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NIHR Doctoral Fellowship Round 5 Public Minutes


Published: 06 October 2021

Version: 1.0 (Oct 21)

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Meeting: NIHR Doctoral Fellowship Selection Committee – Round 5 Interviews
Date and time: 8 – 9 June 2021
Place: Virtually via Zoom


Selection Committee One members:

  • Professor Judith Ranking (Chair), University of Newcastle
  • Professor Gordon Taylor (Deputy Chair), University of Exeter
  • Professor Andrew Hayward, University College London
  • Professor Catherine Exley, Newcastle University
  • Professor Jayne Woodside, Queen's University, Belfast
  • Professor Katherine Checkland, University of Manchester
  • Professor Marilyn James, University of Nottingham
  • Professor Neil Sebire, UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health
  • Professor Nigel Hoggard, University of Sheffield (Day 1)
  • Professor Steven Jones, Lancaster University
  • Ben Willis-Eve (Patient and Public Involvement Representative)
  • Yesmin Begum (Patient and Public Involvement Representative)


  • Dianna Moylan, Patient and Public Involvement Representative (Day 1)
  • Wendy Wood, RDS SE (Day 1)
  • Shaon Caunt, RDS YH (Day 2)
  • Julieanne Bostock, DHSC (Day 2)

NIHR Staff:

  • Pete Thompson, Director for Personal Awards
  • Tom Pratt, Senior Programme Manager
  • Gareth O’Brien, Senior Programme Manager

Selection Committee Two members:

  • Professor Gary Frost (Chair), Imperial College London
  • Professor Andrea Manca (Deputy Chair), University of York
  • Professor Charles Hutchinson, University of Warwick
  • Professor Gary Collins, University of Oxford
  • Professor Ingunn Holen, University of Sheffield
  • Professor Louise Connell, University of Central Lancashire
  • Dr Pearse Keane, University College London
  • Professor Paul Brocklehurt, Bangor University
  • Professor Richard Riley, Keele University
  • Professor Robert Meadows, University of Surrey
  • Professor Steven Cummins (Day 2), London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Professor Trudie Roberts (Day 2), University of Leeds
  • Professor Waljit Dhillo (Day 2), Imperial College London
  • Professor Yvonne Birks, University of York
  • Angela Ruddock (Patient and Public Involvement Representative)
  • Sylvia Bailey (Patient and Public Involvement Representative)


  • Professor Dave Jones, Dean NIHR Academy
  • Sue Prior, Patient and Public Involvement Representative
  • Mark Goodall, RDS NW (Day 1)
  • Martin Eden, RDS NW (Day 2)
  • Elizabeth Robertson, Diabetes UK (Day 2)
  • Kamini Shah, Diabetes UK (Day 2)

NIHR Staff:

  • James Fenton, Assistant Director
  • Rebecca Dove, Senior Programme Manager
  • Elizabeth Taylor, Programme Manager

Selection Committee Three members:

  • Professor Richard McManus (Chair), University of Oxford
  • Professor Gretl McHugh (Deputy Chair), University of Leeds
  • Professor Andy Husband, Newcastle University
  • Professor Ashley Adamson, Newcastle University
  • Dr Cynthia Iglesias, University of York
  • Professor Glyn Lewis, University College London
  • Professor Jenny Myers, University of Manchester
  • Dr Michael Sweeting, University of Leicester
  • Dr Phil Shackley, University of Sheffield
  • Dr Victoria Cornelius, Imperial College London
  • Susan Edge (Patient and Public Involvement Representative)
  • Philip Paulden (Patient and Public Involvement Representative)


  • Amy Whitehead RDS (Day 1)
  • Sorcha Finnegan, Health and Social Care Research and Development, Northern Ireland (Day 1)
  • Lucy Musson, RDS YH (Day 2)
  • Clair Phillips, Patient and Public Involvement Representative

NIHR Staff:

  • Nicola Melody, Assistant Director, Personal Awards
  • Rosie Padley, Senior Programme Manager
  • Ugochi Nwulu, Senior Programme Manager

Discussion of applications

112 applications were received before the closing date of 21 January 2021 and 100 of these proved eligible for assessment by the NIHR selection committee.

Shortlisting took place on 27 April 2021. The selection committee shortlisted 47 DFs for interview, one applicant withdrew so that left 46 applicants to interview, applicants were interviewed between 8-9 June 2021.

Application summary

Application window  22 October 2020 - 21 January 2021 112
Selection Committee Assessments & Shortlisting Meeting 26 February 2021 & 27 April 2021 100
Interviews 8–9 June 2021 46 (1 withdrew)
Recommended for funding 17 June 2021 22

10 applications were recommended for Recommended for funding on a conditional basis.

