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NIHR Reviewers List 2022


Published: 24 April 2023

Version: 1.0

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Our community of reviewers play a vital part in maintaining and improving the quality of NIHR projects and outputs. They are sought from a variety of fields, including from those who work in and use health and social care services.

To demonstrate our gratitude to our reviewers and acknowledge the important work they do for our funding programmes, the names of the past year’s reviewers are listed below, along with the funding programmes they have reviewed for.

Key to acronyms

Artificial Intelligence Health and Care Award (AI)
Artificial Intelligence for Multiple Long-Term Conditions (AIM)
Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation (EME)
Evidence Synthesis programme (ESP)
Global Effort on COVID-19 (GECO) Health Research (GECO)
Global Health Policy and Systems Research (GHPSR)
Global Health Research Units and Groups (GHRUG)
Health and Social Care Delivery Research (HSDR)
Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
Invention for Innovation (I4I)
Infrastructure Research Scheme Programmes (IRS)
Journals Library (Editorial)
Long Covid (LC)
Medical Research Council (MRC)
NHS England (NHSE)
Policy Research Programme (PRP)
Pre-Programme Review (Pre-Programme)
Programme Development Grants (PDG)
Programme Grants for Applied Research (PG or PGfAR)
Public Health Research (PHR)
Research and Innovation for Global Health Transformation (RIGHT)
Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB)
Research for Social Care (RfSC)
Technology Assessment Reviews (TAR)


Dr Jos Aarts : IRS;
Mr Alexander Aarvold : HTA;
Dr Amy Abbott : IRS;
Dr Eiman Abdelgadir : RfPB;
Professor Malak Abedalthagafi : IRS;
Associate Professor Gary Abel : PHR;
Mrs Aruna Abhyankar : HTA;
Dr Clare Abley : RfPB;
Dr Simon Abrams : AI;
Dr Michael Absoud : RfPB;
Dr Felix Achana : HTA; PHR;
Mr Donald Adam : HTA;
Dr Michelle Addison : PRP;
Dr Morenike Adebusuyi : HTA;
Professor Jennifer Adgey : HTA;
Dr Shaumik Adhya : I4I;
Mr Matthew Adlem : HSDR;
Professor Amanda Adler : HTA;
Dr Emily Adrion : PRP;
Dr Rachel Agbeko : HTA;
Dr Vishal Aggarwal : RfPB;
Dr Roxane Agnew-Davies : RfPB;
Mr Orlando Agrippa : AI;
Dr Ashley Agus : HTA;
Professor Hasib Ahmed : HTA;
Mr Irfan Ahmed : RfPB;
Mr Philip Ahrens : HTA;
Mr Sashin Ahuja : EME;
Professor John Ainsworth : I4I;
Professor Guruprasad Aithal : EME;
Dr Kwadwo Akuffo : HSDR;
Dr Ralph Akyea : RfPB;
Mr Khamis Al-alawy : PHR;
Mr Farook Al-Azzawi : EME;
Professor Mahmood Al-khassaweneh : I4I;
Professor Narendra Aladangady : RfPB;
Dr Mohammed Alam : TAR;
Professor Sondos Albadri : HSDR;
Ms Francesca Albanese : PHR;
Miss Joanna Aldoori : PG;
Dr David Aldulaimi : EME;
Dr Lyndsay Alexander : Editorial;
Professor KAMRAN ALI : I4I;
Ms Clare Allabyrne : RfPB;
Ms Alison Allam : HSDR; RfPB;
Mrs Alex Allen : PHR;
Dr Fran Allen : RfPB;
Professor Victoria Allgar : Editorial; EME;
Dr Janice Allister : Editorial;
Mrs Christine Allmark : I4I;
