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Invention for Innovation – PDA Call 24 Stage 2 Minutes Committee A


Published: 09 January 2023

Version: 1.0 - January 2023

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Minutes of the Invention for Innovation (i4i) Programme Committee A Meeting to discuss applications to Product Development Awards Call 24 Stage 2.

Date and Location

Meeting held on Wednesday 23 November 2022 at LGC Ltd, Grange House, 15 Church Street, Twickenham TW1 3NL and via Zoom Virtual Meeting

In attendance

Funding Committee A members

Ms Emma Palmer Foster (Chair)
Professor Paul Sibbons (Deputy Chair)
Ms Mary Anne Cordeiro
Professor Gail Hayward (virtual)
Mr Derek Jerome
Dr Thomas Keeble
Professor James Moore
Dr Matthew Reeves
Dr Julie Simmonds
Dr Andrew Sims
Dr Peter Watkinson (virtual)
Mr Tim Wright
Mr David Wall


Professor Mike Lewis (Programme Director)
Dr Ruth Nebauer (Assistant Director)
Dr Andrew Barber
Mr Alex Zabala Findlay
Ms Ami Hodges
Dr Ian Newington
Dr Antonio Ruiz
Dr Rebeca Stevens
Dr Francesca Troiani
Mr Edwin Tucker
Mr Luis Tojo


Mr Ravi Chana
Professor David Jayne
Dr Zahid Latif
Ms Alice Evans

Operations Team

Ms Lisa Kelly
Mr Bryan Dar
Ms Harkerat Jandu
Ms Elena Sundle
Mr Sam Howes
Mr Frankie Lansley

Applications assessed at Stage 2

NIHR204515: Prognosis of epilepsy using at-home EEG: From proof-of-concept to final prototype
Conflict Committee Member: None
Funding Committee recommendation: Reject

NIHR204527: The first Primary Care Clinical Assessment Platform (PC-CAP) for minor illnesses, designed for and with Allied Health Professionals
Conflict Committee Member: Dr Matthew Reeves
Funding Committee recommendation: Reject

NIHR204541: Guided Insertion of Tracheostomy tubes (GIFT) – a device development study
Conflict Committee Member: Professor Gail Hayward, Dr Peter Watkinson
Funding Committee recommendation: Reject

NIHR204544: Can a SmartBandage incorporating novel sensing technology guide non-specialists to apply compression bandages correctly, supporting step-change improvements in healing times for venous leg ulcers?
Conflict Committee Member: None
Funding Committee recommendation: Conditional Support

NIHR204549: MS3: AI based Microsatellite Stability Screening of Colorectal and Endometrial Cancers
Conflict Committee Member: None
Funding Committee recommendation: Reject

NIHR204557: Artificial Intelligence Multi-modal Data Integration: Application to Thyroid Disease Prediction
Conflict Committee Member: None
Funding Committee recommendation: Reject

NIHR204560: Clinical Validation Study of the Seton-Scaffold Device for the treatment of Fistula-In-Ano
Conflict Committee Member: Ms Mary Anne Cordeiro
Funding Committee recommendation: Support

NIHR204562: Breakaway Chest Drain Valve
Conflict Committee Member: None
Funding Committee recommendation: Conditional support