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ICA PCAF Public Minutes - Round 5


Published: 04 October 2022

Version: V1.0 (October 2022)

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HEE/NIHR ICA Predoctoral Clinical and Practitioner Academic Fellowship – Round 5 Funding Recommendation Meeting

Date: 16th -17th May 2022

Place: Virtually via Zoom


Selection Committee Members   

Professor Jon Marsden (Chair), University of Plymouth
Professor Sara Kenyon (Deputy Chair), University of Birmingham
Dr Kirsty Winkley, King’s College London (Day 1)
Dr Karen Knapp, University of Exeter
Professor Kay Marshall, University of Manchester
Professor Julia Sanders, Cardiff University
Dr Helen Pryce, Aston University
Dr Ilhem Berrou, University of the West of England
Professor Lindsay Bearne, Kingson and St. George’s, University of London
Professor Joy Duxbury, Manchester Metropolitan University (Day 1)
Dr Helen McNair, Imperial College London
Dr Yvonne Wren, University of Bristol
Professor Julia Williams, University of Hertfordshire
Professor Hora Soltani, Sheffield Hallam University
Professor Candy McCabe, University of the West of England
Dr Emma English, University of East Anglia
Dr Sharon Docherty, Bournemouth University
Professor Peter Day, University of Leeds
Professor Lynn Rochester, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Dr Brian Crosbie, University of Nottingham
Professor Paul May, University of Liverpool
Dr Nicola O'Brien, Northumbria University
Professor Jorg Huber, University of Brighton
Dr Kathryn Jarvis, University of Central Lancashire
Professor Annette Hand, Northumbria University
Professor Stephen Wordsworth, University of Derby
Professor Bertha Ochieng, DeMontfort University                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

NIHR Staff

Dr James Fenton (Assistant Director)
Dr Beth Harris (PCAF Senior Programme Manager)
Louise Hawkyard (Programme Manager)


Anna-Maria Balmer (NIHR Academy) Day 1 AM
Eleanor Welsh (NIHR Academy) Day 1 PM
Professor Janelle Yorke (University of Manchester) Day 1, Day 2 Summary & Discussion


Dr John Gierula, University of Leeds
Professor Joy Duxbury, Manchester Metropolitan University (Day 2)
Dr Kirsty Winkley, King’s College London (Day 2)

Discussion of Applications

80 applications were received to Round 5 of the PCAF and 79 of these were eligible for consideration by the Selection Committee.

Standard PCAF Recommendations

NIHR302657  Fund
NIHR302696  Fund
NIHR302722 Fund
NIHR302725 Fund
NIHR302672 Fund
NIHR302687 Fund
NIHR302693  Fund
NIHR302702 Fund
NIHR302688 Fund
NIHR302720 Fund
NIHR302666 Fund
NIHR302674  Fund
NIHR302677 Fund
NIHR302713 Fund
NIHR302726  Fund
NIHR302675 Fund
NIHR302689  Fund
NIHR302700 Fund
NIHR302704 Fund
NIHR302734 Fund
NIHR302705 Fund
NIHR302673 Fund
NIHR302679 Fund
NIHR302682 Fund
NIHR302703  Fund
NIHR302671 Fund
NIHR302699  Fund
NIHR302708  Fund
NIHR302664  Fund
NIHR302695  Fund
NIHR302661 Fund
NIHR302685 Fund
NIHR302719 Fund
NIHR302733 Fund
NIHR302707  Fund
NIHR302716  Fund
NIHR302678  Fund
NIHR302718 Fund
NIHR302723 Fund
NIHR302727 Fund
NIHR302684 Fund
NIHR302728 Fund
NIHR302686 Fund
NIHR302729 Fund
NIHR302660 Fund
NIHR302691 Fund
NIHR302712 Fund
NIHR302665 Fund
NIHR302680  Fund
NIHR302656 Fund
NIHR302694 Fund
NIHR302717 Fund
NIHR302735 Fund
NIHR302697 Fund
NIHR302732 Reject
NIHR302690 Reject
NIHR302711 Reject
NIHR302721 Reject
NIHR302659 Reject

PCAF Bridge Recommendations

NIHR302683 Fund
NIHR302663 Fund
NIHR302670 Fund
NIHR302655  Fund
NIHR302709  Fund
NIHR302737 Fund
NIHR302730 Fund
NIHR302658  Fund
NIHR302662 Fund
NIHR302669 Fund
NIHR302701 Fund
NIHR302668 Fund
NIHR302706 Fund
NIHR302698 Fund
NIHR302710 Fund
NIHR302714  Fund
NIHR302724  Fund
NIHR302731  Fund
NIHR302676 Fund
NIHR302715  Reject