Mr Phil Alsop : RfPB;
Mr Joseph Alsousou : EME;
Associate Professor Saad Amer : EME;
Dr Christos Anagnostopoulos : I4I;
Dr Sankar Ananth : I4I;
Dr Nantheera Anantrasirichai : RfPB;
Mr Robert Anderson : Editorial; EME; HSDR; HTA; TAR;
Ms Kate Anderson : PHR;
Professor Rob Anderson : Editorial; HSDR;
Dr Anna Anderson : RfPB;
Dr Mark Anderson : HSDR;
Professor Isobel Anderson : PHR;
Professor Roger Anderson : RfPB;
Mr Antonio Andrade : I4I;
Professor Robert Andrews : PRP;
Mr Tim Anfilogoff : PHR;
Professor Quentin Anstee : HTA;
Dr Tim Anstiss : RfPB;
Dr Samira Anwar Bhatti : RfPB;
Dr Patricia Apenteng : RfPB;
Associate Professor Andy Appelboam : EME; HTA;
Dr Lisa Arai : PHR;
Professor Ramesh Arasaradnam : HTA;
Dr Anne Arber : HSDR;
Dr Peter Arkwright : TAR;
Dr Alison Armstrong : HTA;
Dr Stephanie Armstrong : HSDR;
Dr Amit Arora : AI;
Mr Francisco Arrojo : HSDR;
Dr Jonathan Arthur : RfPB;
Ms Catherine Arundel : RfPB;
Dr Mahnaz Arvaneh : I4I;
Professor Richard Ashcroft : Editorial; HSDR;
Professor Mary Eyram Ashinyo : IRS;
Mrs Claire Ashmore : HSDR;
Ms Helen Ashton : AI; HSDR; PHR; PRP; RfPB;
Mr Jack Ashton : RfPB;
Mr Julian Ashton : PG; PHR;
Dr Emma Ashworth : RfPB;
Dr Mark Ashworth : IRS;
Dr Koula Asimakopoulou : RfPB;
Dr Helen Atherton : PRP;
Dr Andrew Atkin : PHR;
Mrs Giselle Atkinson : HTA;
Mr Michael Atkinson : PG;
Mr Peter Auguste : HTA;
Dr Áine Aventin : HTA;
Professor Anthony Avery : HTA; I4I;
Dr Ben Aveyard : HSDR;
Dr Ben Aveyard : PHR;
Professor Paul Aveyard : PHR;
Professor David Avigan : IRS;
Dr Eldad Avital : AI;


Dr Saeideh Babashahi : RfPB;
Professor Max Bachmann : Editorial; HTA;
Dr Tamara Backhouse : RfPB;
Dr Eileen Baildam : HTA;
Mr Richard Bailey : HTA;
Mrs Carole Bailey : HSDR;
Mr David Bailey : HTA;
Dr Julia Bailey : HSDR;
Professor Stephen Bain : RfPB; EME;
Professor Darrin Baines : HTA;
Dr Petra Baji : RfPB;
Dr Kenneth Baker : HTA; PG; RfPB;
Professor Rose Baker : EME; HTA;
Miss Isabel Baker : EME; HSDR;
Dr Katherine Baker : Editorial; HSDR;
Dr Nawar Bakerly : HTA;
Dr Ameet Bakhai : PG;
Professor David Baldwin : HTA;
Dr Jonathan Ball : HTA;
Dr Harriet Ball : HTA;
Dr Anita Banerjee : I4I;
Dr Amitava Banerjee : Editorial;
Dr David Bann : PHR;
Miss Tanisha Banton : AI;
Dr Ana Barbosa : RfPB;
Dr Massimo Barcellona : HTA;
Professor Stephen Barclay : HSDR;
Dr Naomi Bardach : IRS;
Dr Beth Bareham : PRP;
Professor Michael Barer : Editorial;
Dr Emma Barkus : PG;
Professor Elizabeth Barley : Editorial;
Professor Jane Barlow : RfPB;
Dr Gavin Barlow : HTA;
Mr Colin Barnes : HSDR;
Dr Michael Barnes : EME;
Professor Jacqueline Barnes : PRP;
Dr Rebecca Barnes : HSDR;
Dr Sue Baron : HTA;
Dr Susannah Baron : HTA;
Professor Ben Barr : PHR;
Ms Annabel Barrett : HTA;
Dr Barbara Barrett : HSDR;
Ms Katherine Barrett : I4I;
Dr Nicholas Barrett : Editorial;
Ms Hannah Bartram : PHR;
Dr Kolitha Basnayake : RfPB;
Professor Hannah Batchelor : I4I;
Dr Paul Batchelor : RfPB;
Mr Tony Bateman : HTA;
Mrs Sheena Bateman : EME;
Mr Alexander Bates : HTA; TAR;
Dr Cheryl Battersby : PRP;
Dr Sarah Bauermeister : I4I;
