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NHSE/NIHR Doctoral Clinical and Practitioner Academic Fellowship (DCAF) Public Minutes - Round 1


Published: 19 February 2024

Version: 1 - November 2023

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Public minutes

Meeting: Selection Committee Interviews – Round 1

Date: 1-2 November 2023

Place: Queens Hotel, Leeds (hybrid via Zoom)


Selection Committee (One) Members

Professor Avril Drummond (Chair), University of Nottingham

Dr Claire Diver (Deputy Chair), University of Nottingham

Professor Mary Wells, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Professor Julie Sanders, Barts Health NHS Trust 

Professor Annie Topping, University of Birmingham

Professor Michelle Briggs, University of Manchester

Professor Taraneh Dean, London South Bank University

Professor Madeline Cruice, City, University of London

Professor Jane Murphy, Bournemouth University

Professor Priscilla Harries, Kingston University

Collin Wilkinson, Patient Public Involvement Member

Sue Prior, Patient Public Involvement Member

NIHR Programme Management Staff

Dr James Fenton, NIHR Assistant Director, Integrated Pathways Team

Dr Henry Mbawa Jr, Senior programme Manager

Richard Milham, Programme Manager 


Iain Mallett - NIHR

Selection Committee (Two) Members

Professor Louise Connell (Chair), University of Central Lancashire

Dr Gita Ramdharry (Deputy Chair), University College London Hospitals NHS Trust

Professor Jane West, University of Sheffield 

Professor Caroline Alexander, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust 

Professor Fiona Cramp, University of the West England

Dr Kirstie Coxon, Kingston University

Professor Heidi Probst, Sheffield Hallam University

Professor Seeromanie Harding, Kings College London

Professor Mary Ward, Ulster University

Professor Janelle Yorke, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust 

Professor Bryony Franklin, University College London

Georgina McMasters, Patient Public Involvement Member

David Chuter, Patient Public Involvement Member



NIHR Programme Management Staff

Dr Mal Palin, Senior Programme Manager

Steph Britt, Programme Manager

Nathan Beebe, Programme Manager

Selection Committee (Three) Members

Professor John Baker (Chair), University of Leeds

Professor Vanora Hundley (Deputy Chair), Bournemouth University

Professor David Alldred, University of Leeds

Dr Tracy Long-Sutehall, University of Southampton

Professor Maryann Hardy, University of Bradford

Dr Kirstie Coxon, Kingston University

Professor Natalie Pattison, University of Hertfordshire

Dr Clair Phillips, Patient Public Involvement Member

Mr Philip Paulden, Patient Public Involvement Member


Rachel Dwyer - NIHR

NIHR Programme Management Staff

Kieran Lee, Senior Programme Manager

Beth Harris, Senior Programme Manager

Louise Hawkyard, Programme Manager


Dr Angus MacBeth

Professor Leah Macaden

Professor Karen Sage

Dr Monique Lhussier

Professor Sally Singh

Professor Andy Welch

Professor Margaret Watson

Professor Janelle Yorke


The total number of applications received for this round was 49, and all were deemed eligible for consideration. The Selection Committee shortlisted 30 applicants and all attended the interviews. Eighteen (18) applicants were deemed by the Selection Committee to lie within the fundable range; a thirty-seven percent (37%) success rate.

