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MIS to REALMS migration guidance


Published: 16 October 2023

Version: 2.0 April 2024

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NETSCC MIS (Management Information System) is now closed and all related awards and activities are being transferred to our new system, REALMS (REsearch Awards Lifecycle Management System).

For funding applications and to manage your awards, log in and access REALMS.

Development of the REALMS publications module is underway and will be launched in due course.

Please read our MIS to REALMS migration guidance for information on how ongoing publishing activity will be managed to minimise impact on you and your teams during the transfer period.

Submitting final contractual outputs

  • submission of final contractual outputs during the migration period (draft final reports, NIHR journal articles or synopses) should be made via email to your regular Monitoring or Publications Team contact

Revisions and response to editorial comments for final contractual outputs

  • submission of manuscript revisions, responses to reviewer or editorial comments from the start of the migration period should be sent to your assigned Publications Team contact by email

Notification of upcoming research outputs

  • provide details of research outputs via the relevant project record in REALMS
  • open the award from your Project Portal, and use the ‘Add New Output’ button on the PROJECT OUTPUTS tab
  • you are only required to report details of media activity (e.g. press releases, media exclusives, journalist briefings and any other significant forms of outreach to journalists) and accepted journal articles using REALMS. All other outputs should be included within your annual reporting of outputs, outcomes and impact via Researchfish

MIS to REALMS migration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If we get frequently asked questions about the above or any of our communications around the migration process from MIS to REALMS, we will include them here.

Q. What is my REALMS Login and Password?

If you already have a REALMS account, please log in as usual. If this is your first time using REALMS, head to the ‘Forgot Password?’ link to request a password. You will need to enter the email address you previously used as your Login for MIS.

Q. Where is my ORCID and CV information?

The NIHR is a member organisation of ORCID and supports the use of ORCID iDs where possible. Instead of storing CV, grants and outputs data, REALMS connects with ORCID to access this information when needed by research applications. That way, you only need to enter and update your information in one place, once.

We are unable to transfer your ORCID from MIS to REALMS, due to the specific authorisation required by ORCID for REALMS to access your information. You will therefore need to reconnect ORCID to your profile. When you are logged in to REALMS, click on My Profile, go to the ORCID tab, and follow the instructions on screen.

Q. I have a research suggestion. How can I submit this?

You can make a research suggestion to help shape our research by completing our suggest a research topic form.