Dr Kate Baxter : PRP;
Professor Antony Bayer : HTA;
Professor Richard Bayford : I4I;
Ms Michelle Beacock : HTA;
Dr Abi Beane : RfPB;
Mrs Marguerite Beard-Gould : AI; RfPB;
Dr Kathryn Beardsall : HTA;
Dr Charles Beck : PG;
Dr Radwa Bedair : EME;
Dr Alun Bedding : EME;
Mrs Joan Bedlington : HTA;
Professor Penny Bee : Editorial; HSDR;
Dr Suzanne Beeke : HSDR;
Professor Philip Begg : HSDR;
Mrs Samina Begum : IRS;
Dr Lucy Beishon : HTA; RfPB;
Dr Judith Bek : RfPB;
Dr Geoff Bellingan : HTA;
Dr Maria Irene Bellini : I4I;
Dr Susan Mary Benbow : RfPB;
Dr Yael Benn : AI;
Ms Carole Bennett : I4I;
Miss Ruth Benson : RfPB;
Dr Andrew Bentley : HTA; Pre Programme;
Dr Barry Bentley : EME;
Professor Bryony Beresford : HSDR;
Ms Lindy Berkman : HTA; RfPB;
Dr David Bernlohr : IRS;
Dr Clio Berry : PG;
Dr Luc Berthouze : I4I;
Dr Kate Best : Editorial;
Dr Debbie Bethlehem : HTA;
Professor Anthony Bewley : HTA;
Dr Rasiah Bharathan : RfPB;
Dr Rahul Bhattacharya : HSDR;
Dr Sharmi Bhattacharyya : HTA;
Dr Nawaraj Bhattarai : Editorial; HSDR;
Ms Ruby Bhatti : HTA; PHR;
Dr nasir bhatti : I4I;
Professor Dr Kish Bhatti-Sinclair : HSDR;
Dr Sunil Bhopal : HSDR;
Dr Angshu Bhowmik : HTA;
Dr Sunil Kishore Bhudia : RfPB;
Professor Kamaldeep Bhui : HTA;
Dr Gita Bhutani : HTA;
Dr Graham Bickler : HSDR;
Mr Colin Bicknell : HTA;
Dr Laura Biggart : I4I;
Dr Simon Bignall : PG;
Mrs Jacqueline Birks : EME; HTA; TAR;
Dr Kelly Birtwell : PG;
Dr Simon Bishop : HSDR;
Dr Ajanta Biswas : HTA; IRS;
Ms Sarah Bittlestone : AI;
Dr Georgia Black : HSDR;
Professor Régis Blais : IRS;
Dr Tim Blake : PG;
Ms Louise Blakley : HSDR;
Professor Judith Bliss : HTA;
Professor Ashley Blom : HTA;
Dr Stuart Bloom : EME; I4I;
Professor Adrian Bloor : EME; HTA;
Mrs Wendy Blunden : I4I; RfPB;
Professor Ruth Boaden : Editorial;
Dr Michele Board : RfPB;
Professor James Boardman : HTA;
Dr Keith Bodger : RfPB;
Professor Daniel Boduszek : PRP;
Dr Jan Boehnke : HTA;
Miss Stana Bojanic : EME;
Ms Helen Bold : HTA;
Miss Angeliki Bolou : RfPB;
Professor Johannes Boltze : AI;
Dr Carol Bond : PHR;
Dr Timothy Bonnici : I4I; RfPB;
Dr Ann Borzecki : IRS;
Dr Vanessa Botan : HSDR;
Professor Nicola Botting : RfPB;
Ms Camille Bou : RfPB;
Dr Laura Boubert : RfPB;
Mrs Heather Boult : HTA; I4I; PRP;
Dr Stephen Bourke : HTA; Pre Programme;
Dr Christopher Bower : HTA;
Professor Peter Bower : HSDR;
Professor Lucy Bowes : RfPB;
Professor Matthew Bown : HSDR;
Dr Frederic Boy : I4I;
Dr Kathleen Boyd : HTA;
Dr Carol Boyd-Quinn : HSDR;
Dr Dwayne Boyers : HTA;
Mr Mike Bradburn : EME; HTA;
Professor Judy Bradley : HTA;
Dr Stephen Bradley : HTA;
Ms Lucy Bradshaw : HTA;
Dr Brigitta Brandner : EME;
Mr Simon Brassel : HTA;
Professor Lucy Bray : PHR;
Professor Carol Brayne : I4I; RfPB;
Dr Christian Brettschneider : Editorial;
Dr Joe Brierley : RfPB;
Dr Dennis Briley : EME; HTA;
Mr Simon Briscoe : Editorial;
Miss Andrea Broadway-Parkinson : I4I;
Professor Martin Brodie : PG;
Professor Karim Brohi : EME; HTA;
Dr Gary Brook : Editorial;
Mrs Cassandra Brookes : HTA;
Mr Edmund Brooks : EME; HSDR; HTA; I4I; PRP; RfPB;
