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Invention for Innovation – PDA Call 26 Stage 2 Committee C Meeting Minutes


Published: 22 February 2024

Version: 1.0 February 2024

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Minutes of the Invention for Innovation (i4i) Programme Committee C Meeting to discuss applications to Product Development Awards Call 26 Stage 2

Date and Location

Meeting held on Wednesday 22 November 2023 at LGC Ltd, Grange House, 15 Church Street, Twickenham TW1 3NL

In attendance

Funding Committee C members

Ms Joanna Smart (Chair)
Dr Matthew Reeves (Deputy Chair)
Professor Philip Breedon
Mr Mark Campbell (Virtual)
Mr Ravi Chana
Professor Liam Grover
Professor Gail Hayward
Mr Derek Jerome 
Professor Paul Leeson
Professor Luca Marciani
Professor James Moore
Dr Nick de Pennington (Virtual)
Dr Andrew Sims
Ms Alexina Weekes 
Dr Neville Young


Professor Mike Lewis (Programme Director)
Dr Ruth Nebauer (Assistant Director, Innovation Programmes)
Dr Silvana Cossins
Mr Alex Zabala Findlay
Ms Eva Garritsen
Dr Francesca Troiani
Ms Kasia Zmarzly

Operations Team

Ms Rachel Wylie
Ms Harkerat Jandu
Ms Tanya McQueen
Ms Jasmine Coulson


Dr Philippe Potey (NIHR CC)

Applications assessed at Stage 2

NIHR206417: Changing the landscape in liver biopsy assessment with artificial intelligence deep learning software
Conflicted Committee Members: Professor James Moore, Dr Andrew Sims, Dr Matthew Reeves
Funding Committee recommendation: Reject

NIHR206419: IRIS: Next generation point-of-care testing for respiratory viral infection screening in Emergency Department (ED) settings.
Conflicted Committee Member: Professor Paul Leeson
Funding Committee recommendation: Reject

NIHR206502: Development of a next-generation gynaecological drug delivery device for enhanced patient comfort and convenience
Conflicted Committee Member: Mr Derek Jerome
Funding Committee recommendation: Support

NIHR206433: SDM-BD: A patient app and EPR-integrated care team interface to digitally-enable support for shared decision making to improve maintenance management of patients with Bipolar Disorder (BD)
Conflicted Committee Member: None
Funding Committee recommendation: Support

NIHR206439: Co-creating SuperPenguin, a novel digital therapeutic solution for families with children who stammer to improve speech therapy outcomes and service efficiency within NHS: Product development, clinical feasibility, and economic assessment.
Conflicted Committee Member: Dr Neville Young
Funding Committee recommendation: Support

NIHR206447: Guided Insertion of Tracheostomy tubes (GIFT) – a device development study
Conflicted Committee Member: None
Funding Committee recommendation: Support

NIHR206471: New Trauma and PTSD Therapy Pathways for Virtual Reality Delivery
Conflicted Committee Member: None
Funding Committee recommendation: Reject