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Artificial Intelligence for Multiple Long-Term Conditions (AIM) programme - Research Collaboration Stage 2 minutes



Minutes of the Artificial Intelligence for Multiple Long-Term Conditions (AIM) programme committee meeting to discuss Stage 2 applications for Research Collaborations.

Date and location

Meeting held on Tuesday 23 March 2021 via Zoom.

In Attendance

Committee Members

Professor Lucy Chappell, King's College London (Chair)
Dr Allison Gardner, Keele University
Professor David Hogg, University of Leeds
Dr Frank Ratcliff, Wessex AHSN
Professor Derrick Bennett, University of Oxford
Professor Tim Frayling, University of Exeter
Professor Jose Valderas, University of Exeter
Professor David Leon, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Dr Amaia Calderon Larrañaga, Karolinska Institutet
Professor Krzysztof J Geras, New York University
Dr Alison Allam, Public Member
Mr Stephen Edgar, Public Member

Department of Health and Social Care

Dr Natalie Owen, Science, Research and Evidence Directorate
Ms Leanne Dew, Science, Research and Evidence Directorate

NIHRCentral Commissioning Facility

Mario Moroso, Assistant Director, Research Programmes
Jemma Venables, Senior Research Manager, AIM Programme
Anastasiya Kichigina, Senior Research Manager, Programme Grants
Delanie Dennie, Research Officer, Operations
Ian Beason, Operations Manager
Lara Oh, Research Officer, Operations


Professor Jorg Huber (Research Design Service)
Dr Louise Hayes (Research Design Service)
Dr Jane Fearnside (Research Design Service)
Dr Sam Norton (Research Design Service)

Research Collaboration (Stage 2) applications considered

NIHR202637 The development and validation of population clusters for integrating health and social care: A mixed-methods study on Multiple Long-Term Conditions
Conflicts: Dr Frank Ratcliff, Professor Derrick Bennett
Outcome: Recommended for partial funding (removal of WP3) with revisions and response to feedback.

NIHR202632 OPTIMising therapies, disease trajectories, and AI assisted clinical management for patients Living with complex multimorbidity (OPTIMAL study)
Conflicts: Professor Lucy Chappell
Outcome: Recommended for funding

NIHR202623 The GenoAIM (Genomics, AI and Multimorbidity) Project: Translating genomic risk of multimorbidity into clinical value using artificial intelligence technologies
Conflicts: Professor Lucy Chappell, Professor Derrick Bennett
Outcome: Rejected