Mr Marcus Brooks : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Johanne Brooks-Warburton : RfPB;
Professor Iain Broom : EME;
Dr Emma Broome : RfPB;
Dr Helen Brough : HTA;
Dr Amy Brown : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Adrian Brown : PRP;
Professor Janet Brown : HTA;
Professor Jamie Brown : PHR;
Dr Jacqueline Brown : HTA;
Professor Heather Brown : HTA;
Professor Gina Brown : EME;
Dr Richard Brown : HTA;
Dr Lorelle Brownlee : AI;
Professor Robert Brownstone : I4I;
Dr John Brush : HTA;
Professor Iain Buchan : HSDR;
Professor Bruce Buckingham : EME;
Mrs Lucy Buckle : HTA; PHR;
Dr Kelly Buckley : HSDR;
Professor Tracey Bucknall : IRS;
Professor Julia Buckroyd : PRP;
Dr Arjan Buis : HTA;
Dr Marwan Bukhari : HSDR;
Dr Catey Bunce : HTA;
Professor Nigel Bundred : EME; HTA;
Dr Diane Bunn : HSDR;
Dr Lisa Bunn : HTA;
Dr Patrick Burch : HSDR;
Dr Christy Burden : RfPB;
Dr Esther Burden-Teh : RfPB;
Dr Alison Burdett : I4I;
Associate Professor Dermot Burke : HTA;
Ms Ann Burnett : PHR;
Dr Diane Burns : HSDR;
Ms Elaine Burns : EME;
Dr Girvan Burnside : HTA;
Dr Claire Burton : HTA;
Professor Christopher Burton : HTA;
Dr Jennifer Kirsty Burton : RfPB;
Professor Claire Butler : Editorial; HSDR;
Ms Christine Butler : HSDR;
Professor Gary Butler : HSDR;
Dr Anna Buylova Gola : HTA;
Professor Richard Byng : Editorial;
Professor Dara Byrne : IRS;
Mr James Byrne : HTA;
Professor Tracey Bywater : PHR;


Professor Woody Caan : PHR;
Dr Zameel Cader : RfPB;
Mr Mark Cadman : HTA;
Ms Louise Cafferky : PG;
Dr Sharon Cahill : HSDR;
Mrs Gertrude Cain : PHR;
Dr David Cairns : EME;
Dr Melinda Cairns : HTA;
Ms Martine Caitlan : EME; HTA;
Professor Alison Calear : IRS;
Mr Chris Callaghan : RfPB;
Professor Mark Callaway : HTA;
Dr Elizabeth Camacho : HTA;
Ms Jenny Camaradou : EME;
Dr Brian Cameron : RfPB; HTA;
Professor David Cameron : EME;
Dr Anne Campbell : HTA;
Miss Juliet Campbell : HTA;
Professor John Campbell : Editorial;
Dr Ian Campbell : EME;
Mrs Sadie Campbell : HSDR;
Dr Dexter Canoy : Editorial;
Dr Estela Capelas Barbosa : HSDR; TAR;
Professor Fiona Carmichael : PHR;
Professor Mick carpenter : PRP;
Dr Eloise Carr : HSDR;
Dr Siobhán Carr : HTA;
Dr Susan Carr : HSDR;
Professor Jerome Carson : EME; HSDR;
Dr Jason Carson : RfPB;
Dr Ben Carter : HTA;
Professor Anto Cartolovni : IRS;
Professor Barbara Casadei : PG;
Dr Fiona Castell : HTA;
Professor David Castle : PG;
Miss Beth Caswell : EME; HSDR; PHR;
Ms Gillian Cavell : HTA;
Dr Matteo Cella : PG;
Ms Katie Chadd : EME;
Dr Kirsty Challen : HSDR; HTA;
Professor David Challis : HSDR; RfPB;
Mrs Ruth Chambers : PHR;
Dr David Chambers : HTA;
Mrs Janet Champion : IRS;
Mr David Chandler : HTA; RfPB;
Mr Michael Chang : PHR;
Dr Susan Channon : PRP;
Professor Eddie Chaplin : PG;
Mr Stephen Chapman : AI; HTA;
Dr John Chapman : HTA;
Professor Christopher Chapple : HTA;
Mr Charalambos Charalambous : HTA;
Dr David Charnock : RfPB;
Dr Sangeeta Chattoo : RfPB;
Professor Imran Chaudhry : RfPB;
Mr Chatenya Chauhan : EME;
Professor Thierry Chaussalet : I4I;
Dr Ken Checinski : RfPB;
Dr Henglien Lisa Chen : HSDR;