Interview and discussion of applications

DF Round 5 Selection Committee 1 Recommendations

Reference NoResearch TitleOutcome
 NIHR301793 Understanding and Preventing Surgical Site Infection following Surgery for Hand Trauma Recommended for funding
 NIHR301740 Silver diamine fluoride for the management of dental caries in children in primary dental care – a feasibility study Recommended for funding
 NIHR301835 Improving the United Kingdom's Newborn Screening Pathway for Detection of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip  Recommended for funding
 NIHR301784  Integrating public health with high street revitalisation: A mixed methods analysis of local initiatives addressing the food environment Recommended for funding
 NIHR301674  Pain Phenotypes and their Underlying Mechanisms in Inflammatory Arthritis (PUMIA) Recommended for funding
 NIHR301759 Individualised progressive exercise versus supported self-management for people after acute patellar dislocation: a multicentre feasibility randomised controlled trial with an embedded qualitative study Recommended for funding
 NIHR301756 Personalising Outcomes for Patients Recommended for funding
 NIHR301798 Personalising the treatment of brain tumours through advanced graphical modelling Reject
 NIHR301833 Understanding and Improving Medication Adherence in people living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): Co-designing and testing the Feasibility of a Behavioural Intervention to promote adherence to IBD medications Reject
NIHR301754 Identifying and understanding nutrition-related unmet need in pancreatic cancer  Reject
NIHR301797 Preventing Infections in Immune Mediated Inflammatory Diseases Reject
NIHR301742 Pre-conception health and contraception among migrant women in the UK: a mixed methods study Reject
NIHR301796 Explainable machine learning models for clinical decision support in liver and kidney transplant offering Reject
NIHR301809 Maximising the rapid reduction of the UK non-communicable disease burden and risk factors through dietary interventions: a participatory policy modelling study Reject

DF Round 5 Selection Committee 2 Recommendations

Reference NoResearch TitleOutcome
 NIHR301818 Four-dimensional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (4D-MRI) to guide radiotherapy for stage II-III non-small cell lung cancer: an assessment of its precision and accuracy Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301810 Improving the evaluation of mental health digital health interventions in randomised controlled trials by understanding and incorporating user engagement Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301790 What are the contributors to depression, and barriers and enablers to accessing support and treatment to manage depression, among older people with HIV in England? Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301738  Social, Economic and Ethnic Disparities in the Diagnosis of Developmental Disorders among Children Born Before Full Term Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301772  Crisis care for people with a diagnosis of ‘personality disorder’: a mixed methods study of outcomes and experiences Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301741  A randomised feasibility study evaluating the effect of perioperative intravenous lidocaine on colorectal cancer outcome after surgery Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301807  Evaluating Shockwave therapy Of Lower Extremity diabetic Foot ULcers (SOLEFUL) Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301813  Kinematic Alignment in Total Knee Replacement Reject 
 NIHR301816 Non-recovery of kidney function after AKI: identifying high risk groups and assessment with multiparametric renal MRI Reject 
NIHR301773 Novel imaging techniques for the evaluation of renal tumours Reject
NIHR301841 Apolipoprotein L1 and kidney disease in people of African ancestry in the UK Reject
NIHR301825 Polypharmacy in Primary care: Integrating Patient Perspectives and Risk Stratification with Informatics Reject
NIHR301757 Psychological Support for Children with Emerging Symptoms of Psychosis: The Feasibility and Acceptability of a Novel Child-focused and Parent Intervention Reject
NIHR301830 Evaluating an intervention for a neglected skin condition: laser for vulval lichen sclerosus Reject
NIHR301753 Determining patient-individualised placebo-controlled angina thresholds for invasive haemodynamic assessment Reject
NIHR301779 Deep Phenotyping To Predict Outcome And Treatment Response In Ischaemic Cardiomyopathy Reject

DF Round 5 Selection Committee 3 Recommendations

Reference NoResearch TitleOutcome
 NIHR301748 Determining the Clinical Utility of Pre-emptive Pharmacogenetic Testing and Defining Optimal Models for Implementation Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301771 Surgery Or REstraint for the unexplained painful knee replacement (the SORE KNEE Study): Patient, Clinical and Cost Effectiveness Considerations Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301824 The HoPE Study: Characterising Housebound people and their unmet Primary healthcare needs: a mixed methods study in the south west of England Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301767 Investigation of Sex-Specific Discrepancies in Peri-operative Mortality and Morbidity following Elective Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair: Are Sex-specific Pathways Needed to Provide Equality in Delivery of Care? Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301787 What knowledge would support improving the management of teenagers with dysmenorrhoea in primary care? Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301792 Implementing high quality patient-reporting outcome measurement to improve NHS gender identity clinics Recommended for funding 
 NIHR301761 PREM-PIC - Potential Risk of childrEn born preMature requiring Paediatric Intensive Care: Examining risks of critical illness, and trends in paediatric intensive care utilisation for children born premature Recommended for funding
 NIHR301808 Identifying and treating cognitive impairment in fibromyalgia and chronic widespread pain: an epidemiological study and a feasibility study Recommended for funding
 NIHR301842 Online activity and self-harm in adolescent mental health patients Reject 
NIHR301789 Neurodevelopmental outcomes following early term induction of labour for suspected macrosomia compared to expectant management Reject
NIHR301770 How is collaborative care achieved between clinical pharmacists and patients when prescribing opioid medicines for chronic non-cancer pain in primary care Reject
NIHR301788 Towards implementation of pharmacogenomics (PGx) in UK primary care settings: a qualitative investigation to explore its potential in everyday clinical practice Reject
NIHR301750 Persistence Of Pain Phenotypes in Intensive Care Unit Survivors (POPPICUS) study Reject
NIHR301769 Exploring the impact of maternal dietary exclusion on mothers and their infants Reject
NIHR301751 Developing a method of kisspeptin measurement to improve the diagnosis of miscarriage Reject
NIHR301791 A Toolkit for Personalised Neonatal Nutrition: using clinical, nutritional and genomic data to optimise the growth and body composition of very preterm infants Reject