good recruitment, which is one aspect. And I think that we will have a good adherence to the study and we can limit the number of dropouts. And also because we will produce this material to explain I think that patients will feel probably better during the study, they will have a better understanding, so that in the end we will have a better trial.

Text on screen: Patient feedback helped to improve the feasibility of the protocol design

Marta Garcia Manrique: There were a couple of tests that they didn't like at all and they really challenged, in that case, the need to have this test as mandatory. So we, in the end, we modified our project to have it a bit more flexible. And they gave also us ideas about how to split the visit into two days, for instance, to make that more feasible. After, for example, they wanted to have like a sort agenda diary to follow the symptoms so we are trying to implement things like that. They need also to have visual elements for a better understanding of the protocol understanding, so they provide a lot of information.

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