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Invention for Innovation - Challenge Awards Call 15 Stage 2 Minutes


Published: 21 February 2024

Version: 1.0 - February 2024

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Minutes of the Invention for Innovation (i4i) Programme Committee meeting to discuss Stage 2 applications to Call 15 of the i4i Challenge Awards.

Date and Location

Meeting held on Tuesday 28 November 2023 at LGC Ltd, Grange House, 15 Church Street, Twickenham TW1 3NL.

In attendance

Ms Joanna Smart (Chair)
Professor Wendy Tindale OBE (Deputy Chair)
Mrs Celia Ingham Clark (Virtual)
Mrs Janet Champion
Mr Michael Duffin
Professor Claire Hulme
Dr Zarnie Khadjesari
Mr Stuart Mealing
Professor Steve Morris
Mrs Stella O' Brien
Dr Chris Sampson

NIHR i4i Secretariat

Professor Mike Lewis (Programme Director)
Dr Ruth Nebauer (Assistant Director, Innovation Programmes)
Dr Silvana Cossins
Ms Eva Garritsen
Dr Maryam Tamaddon
Mr Luis Tojo
Dr Laura Tornatore
Mr Edwin Tucker

Operations Team

Ms Rachel Wylie
Ms Harkerat Jandu
Ms Michal Wagman
Ms Jasmine Coulson


Professor Nick Lemoine
Professor Amar Rangan
Professor Iain Hennessey
Mr Seb Orton


Ms Rida Shah (NIHR CC)

Applications assessed at Stage 2

NIHR206540: Measuring the impact of a remote perioperative health coaching programme on long-term functional outcomes in elective lower limb arthroplasty: a randomised controlled trial.
Conflicted Committee Member: Mr Stuart Mealing
Funding Committee recommendation: Support

NIHR206536: Real world testing of Hepatica: A tool to improve the outcomes of patients undergoing surgery for liver cancer.
Conflicted Committee Member: Professor Amar Rangan
Funding Committee recommendation: Reject

NIHR206537: Evaluation of DIALIVE, a novel Liver Dialysis Device for the treatment of patients with Acute on Chronic Liver Failure Grade 3
Conflicted Committee Member: Mr Stuart Mealing
Funding Committee recommendation: Support

NIHR206530: RESTART-PD: Rehabilitation Exercise Study with Therapeutic Augmented Reality Treatment for patients with Parkinson's Disease: a randomised controlled trial of Reality DTx®
Conflicted Committee Members: Professor Claire Hulme, Professor Wendy Tindale, Professor Amar Rangan, Dr Zarnie Khadjesari
Funding Committee recommendation: Support

NIHR206532: Evaluation of N-Tidal in primary care COPD diagnosis
Conflicted Committee Members: Ms Jo Smart, Professor Amar Rangan, Professor Najib Rahman, Professor Claire Hulme
Funding Committee recommendation: Support

NIHR206519: Evaluation of the clinical impact and cost-utility of a comprehensive digital diabetes self-management platform (MyWay Diabetes): proposal for a mixed-methods, pragmatic, real-world evaluation
Conflicted Committee Member: Mr Michael Duffin
Funding Committee recommendation: Support

NIHR206512: Evaluating the world's first co-designed evidence-based AI chatbot to support diagnosis and triage in mental healthcare
Conflicted Committee Member: Mr Michael Duffin
Funding Committee recommendation: Reject

NIHR206444: Effectiveness and health economics study of a foot-volume-measuring device using 3D imagery and AI to automatically monitor heart failure patients and prevent hospitalisations.
Conflicted Committee Member: None
Funding Committee recommendation: Conditional Support with change