Dr Helen Chen : I4I;
Professor Ruoling Chen : HTA;
Dr Xin Chen : RfPB;
Mrs Margaret Cheng : EME; PG;
Dr Vinton Cheng : HTA;
Dr V-Lin Cheong : RfPB;
Professor Ivor Chestnutt : PHR;
Professor Emile Rugamika CHIMUSA : IRS;
Dr Louise China : HTA;
Dr Mahindra Chincholkar : HTA;
Professor Patrick Chinnery : EME;
Dr Sarang Chitale : HTA;
Dr Christopher Chiu : PRP;
Dr Huey Yi Chong : EME; HTA;
Dr Swati Chopra : RfPB;
Dr Maria Chorozoglou : Editorial; HSDR;
Dr Avishek Choudhury : IRS;
Dr Leonidas Chouliaras : HTA;
Dr Pratima Chowdary : HTA;
Professor Ernest Choy : HTA;
Dr Pat Chung : RfPB;
Dr Jeannie Cimiotti : IRS;
Professor Pamela Cipriano : IRS;
Dr Isabel Clare : PG;
Professor Allan Clark : EME; HTA;
Dr Andrew Clark : I4I;
Professor Michael Clark : I4I;
Dr Alexis Clarke : HTA;
Dr David Clarke : RfPB;
Ms Katherine Clarke : RfPB;
Dr Paul Clarkson : HTA;
Mr Louis Clearkin : AI;
Professor John Cleland : HTA;
Dr Clair Clifford : EME;
Ms Kate Clift : HTA;
Mr Ian Clifton : HTA;
Dr Lizzie Coates : HTA;
Professor Vivien Coates : HSDR;
Professor Timothy Coats : I4I;
Mr Martin Cobley : HSDR;
Dr Margaret Coffey : HTA; Pre Programme;
Professor Richard Cohen : I4I;
Dr Anthony Cohn : HTA;
Dr James Cole : I4I;
Ms Joanne Cole : RfPB;
Miss Debbie Collett : HTA;
Dr David Collier : RfPB;
Dr Kathryn Collins : Editorial;
Dr Jean Collins : HSDR;
Professor Philip Conaghan : RfPB;
Professor Louise Condon : RfPB;
Dr Anne Connolly : HTA;
Dr Elizabeth Conroy : HTA; RfPB;
Mr Michael Cook : HTA;
Professor Penny Cook : PHR;
Dr Mary Cooke : Editorial; HTA;
Dr Rachel Cooney : HTA;
Dr Keith Cooper : HTA;
Ms Libby Cooper : EME;
Professor Timothy Cootes : I4I;
Professor Andrew Copas : PHR;
Mrs Fiona Copeland : HTA; Pre Programme;
Professor Maria Cordeiro : AI;
Professor Reinie Cordier : RfPB;
Dr Alasdair Corfield : RfPB;
Dr Adriana Cornea-Madeira : PRP;
Dr Laura Cornelsen : PHR;
Professor Michele Cote : IRS;
Dr Sarah Cotterill : RfPB;
Professor Simon Coulton : PHR;
Dr Keith Couper : I4I;
Professor Richard Coward : EME;
Dr Aynsley Cowie : RfPB;
Ms Hilary Cowie : PHR;
Miss Sarah Cowperthwaite : I4I;
Ms Rebecca Coyle : HTA;
Professor David Crabb : RfPB;
Dr Jason Crabtree : RfPB;
Dr Michael Craven : EME;
Professor Mike Crawford : HSDR;
Ms Nicki Credland : IRS;
Dr Antonia Cronin : RfPB;
Professor Camille Cronin : PRP;
Mr Stephen Croucher : HSDR;
Ms Lynn Crowdy : HTA;
Dr Sarah Crozier : HTA;
Ms Virginia Cucchi : HTA;
Professor Chris Cullen : PG;
Mr Ian Cummins : RfPB;
Professor Steve Cunningham : HTA; RfPB;
Mr Ian Currie : RfPB;
Dr Martin Curtice : HTA;
Dr Daniel Cury Ribeiro : Editorial;
Professor Adnan Custovic : RfPB;


Dr Rebecca D'Cruz : EME; HTA;
Dr Maria Dahm : IRS;
Dr Mary Dalgleish : I4I; RfPB;
Dr Sonia Dalkin : HSDR;
Dr Chiara Dall'Ora : PG;
Dr Deirdre Daly : RfPB;
Dr Hajira Dambha-Miller : Editorial;
Dr Madhumita Dandapani : HTA;
Dr Christopher Dandoy : IRS;
Dr Peter Danielian : HTA;
Professor Jane Daniels : PRP; RfPB;
Dr Thomas Daniels : HSDR;
Dr Nancy Daraiseh : IRS;
Mr Ronan Dardis : HTA;
Miss Abigail Darko : HSDR;
