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NIHR In-Practice Fellowship (IPF) Round 13 Selection Committee Outcome


Published: 13 February 2020

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NIHR In-Practice Fellowship (IPF) Round 13 Selection Committee Outcome

Meeting: NIHR In-Practice Fellowship Selection Committee Teleconference

Date and time: 24th May 2019, 8:00 - 13:00

NIHR IPF Review Panel

Panel members in attendance

  • Professor Joanne Reeve, Chair, University of Hull
  • Dr Vishal Aggarwal, University of Leeds
  • Professor Jonathan Mant, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Caroline Mitchell, University of Sheffield
  • Professor Dan Lasserson, University of Birmingham
  • Professor Iain Pretty, University of Manchester
  • Dr Richard Holmes, Newcastle University
  • Professor Suzanne Richards, University of Leeds
  • Professor Barbara Hanratty, Newcastle University


  • Professor Joanne Protheroe, Keele University

NIHR Staff

  • Dr James Fenton, Assistant Director, NIHR Academy
  • Rita Hilton, Senior Programme Manager, NIHR Academy
  • Richard Milham, Programme Manager, NIHR Academy


Informed by supporting academic references, all the applications were discussed and assessed by the NIHR IPF Selection Committee and then recommended for funding or rejected.

NIHR Academy In-Practice Fellowship (IPF) Round 13 Selection Committee Outcome


Application Reference Number

  • NIHR300274
  • NIHR300280
  • NIHR300283
  • NIHR300284
  • NIHR300286
  • NIHR300290
  • NIHR300291
  • NIHR300293
  • NIHR300301
  • NIHR300303


Application Reference Number

  • NIHR300275
  • NIHR300276
  • NIHR300281
  • NIHR300285
  • NIHR300287
  • NIHR300288
  • NIHR300289
  • NIHR300292
  • NIHR300294
  • NIHR300295
  • NIHR300296
  • NIHR300297
  • NIHR300298
  • NIHR300300
  • NIHR300302


Application Reference Number

  • NIHR300278
  • NIHR300279
  • NIHR300299