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DHSC Areas of Research Interest


Published: 25 January 2023

Version: 1.0 January 2023

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The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has updated its Areas of Research Interest (ARIs). They focus on areas of strategic policy importance to DHSC. Research and innovation could help make a step change in how we deal with these complex issues and contribute to improving public, patient and service outcomes.

Areas of Research Interest

  1. Early action to prevent poor health outcomes
  2. Reduction of compound pressures on the NHS and social care
  3. Shaping and supporting the health and social care workforce of the future

Find out more about these ARIs on 

Applying for funding

The NIHR is interested in receiving high quality applications in response to the ARIs identified by DHSC.

Proposals must be within the remit of the respective NIHR research programme. The primary outcome must be health-related. Applications can be made via our researcher-led workstream. Please note that researcher-led submission dates vary across the NIHR research programmes. Completed application forms must be submitted by the date specified on the relevant funding opportunity.

Applicants may also be interested in other NIHR specific funding calls which address the ARI priorities, such as:

Early action to prevent poor health outcomes

The Public Health Research (PHR) Programme invited applications on several topics relevant to this ARI. 

  • 22/554 Continuing priority research topics of interest to the PHR Programme
  • 22/143 Improving services for people living with diabetes
  • 22/145 Systems Engineering Innovation hubs for Multiple long-term Conditions (SEISMIC) - Development Phase
  • 22/162 Rehabilitation and care following stroke (EME Programme)
  • 22/166 Rehabilitation and care following stroke (HTA Programme)

Reduce compound pressures on health and social care

  • NIHR wide funding call on research to address compound pressures
  • Highlight notice on Winter Pressures (HTA, HSDR & PHR Programmes)

Shape and support the health and social care workforce of the future

  • Research for Patient Benefit - Competition 50
  • 22/171 Acceleration Award - adaptation and assessment of digital technologies for social care (HTA Programme)

For further information about more specific funding opportunities which may also relate to ARIs please visit our funding opportunities page.