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Changes to NIHR Stage 1 application form



Recent changes to NIHR Stage 1 application form and guidance notes (November 2020)

As part of NIHR response to the Government’s call for further reduction in bureaucracy the Stage1 application has been reduced in scope. The changes include:

  • Section 2: the lead applicant’s research background and details of the history of the application are no longer required at this stage.
  • Section 3: less information is requested at this stage about the joint lead applicant.
  • Section 5: the ‘Research plan’ has been limited to 3000 words, which is 3-4 pages.
  • Section 10 and specifically the pre-submission checklist for applicants has been removed.

Furthermore, the application guidance notes have recently been ‘refreshed’ to include important NIHR changes and updates, which applicants still need to take note of and reflect in their stage 1 applications. The changes/updates include the following:

  • More explicit guidance for applicants on NIHR’s expectations with regard to patient and public involvement
  • New guidance for applicants on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for study participants (research following patient need and clusters of morbidity)
  • New guidance information about the provision of applicants’ equality and diversity monitoring information, found in the 'Supporting information for Stage 1 and Stage 2 applicants'.
  • A broadening of the guidance wording to ensure appropriateness for social care research.

This document provides guidance on completing an application for stage 1 of funding competition 44 for the NIHR research for Patient Benefit Programme. Please see also the supporting information for Stage 1 and Stage 2 applicants.