Dr Jahnavi Daru : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Zoe Darwin : HTA;
Professor Saroj Das : EME;
Professor Anna David : RfPB;
Dr Ian Davidson : Editorial; HTA;
Mr Nathan Davies : PG; RfPB;
Dr Philippa Davies : Editorial;
Mrs Emma Davies : HTA;
Dr Justin Davies : HTA;
Dr Karen Davies : HTA;
Dr Rhys Davies : HTA;
Ms Marie Davies : HSDR;
Associate Professor Nathan Davies : HSDR;
Professor Ian Davis : IRS;
Honorary Professor Tim Davis : HTA;
Mrs Lorraine Davison : HSDR; HTA; RfPB;
Professor Helen Dawes : HTA;
Dr Judith Dawson : Editorial; HSDR; HTA;
Mrs Annabel Dawson : HTA; I4I;
Dr Nancy Dawson : IRS;
Dr David Dawson : HSDR;
Ms Hazel Dawson : HSDR;
Professor Jeremy Dawson : PHR;
Mrs Ruth Day : AI; HSDR; PG;
Professor ANDREW DAY : IRS;
Mrs Jennifer Day : RfPB;
Dr Mark Dayer : TAR;
Dr Suparna De : AI;
Dr Vito De Feo : AI;
Dr Antonio de Marvao : EME;
Dr Paola de Pablo : EME;
Professor Kay de Vries : RfPB;
Dr Nicole de Zoysa : HTA;
Dr Geraldine Dean : AI;
Ms Caroline Dean : HTA;
Mrs Liz Deane : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Katherine Deane : HTA;
Mr James Deane : HSDR;
Mr Jeremy Dearling : HTA;
Dr Miguel Debono : RfPB;
Dr Manuela Deidda : EME; HSDR; HTA; PHR;
Professor Christian Delles : I4I;
Miss Patricia Isabel Delley : HTA;
Dr Jingjing Deng : AI;
Professor Tom Dening : RfPB;
Professor Martin Dennis : HSDR;
Mrs Kara Dent : HTA;
Dr Martin Denvir : HTA;
Mr Keith Derbyshire : HSDR;
Dr Aditi Desai : IRS;
Dr Mayura Deshpande : HTA;
Professor John Devaney : PRP; RfPB;
Ms Madeleine Devon : HSDR;
Professor Michael Dewey : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Ashwin Dhanda : I4I;
Miss Tasneem Dhanji : HTA;
Professor Ketan Dhatariya : RfPB;
Professor Karola Dillenburger : RfPB;
Professor John Dillon : Pre Programme; TAR;
Dr Munyaradzi Dimairo : HTA;
Miss Nora Dimitrova : HTA;
Professor Vania Dimitrova : I4I;
Dr Jacqueline Dinnes : HTA; I4I;
Dr Padraig Dixon : HTA; PHR;
Dr Sharon Dixon : I4I;
Dr Tan Doan : Editorial;
Dr Sunil Dolwani : I4I;
Professor Feng Dong : PG;
Dr Rosemary Donne : Editorial;
Mrs Ailsa Donnelly : PRP;
Dr John Donnelly : IRS;
Dr Sarah Donnelly : PRP;
Professor Caroline Dore : HTA;
Professor Jennifer Doust : TAR;
Professor Soo Downe : HSDR;
Dr Candice Downey : HTA;
Dr Jennifer Driscoll : RfPB;
Professor Avril Drummond : HTA;
Brett Duane : PG;
Dr Rui Duarte : HTA;
Dr Maria Duaso : PHR;
Ms Claire Duddy : HSDR;
Professor Stephen Duffy : Editorial;
Ms Tammy-Louise Dufty : RfPB;
Professor Jo Dumville : I4I;
Professor John Duncan : HSDR;
Dr Susan Duncan : PG;
Professor Ruth Dundas : PHR;
Dr Carolyn Dunford : HTA;
Associate Professor Margaret Dunham : HTA;
Dr Alison Dunkerley : HTA;
Professor Janet Dunn : EME;
Dr Orla Dunn : PHR;
Dr James Dunn : PHR;
Mr Kenneth Dunn : HTA;
Dr Giles Dunnill : EME; HTA;
Professor Justin Durham : HTA;
Dr Ahilanadan Dushianthan : I4I;
Associate Professor Susan Dutton : EME;
Professor Joy Duxbury : HSDR;


Dr Catrin Eames : PG;
Professor Leah East : IRS;
Dr Abigail Easter : PRP;
Professor Matthias Eberl : I4I;
Professor Klaus Ebmeier : Editorial; I4I;
