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NIHR Doctoral Fellowship Round 4 Public Minutes



Meeting: NIHR Doctoral Fellowship Selection Committee – Round 4 Interviews
Date and time: 17 – 18 November 2020
Place: Virtually via Zoom


Selection Committee One members:
  • Professor Judith Ranking (Chair), University of Newcastle
  • Professor Andrea Manca (Deputy Chair), University of York
  • Professor Andrew Hayward, University College London
  • Professor Catherine Exley, Newcastle University
  • Professor Gordon Taylor, University of Exeter
  • Professor Katherine Checkland, University of Manchester
  • Professor Marilyn James,
  • Professor Nigel Hoggard, University of Sheffield
  • Professor Steven Jones, Lancaster University
  • Ben Wills-Eve (Patient and Public Involvement)
  • Angela Ruddock (Patient and Public Involvement)
  • Jeremey Parr, Wellbeing of Women
  • Julieanne Bostock, DHSC (Day 2)
NIHR Academy Staff:
  • Karen Fernando, Assistant Director
  • Tom Pratt, Senior Programme Manager
  • Gareth O’Brien Senior Programme Manager
  • Professor Andrew Hayward, University College London (Day 1)
Selection Committee Two members:
  • Professor Gary Frost (Chair), Imperial College London
  • Professor Trudie Roberts (Deputy Chair), university of Leeds
  • Professor Charles Hutchinson, University of Warwick
  • Professor Elizabeth Meins, York University
  • Professor Ingunn Holen, University of Sheffield
  • Professor Louise Connell
  • Professor Paul Brocklehurst
  • Professor Richard Riley
  • Professor Yvonne Birks, University of York
  • Gordon Smith (Patient Public Involvement)
  • Susan Edge (Patient Public Involvement)


  • Professor Dave Jones, Dean NIHR Academy
NIHR Academy Staff:
  • James Fenton, Assistant Director
  • Rebecca Dove, Senior Programme Manager
  • Elizabeth Taylor, Programme Manager
Selection Committee Three members:
  • Professor Richard McManus (Chair), University of Oxford
  • Professor Gretl McHugh (Deputy Chair), University of Leeds
  • Dr Cynthia Iglesias, University of York
  • Professor Gerald McCann, University of Leicester
  • Professor Glyn Lewis, University College London
  • Professor Jenny Myers, University of Manchester
  • Professor, Mike Crawford, Imperial College London
  • Dr Oliver Rivero-Arias
  • Dr Phil Shackley, University of Sheffield
  • Professor Ruth Harris, Kings College London
  • Jacqui Gath (Patient Public Involvement)
  • Sue Boex (Patient Public Involvement)
  • Professor David Williams, Wellbeing of Women (Day 2)
NIHR Academy Staff:
  • Nicola Melody, Assistant Director, Personal Awards
  • David Lunn, Senior Programme Manager
  • Rosie Padley, Programme Manager
  • Professor Jenny Myers, University of Manchester (Day 1)

Discussion of applications

104 applications were received before the closing date of 13th August 2020 and 100 of these proved eligible for assessment by the NIHR selection committee.
Shortlisting took place on the 12th October 2020. The selection committee shortlisted 37 DFs for interview, applicants were interviewed between 17th and 18th of November 2020.

Application summary

 Action/ActivityDate Applications 
 Stage 1 Application window opened  1st April 2020   104
 Stage 1 Application window closed 13th August 2020
 Selection Committee Assessments  21st August 2020   100
 Shortlisting Meeting  12th October 2020
 Stage 2 Application window opened  12th October 2020   37
 Stage 2 Application window closed  30th October 2020
 Interviews  17th – 18th November 2020  37
 Recommended for funding*  17th – 18th November 2020  22

*7 applications were recommended for Recommended for funding on a conditional basis.

