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NHSE/NIHR Doctoral Clinical Practitioner and Academic Fellowship (DCAF) – Round 2 Public Minutes


Published: 30 January 2024

Version: Version 1 - February 2024

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Public minutes

Meeting: Selection Committee Interviews – Round 2

Date: 18-19 April 2023

Place: The DoubleTree Hotel, Leeds (hybrid via Zoom)


Selection Committee (One) Members

Professor Avril Drummond (Chair), University of Nottingham

Professor Louise Connell (Deputy Chair), University of Central Lancashire

Dr Gita Ramdharry, University College London Hospital NHS Trust

Professor Taraneh Dean, London South Bank University

Professor Julie Sanders, Barts Health NHS Trust

Professor Natalie Pattison, University of Hertfordshire

Professor Mary Wells, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Professor Andy Welch, University of Aberdeen

Dr Angus MacBeth, University of Edinburgh

Sue Prior, Patient Public Involvement Member

Philip Paulden, Patient Public Involvement Member

NIHR Programme Management Staff

Dr Beth Harris, Assistant Director Personal Awards Team

Dr Henry Mbawa, Senior Programme Manager

Steph Britt, Senior Programme Manager

Beth Davies, Senior Programme Officer


Iain Mallet, NIHR PPI Manager

Nicoli Ellis-Hal, NIHR PPI Manager

Joanna Nurse, NIHR Assistant Communications Manager

Scarlett Brunstrom, NIHR Assistant Communications Manager

Selection Committee (Two) Members

Professor John Baker (Chair), University of Leeds

Professor Vanora Hundley (Deputy Chair), Bournemouth University

Dr Claire Diver, University of Nottingham

Professor Fiona Cramp, University of the West England

Professor Heidi Probst, Sheffield Hallam University

Professor Annie Topping, University of Birmingham

Professor Caroline Alexander, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Professor Michelle Briggs, University of Manchester

Professor Caroline Sabin, University College London

Collin Wilkinson, Patient Public Involvement Member

Yesmin Begum, Patient Public Involvement Member

NIHR Programme Management Staff

Dr James Fenton, Assistant Director Integrated Pathways Team

Dr Kieran Lee, Senior Programme Manager

Louise Hawkyard, Programme Manager

Suzanne Coombs, Senior Programme Officer




The total number of applications received for this round was 16, and all were deemed eligible for consideration. The Selection Committee shortlisted 15 applicants, of which 14 attended the interview with one withdrawn. Six applicants were deemed by the Selection Committee to lie within the fundable range; a 38% success rate.

Application Summary

Application Window: 15 September -15 November 2022

Selection Committee Assessment: 21 November 2022 - 31 January 2023

Shortlisting Meeting: 14 February 2023

Interviews: 18-19 April 2023

Recommended for Funding: 11 May 2023

Interview and Discussions of Applications

DCAF Round 2 Selection Committee 1 Recommendations

ReferenceOutcomeProject title
NIHR303067 Funded Development of an education and training package for community healthcare professionals working with laryngectomy patients and their families
NIHR303066 Funded How does leg swelling impact people with multimorbidity at the end of life and what might support them to live and die well?
NIHR303065 Rejected Developing a Novel Educational Intervention to Support Healthcare Professionals in the Assessment and Management of People Living with Cancer-Related Pain. (D-NEHP Study)
NIHR303075 Rejected Creating accessible digital health checks: developing an accessible digital tool for the NHS Health Checks Programme with populations with low literacy.
NIHR303076 Rejected Investigating current practice of prescribing ‘rescue packs’ in COPD in primary care and empowering non-medical prescribers to prescribe them
NIHR303082 Rejected Personalised cArdiac computational Models to Predict Ablation Procedure outcomes for Atrial fibrillation patients: the PAMPAPA study
NIHR303087 Rejected Improving psychological support for the emotional impact of pelvic pain in women: A mixed methods feasibility study

Committee 1 Recommendations

ReferenceOutcomeProject title
NIHR303063 Funded Delta-radiomics data science evaluation, validation, and integration into the precision oncology pathway for bone and soft tissue sarcoma.
NIHR303069 Funded What are the self-management support needs of people in the 6 months after an episode of acute kidney injury, and what is the role of the formal and informal network in addressing these needs?
NIHR303085 Funded Evaluation of free-living physical activity and the assessment tools used to support pharmacological therapy titration and exercise prescription in children and adolescents diagnosed with inherited arrhythmias.
NIHR303074 Funded Sound Origins: co-designing a Music Therapy program to improve key aspects of continuing bonds for parents of infants with life-limited infants in the neonatal unit setting
NIHR303077 Rejected Women's health in COPD: understanding the menopause
NIHR303084 Rejected Meeting the needs of young cancer patients and their caregivers after fertility tissue preservation: A mixed methods study to inform and enhance an NHS follow-up care pathway.
NIHR303096 Rejected Predicting falls in community-dwelling older adults using different types of dual-task gait assessment: a mixed methods feasibility study.