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NHSE/NIHR Doctoral Clinical Practitioner and Academic Fellowship (DCAF) – Round 3 Public Minutes


Published: 07 February 2024

Version: Version 1 - February 2024

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Public minutes

Meeting: Selection Committee Interviews – Round 3

Date: 1-2 November 2023

Place: The DoubleTree Hotel, Leeds (hybrid via Zoom)


Selection Committee (One) Members

Professor Avril Drummond (Chair), University of Nottingham

Professor Sara Kenyon (Deputy Chair), University of Birmingham

Professor Seeromanie Harding, Kings College London

Dr Paraskevi Traintafyllopoulou, University of Kent

Dr Naim Abdulmohdi, Anglia Ruskin University

Professor Sarah Hughes, University of Birmingham

Dr Angus MacBeth, The University of Edinburgh

Catherine Cairns-Leyman, Patient and Public Involvement Member

David Chuter, Patient and Public Involvement Member

NIHR Programme Management Staff

Dr James Fenton, NIHR Assistant Director, Integrated Pathways Team

Richard Milham, NIHR Senior Programme Manager

Lydia Roberts, NIHR Programme Manager

Beth Davies, NIHR Senior Programme Officer   


Rosemarie Hutchinson, NIHR PPI Member

Tony Doubtfire, NIHR

Selection Committee (Two) Members

Professor Louise Connell (Chair), University of Central Lancashire

Professor Mary Wells (Deputy Chair), Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Professor Julie Sanders, Barts Health NHS Trust

Professor Andy Welch, University of Aberdeen

Professor Jane Murphy, Bournemouth University

Professor Amy Brown, Swansea University

Dr Frank Lai, The Northumbria University

Dr Kirstie Coxon, Kingston University

Professor Priscilla Harries, Kingston University

Georgina McMasters, Public and Patient Involvement Member

Peter Hart, Public and Patient Involvement Member


Holly Birkinshaw, NIHR

Helen Mann, NIHR

Callistus Iwuagwu, NIHR

NIHR Programme Management Staff

Dr Beth Harris, NIHR Assistant Director, Personal Awards Team

Dr Henry Mbawa Jr, NIHR Senior Programme Manager

Sylwia Adamczyk, NIHR Programme Manager

Katie Stone, NIHR Programme Manager

Bethany Williams, NIHR Senior Programme Officer

Selection Committee (Three) Members

Professor Vanora Hundley (Chair), Bournemouth University

Dr Claire Diver (Deputy Chair), The University of Nottingham

Professor Heidi Probst, Sheffield Hallam University

Professor Caroline Alexander, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Professor Fiona Cramp, University of the West England

Professor Jane West, University of Sheffield

Professor Bryony Franklin, University College London

Dr Margaret Coffey, Imperial College London

Jeremy Dearling, Public and Patient Involvement Member



NIHR Programme Management Staff

Dr Mal Palin, NIHR Senior Programme Manager

Louise Hawkyard, NIHR Senior Programme Manager

Nathan Beebe, NIHR Programme Manager

Suzanne Coombs, NIHR Senior Programme Officer


Professor Taraneh Dean

Philip Paulden


The total number of applications received for this round was 38, and all but one was deemed eligible for consideration. The Selection Committee shortlisted 28 applicants and all attended the interviews. 20 applicants were deemed by the Selection Committee to lie within the fundable range; a 53% success rate.