Mr Stephen Edgar : I4I;
Mrs Rachael Edgerton : HTA;
Professor Michael Edmonds : I4I;
Professor John Edmunds : Pre Programme;
Ms Sarah Edney : EME; HTA;
Professor A David Edwards : RfPB;
Mrs Deana Edwards : HTA;
Dr John Edwards : RfPB;
Dr Victoria Edwards : HSDR;
Dr Zoe Edwards : HSDR;
Miss Louise Edwards : PHR;
Dr Isioma Egbuniwe : EME; HTA;
Mrs Marilyn Ekers : HSDR;
Dr Austen El-Osta : HSDR;
Professor Paul Elkington : HSDR;
Professor David Ellard : RfPB;
Dr David Elliman : HTA;
Professor David Elliott : RfPB;
Miss Sheena Elliott : HSDR;
Professor Louisa Ells : PHR;
Mr Stephen Elsmere : HSDR;
Dr Rachel Elvins : HTA;
Ms Carol Emmas : I4I; RfPB;
Dr Serge Engamba : HSDR;
Dr Clare England : RfPB;
Dr Patrick English : HTA;
Dr David Epstein : HTA;
Dr Sofia Eriksson : PG;
Professor Karen Ersche : RfPB;
Professor Maria Evandrou : RfPB;
Associate Professor Philip Evans : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Nicola Evans : Editorial; HSDR;
Dr Hazel Evans : HTA; Pre Programme;
Ms Donna Evans : EME;
Dr Jonathan Evans : HTA;
Dr Nicholas Evans : EME;
Dr Shirley Evans : RfPB;
Dr Simon Evans : PHR;
Professor Sam Evans : HSDR;
Mrs Colleen Ewart : Editorial;
Professor Michael Ewers : IRS;


Dr Charlie Fairhurst : EME; HTA;
Dr Joanna Fairhurst : I4I;
Dr Muhammad Faisal : I4I;
Professor Peter Falkai : IRS;
Dr Naleef Fareed : IRS;
Professor Christopher Farmer : RfPB;
Mrs Lisa Farquhar : PG;
Dr Tracey Farragher : HSDR; PHR;
Dr Derek Farrell : EME;
Ms Julia Farrington : HSDR;
Dr Chantelle Fatania : PHR;
Mrs Yvonne Fawcett : PG;
Mr Ron Fawcett : PG;
Dr Christopher Fawsitt : Editorial;
Mr Greg Fell : PHR;
Dr Omolade Femi-Ajao : Editorial;
Dr Laura Fenner : RfPB;
Dr Rachel Fenton : PHR;
Dr Ricardo Fernandes : HTA;
Professor Edward Ferrari : PHR;
Dr Carlos Ferreira : IRS;
Dr Jenny Ferry : HTA;
Professor John Field : Editorial; HTA;
Dr Shona Fielding : TAR;
Dr Joy Fillingham : RfPB;
Dr Emily Finch : Editorial;
Dr Sarah Finer : HTA;
Dr Francesca Fiorentino : HTA;
Dr Kristin Fischer : I4I;
Dr Jenny Fisher : PHR;
Ms Sarah Fisher : PHR;
Professor Suzanne Fitzpatrick : PHR;
Mr Mike Fitzsimmons : RfPB;
Ms Monica Fletcher : HSDR;
Dr Sue Fletcher-Watson : HTA;
Dr William Flight : HTA;
Dr Oliver Flossmann : EME;
Dr Rachel Floyd : PG;
Dr Jennifer Foley : RfPB;
Professor Angus Forbes : RfPB;
Professor Lindsay Forbes : HSDR;
Dr Francesco Forconi : EME;
Dr Catherine Ford : HTA;
Mr Samuel Ford : EME;
Mrs Patricia Fordham : PG;
Associate Professor Erick Forno : EME;
Dr Rob Forsyth : HTA;
Professor Daniel Forton : HSDR;
Ms Celeste Foster : HTA;
Dr Holly Foster : IRS;
Professor Graham Foster : Pre Programme;
Professor Nadine Foster : HTA;
Dr James Fotheringham : HTA;
Dr Adam Fox : RfPB;
Professor Bryony Franklin : HSDR; RfPB;
Professor Lorna Fraser : HSDR;
Dr Anna Freeman : HTA;
Professor Neil French : PRP;
Professor Patrick Freund : EME;
Ms Claire Friedrich : HTA;
Dr Julia Frost : Editorial;
Professor Barry Fuller : I4I;
Dr Catherine Fullwood : EME; HTA;
Dr Rachel Fyson : RfPB;


Professor Chris Gale : HTA;
Professor Jennifer Gallagher : PHR;