Interview and discussion of applications

DF Round 4 Selection Committee 1 Recommendations

Reference NoResearch TitleOutcome
NIHR301469 Investigating the effectiveness of pre-surgical ‘health optimisation’ public health interventions for obesity and smoking in elective hip and knee replacement surgery from health service and patient perspectives Recommended for funding
NIHR301535 COVID-19 survivors and kidney disease: The long term effects on kidney function, and health outcomes for people with pre-existing chronic kidney disease - a study using electronic health records Recommended for funding
NIHR301520 Measurement of the Aerosol Generating Potential of Intubation, Extubation and associated airway procedures – MAGPIE study Recommended for funding
NIHR301501 An Investigation of Ethnic Disparities in Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy Recommended for funding
NIHR301503 No need(le) to worry: Development and feasibility study of a self-help cognitive behavioural therapy resource for children with needle fear Recommended for funding
NIHR301514 Improving the United Kingdom's Newborn Screening Pathway for Detection of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip Recommended for funding
NIHR301525 EMpowering Pregnant women Affected by Trauma HistorY (EMPATHY): a critical participatory action research study Recommended for funding
NIHR301367 Musculoskeletal Outpatients Physiotherapy Delegation (MOPeD): A mixed methods study Reject
NIHR301475 Utilising routine healthcare data and artificial intelligence to support personalised neonatal care and efficient clinical trial design for bronchopulmonary dysplasia: Development of the PRemature Infant Outcome Risk (PRIOR) clinical prediction tool Reject
NIHR301500 The Value and Meaning of Follow-Up Routine Surviellance Imaging after Treatment for Paediatric Brain Tumours: A Mixed-Methods Study. Reject
NIHR301509 Personalisation of asthma diagnosis through optimisation of timing for tests Reject
NIHR301458 Preventative Opportunistic Interventions in the Emergency Department (POIntED): intervention development and feasibility study Reject

DF Round 4 Selection Committee 2 Recommendations

Reference NoResearch TitleOutcome 
 NIHR301474  Improving outcomes for patients having shoulder replacements: guiding patient selection, evaluating cost-effectiveness and informing NHS provision. Recommended for funding
 NIHR301467  A mixed methods validation of technology enhanced macula services Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301510  The analysis of overall survival in a changing clinical world; the methodological implications of relapsing cancers in randomised controlled trials. Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301454  Improving safety for surgical patients through better diagnosis of drug allergies Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301522 Personalised predictions of outcomes in adolescence and adulthood for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Systematic review and IPD meta-analysis, evaluation of methodology, and external validation study. Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301536 Core set of Outcome Measures for FOot and ankle disorders in RheumaTic and musculoskeletal diseases (COMFORT) Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301502 Four-dimensional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (4D-MRI) to guide radiotherapy for stage II-III non-small cell lung cancer: an assessment of its precision and accuracy. Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301494 The effects of hyperoncotic albumin solution in patients with septic shock: a systematic review and randomised feasibility study. Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301505 Understanding the relationship between NHS social prescribing and community networks in different socioeconomic areas in England Reject 
 NIHR301464 Development of an intervention to reduce compassion fatigue in adolescent mental health ward staff. Reject 
 NIHR301488 RECODE-PTSD: Reconsolidation to treat symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) - preparatory pilot work and protocol refinement followed by phase 2 randomised controlled trial (RCT) of a competing task intervention. Reject 
 NIHR301523 Acute illness in care homes: exploring optimal approaches to identification and management. Reject 
 NIHR301529 Improving assessment of executive functions Reject 

DF Round 4 Selection Committee 3 Recommendations

Reference NoResearch TitleOutcome
NIHR301483 Reducing violence by forensic inpatients with psychosis: First stages of the development of a virtual reality treatment based on cognitive inhibitory learning theory Recommended for funding
NIHR301448 Artificial Intelligence to Improve Antenatal Detection of Congenital Heart Disease Recommended for funding
NIHR301457 Childhood outcomes after perinatal brain injury Recommended for funding
NIHR301549 Principles and practices of paediatric palliative care in the antenatal setting: a prospective study of parental experience to inform clinical practice Recommended for funding
NIHR301347 Understanding care-leavers’ sexual and reproductive health: developing a framework for programmatic intervention and system change that supports their transition to independence Recommended for funding
NIHR301546 Development and validation of prediction models for secukinumab therapy in psoriasis: a machine learning approach enabling personalised medicine Recommended for funding
NIHR301489 IMproving Prophylactic Antibiotic use for Recurrent urinary Tract infection (IMPART): mixed-methods study to address evidence gaps and develop a decision aid. Recommended for funding
NIHR301528 Predicting onset of anxiety and depression in people diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis Reject
NIHR301461 Early pregnancy loss and perinatal bereavement: A lifecourse health approach to the psychological experience of miscarriage, ectopic, stillbirth, and neonatal death. Reject
NIHR301524 Investigation of Sex-Related Discrepancies in Peri-operative Mortality and Morbidity following Elective Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair: Are Sex-specific Pathways Needed to Provide Equality in Delivery of Care? Reject
NIHR301478 Intimate Partner Violence and Miscarriage: What is the association between intimate partner violence and miscarriage, the current UK provision of care, and healthcare professionals’ experiences with these patients? Reject
NIHR301542 The impact of illness perceptions on patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA). Reject