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Invention for Innovation – PDA Call 20 Stage 2 Minutes Committee B


Date and location

Held on Wednesday 25th November 2020 via online virtual meeting

In attendance

Funding Committee B members

Mr Charles Spicer (Chair)
Professor David Hawkes (Deputy Chair)
Mr Vadim Alexandre
Professor Philip Breedon
Mr Mark Campbell
Dr Laura Fenner
Miss Helen George
Professor Liam Grover
Professor Paul Leeson
Ms Emma Palmer-Foster
Dr Cathy Prescott
Ms Jo Smart
Professor Sarah Stapley
Dr Neville Young


Mr Martin Hunt (Programme Director)
Mr Ben Patient (Director of Innovations)
Dr Ruth Nebauer (Assistant Director)
Dr Diana Alexieva
Dr Andrew Barber
Dr Fanny Burrows
Dr Sultana Choudhry
Dr Michelle Edye
Dr Samantha Gan
Dr Aayesha Hassan
Dr Caterina Lombardo
Mrs Paula Milton
Miss Deimante Normantaite
Dr Ian Newington
Dr Sandra Nwokeoha
Dr Marie-Therese Rached
Dr Raffaella Roncone
Miss Rhanda Tajdeen
Mr Edwin Tucker
Dr Xi Ye


Professor Enitan Carrol (Written comments)
Professor Fiona Denison
Dr Ashish Patel (Written comments)

Operations Team 

Mrs Samantha Wade
Mr Bryan Dar
Miss Victoria Evans
Miss Tanya Dixey


Dr Ianina Conte
Dr Stephanie Kuku
Dr Luca Marciani
Dr James Shearer

Applications assessed at Stage 2

NIHR202099: The gamification of a new medical device for the treatment of phantom limb pain.
Committee Member Conflicts: None
Funding Committee Recommendation: Reject

NIHR202104: Clinical Evaluation, Development and Commercialisation of an Antimicrobial – Impregnated Catheter Against Peritonitis (The CAP Study)
Committee Member Conflicts: Professor Philip Breedon
Observer Conflicts: Professor Luca Marciani
Funding Committee recommendation: Support 

NIHR202127: Identifying Undiagnosed Osteoporosis Patients through Incidental Detection of Vertebral Fractures
Committee Member Conflicts: None
Funding Committee recommendation: Reject

NIHR202117: Decision-support for individualised risk assessment of fetal health during labour: preventing fetal brain damage and death by utilising large, routinely collected datasets of cardiotocography and clinical risk factors
Committee Member Conflicts: Professor Paul Leeson, Dr Neville Young
Funding Committee recommendation: Support

NIHR202133: Closed-Loop Electronic Stimulation (ES) - Mechanomyogram Sensor (MMG) System for Passive Tremor Suppression Treatment
Conflict Committee Member Conflicts: None
Funding Committee recommendation: Support

NIHR202114: Intraoperative hyperspectral imaging for data-driven real-time surgical guidance
Committee Member Conflicts: Professor David Hawkes
Funding Committee recommendation: Support

NIHR202139: Technology Assessment of the Magnetic Flexible Endoscope (TAME)
Committee Member Conflicts: Dr Neville Young
Funding Committee recommendation: Reject

NIHR202120: Development and pre-market evaluation of a non-invasive intracranial pressure monitor
Committee Member Conflicts: Dr Ashish Patel, Dr Neville Young
Funding Committee recommendation: Reject