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Invention for Innovation - Challenge Awards Call 15 Stage 1 Minutes


Published: 17 August 2023

Version: 1.0 August 2023

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Minutes of the Invention for Innovation (i4i) Programme Committee meeting to discuss Stage 1 applications to Call 15 of the i4i Challenge Awards.

Date and Location

Meeting held on Friday 21 July 2023 via Zoom Virtual Meeting.

In attendance

  • Professor Nick Lemoine (Chair)
  • Ms Joanna Smart (Deputy Chair)
  • Professor Mike Lewis (Programme Director)
  • Mr Stuart Mealing
  • Professor Claire Hulme
  • Professor Amar Rangan
  • Associate Professor Iain Hennessey
  • Dr David Kryl

NIHR i4i Secretariat

  • Professor Mike Lewis (Programme Director)
  • Dr Ruth Nebauer (Assistant Director)
  • Dr Silvana Cossins
  • Dr Michelle Edye
  • Ms Eva Garritsen
  • Ms Ami Hodges
  • Dr Maryam Tamaddon
  • Mr Luis Tojo
  • Dr Laura Tornatore
  • Mr Edwin Tucker
  • Mr Bryan Dar
  • Ms Michal Wagman


  • Mr Seb Orton
  • Mr Chris Chaney
  • Professor Nijab Rahman
  • Professor Wendy Tindale OBE
  • Dr Zarnie Khadjesari

Stage 1 applications invited to submit to Stage 2 

NIHR206444: Effectiveness and health economics study of a foot-volume-measuring device using 3D imagery and AI to automatically monitor heart failure patients and prevent hospitalisations.
Outcome: Invite to Stage 2

NIHR206512: Evaluating the first AI-Enabled Triage Chatbot for Mental Healthcare
Outcome: Invite to Stage 2

NIHR206519: Evaluation of the clinical impact and cost-utility of a comprehensive digital diabetes self-management platform (MyWay Diabetes): proposal for a mixed-methods, pragmatic, real-world evaluation
Outcome: Invite to Stage 2

NIHR206530: RESTART-PD: Rehabilitation Exercise Study with Therapeutic Augmented Reality Treatment for patients with Parkinson's Disease: a randomised controlled trial of Reality DTx®
Outcome: Invite to Stage 2

NIHR206532: Evaluation of N-Tidal in primary care COPD diagnosis
Outcome: Invite to Stage 2

NIHR206536: Real world testing of Hepatica: A tool to improve the outcomes of patients undergoing surgery for liver cancer.
Outcome: Invite to Stage 

NIHR206537: Evaluation of DIALIVE, a novel Liver Dialysis Device for the treatment of patients with Acute on Chronic Liver Failure Grade 3
Outcome: Invite to Stage 2

NIHR206540: Measuring the impact of a remote perioperative health coaching programme on long-term functional outcomes in elective lower limb arthroplasty: a randomised controlled trial.
Outcome: Invite to Stage 

Stage 1 applications not invited to submit to Stage 2 

NIHR206466: Real world service evaluation of the Neu Health virtual outpatient clinic platform for people with Parkinson's disease.
Outcome: Reject

NIHR206507: A study to evaluate the diagnostic performance of The HrC Test in patients suspected of either breast or ovarian cancer referred through the fast track referral system and/or cancer screening programme.
Outcome: Reject

NIHR206525: Assessing Feasibility, Clinical and Cost Effectiveness of Non-invasive Prenatal Screening for Microdeletions
Outcome: Reject

NIHR206526: Implementation of pharmaceutical 3D printing in the NHS for personalised oral dosing: a case study on tacrolimus in paediatric renal transplant recipients
Outcome: Reject

NIHR206527: Evaluation of a novel artificial intelligence based cardiac diagnostic system for heart failure detection in a real world clinical setting
Outcome: Reject

NIHR206528: Using a digital oncology platform to enhance lung cancer care: Co-developing and assessing a real world implementation model of the Vinehealth platform
Outcome: Reject

NIHR206529: Assessment of PDMonitor®: evaluating wearables and telehealth in Parkinson's Disease to improve patient quality of life and drive healthcare efficiencies
Outcome: Reject

NIHR206531: Evaluating the impact of AI-assisted ultrasound scanning in regional anaesthesia
Outcome: Reject

NIHR206533: Co-designing, adapting and evaluating a real-world implementation model for remote monitoring and self-management of diagnosed atrial fibrillation patients.
Outcome: Reject

NIHR206534: Randomised controlled trial comparing the clinical efficacy of open Carpal Tunnel Release versus Ultrasound Guided Percutaneous Carpal Tunnel Release with a Parallel Economic AnalysisShort title: Carpal Tunnel Ultrasound Guided Release Efficacy Study (CURE)

NIHR206535: A hybrid implementation-effectiveness evaluation of the real-world implementation of a digital prehabilitation and supportive care solution for cancer patients.
Outcome: Reject

NIHR206538: A validation study to demonstrate AI-assisted increase in efficiency and accuracy in radiographic fracture detection using deep learning
Outcome: Reject

NIHR206539: Development of Affordable AI-Powered mHealth App for Predicting Osteoarthritis Progression in NHS Patients: A Retrospective National Study
Outcome: Reject

Stage 1 applications that did not fulfil the Programme's eligibility criteria

Outcome: Reject