Application Summary

Application Window: 6 April - 8 June 2023

Selection Committee Assessment: 21 June - 15 August 2023

Shortlisting Meeting: 7 September 2023

Interviews: 1-2 November 2023

Recommended for Funding: 12 December 2023

Interview and Discussions of Applications

DCAF Round 3 Selection Committee 1 Recommendations

ReferenceOutcomeProject title
NIHR303571 Funded Exploring factors affecting the implementation of blended diets for children and young people (0-25 years) with enteral feeding tubes in health, education and social care settings in the UK: A realist approach
NIHR303588 Funded Bridging Science & Practice: Research to inform the implementation of an observational parent-infant interaction measure in Perinatal Mental Health Services
NIHR303593 Funded Development of a precision diagnostic framework and endotyping (sub-typing) for chronic and allergic fungal airway diseases with a focus on aspergillosis.
NIHR303594 Funded MILLENIA: MultIpLe Long-tErm conditions in pregnancy aNd experiences of mIdwifery cAre – a mixed methods study
NIHR303595 Funded Developing a 21st century model of nurse-led follow-up after curative ger
NIHR303570 Funded Collaborative development of an emergency care pathway for people with borderline personality disorder
NIHR303554 Rejected What are the clinical outcomes and patient experiences of adults accessing medical Same Day Emergency Care services? A multi-phase design mixed methods study
NIHR303574 Rejected The Outcomes and Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Patients Following Psychological Therapy
NIHR303589 Rejected Screening Recently Arrived Migrants for Tuberculosis, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and Hepatitis B and C in Community Settings
NIHR303591 Rejected Optimising the approaches for cancer care reviews in UK primary care- a multi-method study.

DCAF Round 3 Selection Committee 2 Recommendations

ReferenceOutcomeProject title
NIHR303546 Funded CHESTI study: Core outcome set and measures of cHest hEalth in children and young people with cerebral palSy in the communiTy settIng
NIHR303569 Funded Improving Personalisation of Cervical Cancer Radiotherapy
NIHR303573 Funded A co-design project to develop, and assess the acceptability and feasibility of, an intervention to support prevention of weight gain and/or encourage weight reduction in people with Spinal Cord Injury within Specialist Spinal Injury Centres
NIHR303577 Funded Why, for whom and under what circumstances, does a personalised dietary intervention during prehabilitation facilitate dietary intake in adults with AML receiving chemotherapy: A realist evaluation
NIHR303596 Funded Development, Acceptability and Feasibility testing of a Peer Support Intervention for Families of Intensive Care Unit patients who have been discharged home.
NIHR303583 Funded Increasing hearing aid use in infants: contextualisation, development and feasibility testing of an equitable co-designed complex intervention: The RESONATE project.
NIHR303567 Funded Improving the care of patients with acute respiratory failure on the standard hospital ward
NIHR303584 Funded NEWPROMRI-PATHWAY - A new prostate Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) pathway.
NIHR303572 Rejected Delayed gastric emptying in critical care patients receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: prevalence and nutritional consequences, optimising measurement in clinical practice, and feasibility of investigating alternative nutrition routes to improve nutritional, clinical and physical function outcomes.

DCAF Round 3 Selection Committee 3 Recommendations

ReferenceOutcomeProject title
NIHR303552 Funded A multiphase study to develop evidence-based recommendations for communicating safety netting information to patients receiving physiotherapy care for musculoskeletal conditions.
NIHR303555 Funded CLEARER: A Combined LaryngEAl and REspiratory AppRoach to Presbyphonia Voice Therapy
NIHR303580 Funded Are baseline factors associated with persistent pain in people with Femoral Acetabular Impingement Syndrome after  a physiotherapy-led rehabilitation programme?
NIHR303582 Funded Supported Inspiratory Muscle training (SIMT) for People with chronic obstructive puLmonary disease (COPD) who have dEclined  pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR): A pilot randomised controlled trial (RCT) and process evaluation.
NIHR303586 Funded Defining and measuring leg weakness in people with sciatica. A mixed methods study.
NIHR303560 Funded Improving post-discharge feeding support for parents of premature infants
NIHR303575 Rejected A Hybrid delivery of exercise for physical self-management in people with Parkinson’s Disease – a single-arm feasibility study with pre and post-test design.
NIHR303587 Rejected Adapting the ENGAGE-PD physical activity coaching intervention for individuals newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s to be delivered by physiotherapists in NHS rehabilitation settings: a feasibility cluster-randomised controlled trial utilising co-design, implementation science principles, and an embedded qualitative component to explore feasibility, acceptability and signals of efficacy.
NIHR303592 Rejected Combining Realist Reviews with Co-Design to develop an INterVention to Reduce Inappropriate POLypharmacy and OVErprescribing Amongst Ethnic Minorities (INVOLVE):  A mixed method study.