Application Summary

Application Window: 7 April 2022 - 9 June 2022

Selection Committee Assessment: 24 June - 31 August 2022

Shortlisting Meeting: 7 September 2022

Interviews: 1-2 November 2022

Recommended for Funding: 5 December 2022

Interview and Discussions of Applications

DCAF Round 1 Selection Committee 1 Recommendations

ReferenceOutcomeProject title
NIHR302917 Funded Improving Pathways Of Care For Patients With Venous Leg Ulceration
NIHR302892 Funded Co-PROduction of a Shared decision-making tool for airway clearance techniques in BROnchiectasis: PROSBRO study
NIHR302900 Funded Therapeutic outcomes in allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA)
NIHR302916 Funded Investigating the medium to long-term outcomes after selective dorsal rhizotomy in ambulatory children and young people with cerebral palsy: A mixed-methods study
NIHR302890 Funded What interventions(s) are required to implement the use of compression therapy in the management of inpatients with venous leg ulceration in secondary care?
NIHR302883 Rejected READI Feasibility Randomised Controlled Trial: Remote Exercise And Diet Intervention for people with breast cancer on chemotherapy.
NIHR302909 Rejected CycEDel-IC: Does in-bed Cycle Ergometry delivered within 48-hours of mechanical ventilation, reduce the occurrence of Delirium in critICally ill patients and what is the optimal approach to implementing the intervention?
NIHR302873 Rejected Local alcohol partnerships: a mixed-methods analysis to inform public health policy and practice
NIHR302899 Rejected The co-design and feasibility of a CF-specific weight management programme delivered alongside an NHS digital weight management intervention for overweight or obese adults with cystic fibrosis treated with cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator therapies. The MoreLife with CF study.
NIHR302913 Rejected Development of precision diagnostic framework and endotyping for chronic and allergic fungal airway diseases with a focus on aspergillosis.

DCAF Round 1 Selection Committee 2 Recommendations

ReferenceOutcomeProject title
NIHR302872 Funded Raising the Age of Sale of Tobacco products in England; a mixed methods study (RAISE)
NIHR302888 Funded Development and evaluation of a rehabilitation programme for people with complex fractures following traumatic injury
NIHR302901 Funded Novel Applications for Sarcoma Assessment (NASA)
NIHR302866 Funded Improving Participation and Activity for people with Persistent Physical Symptoms (ImPAct-PPS): a Person-Based Approach
NIHR302903 Funded Development of a Core Outcome Set for Children's Elective Lower Limb Orthopaedic Surgery (CELLOS Study)
NIHR302886 Funded Promoting the empowerment of parent carers of children with neurodisability.
NIHR302882 Rejected Screening Recently Arrived Migrants for Tuberculosis, HIV, and Hepatitis B and C within an Educational Setting
NIHR302863 Rejected A mixed-methods study to examine the mechanisms influencing adherence to rehabilitation for adults following a complex fracture of the lower limb.
NIHR302906 Rejected Identifying the potential risk characteristics for cauda equina compression in patients presenting to an acute care setting with back pain who undergo reference standard imaging: a multi-centre prospective observational cohort study.
NIHR302918 Rejected Bladder trigone sparing radiotherapy for prostate cancer: a mixed methods study to develop and test a treatment programme for future trials.

DCAF Round 1 Selection Committee 3 Recommendations

ReferenceOutcomeProject title
NIHR302862 Funded Early Relapse Detection in Children who received a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) for Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukaemia (JMML)
NIHR302915 Funded Can lung ultrasound measure changes in regional lung aeration following chest physiotherapy in children who are mechanically ventilated after cardiac surgery.
NIHR302871 Funded A psychological treatment for visual hallucinations in psychosis: Initial efficacy, feasibility and acceptability.
NIHR302896 Funded Improving brain protection during aortic arch surgery in infants and young children using electroencephalography.
NIHR302860 Funded Improving Representation in Maternity Research: The REPRESENT study
NIHR302891 Funded Evaluating the feasibility and acceptability of Psychodynamic Interpersonal Therapy for people experiencing psychosis
NIHR302908 Funded What contributes to successful adult community palliative rehabilitation? An investigation into models of practice in the UK.
NIHR302911 Rejected Optimising primary care prescribing: a mixed methods study to explore the implementation of pharmacogenomic testing in everyday clinical practice
NIHR302898 Rejected What are the active ingredients of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Psychosis?
NIHR302880 Rejected How can Perinatal Mental Health Services routinely measure the quality of parent-infant interaction? An investigation of the acceptability, feasibility, and psychometric properties of a brief observational instrument