Dr Katie Gallagher : RfPB;
Mrs Jean Gallagher : HTA;
Dr Jen Gallagher : Editorial;
Dr Meurig Gallagher : RfPB;
Professor Hugh Gallagher : HTA;
Dr Nikoloz Gambashidze : IRS;
Dr Satheesh Gangadharan : PHR; RfPB;
Dr Suprio Ganguly : AI;
Dr Kenneth Gannon : HTA;
Dr Madalina Garbi : RfPB;
Dr Ruth Garbutt : RfPB;
Dr Diego Garcia : RfPB;
Professor Ezequiel Garcia-Elorrio : IRS;
Dr Kathryn Gardner : RfPB;
Miss Nzinga Gardner : RfPB;
Professor Jason Gardosi : HTA;
Dr Sara Garfield : HSDR;
Emeritus Professor Elena Garralda : HTA;
Associate Professor Ruth Garside : HTA;
Ms Megan Garside : HSDR;
Professor Simon Gates : HTA;
Professor Bob Gates : RfPB;
Dr Anna Gavine : HTA;
Dr Elaine Gay : RfPB;
Professor Lina Gega : RfPB;
Mrs Jenny Geh : HTA;
Dr Isla Gemmell : PHR;
Ms Helen George : HTA; I4I; RfPB;
Dr Julie George : PHR;
Dr Susannah George : RfPB;
Professor Antoniya Georgieva : AI;
Dr Malte Gerhold : PRP;
Dr Evi Germeni : PHR;
Dr Claudia Geue : HSDR;
Mr Abbas Ghazanfar : RfPB;
Professor Domenico Giacco : HSDR;
Dr Fraser Gibb : EME;
Dr Ben Gibbison : HSDR;
Dr John Gierula : HTA;
Ms Alyssa Gilbert : HSDR;
Mr Anthony Gilbert : HTA;
Professor Fiona Gilbert : EME;
Professor Gail Gilchrist : RfPB;
Dr Alison Giles : PHR;
Ms Ceinwen Giles : IRS;
Professor Richie Gill : I4I;
Dr David Gillespie : HTA;
Ms Sarah Gillingham : HSDR; PG;
Honorary Professor Eilish Gilvarry : EME;
Professor Liane Ginsburg : IRS;
Dr Kyriaki Giorgakoudi : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Christine Girling : EME; HTA;
Dr Christine Girling : AI;
Professor John Gladman : HSDR;
Professor Jon Glasby : HSDR;
Mr David Glaser : HTA; RfPB;
Dr Danya Glaser : HTA;
Dr Katie Glazebrook : HTA;
Professor Fergus Gleeson : HTA;
Mr Myer Glickman : HSDR;
Dr Tim Gluck : HTA;
Dr Alan Godfrey : I4I;
Dr Peter Godolphin : HSDR;
Dr Pola Goldberg Oppenheimer : I4I;
Dr Joanne Goldman : IRS;
Dr Anita Goldschmied Z : RfPB;
Dr Rajna Golubic : EME; HTA;
Dr Manuel Gomes : HSDR;
Dr Constanza Gonzalez Parrao : HSDR;
Professor Steve Goodacre : PG;
Miss Kirstie Goodchild : HSDR;
Mr John Goodden : HTA;
Professor Claire Goodman : RfPB;
Dr Elizabeth Goodwin : HTA;
Dr Dawn Goodwin : HSDR;
Dr Laura Goodwin : PRP;
Professor Carl Goodyear : HTA;
Dr Paul Gorczynski : PRP;
Professor Morris Gordon : HTA;
Dr Nicholas Gore : PHR;
Dr Hayley Gorton : HSDR;
Dr Jennifer Gosling : HSDR;
Mrs Lisa Gough : I4I;
Mrs Lisa Gough : HTA;
Dr Beatriz Goulao : HSDR;
Dr Satnam Goyal : RfPB;
Professor Elizabeth Goyder : HSDR; PHR;
Ms Nicky Grace : HSDR;
Ms Lindsay Graham : PHR;
Dr Fiona Graham : RfPB;
Dr Neil Graham : I4I;
Dr Matthew P Graham-Brown : RfPB;
Associate Professor Matthew Grainge : HTA;
Dr Aileen Grant : HSDR;
Mr Richard Grant : HSDR;
Mrs Christine Gratus : IRS; RfPB;
Dr James Gray : PG;
Mr Peter Gray : HTA;
Dr John Green : EME; HTA;
Ms Claire Green : RfPB;
Dr Clare Green : RfPB;
Dr Laura Green : EME;
Dr Mark Green : PHR;
Ms Tracy Green : EME;
Dr Tracee Green : RfPB;
Professor Neil Greenberg : RfPB;
Dr Sharlene Greenwood : HTA;
Dr Lynsey Gregg : RfPB;
Mr Michael Gregg : HSDR;
Dr Louise Gregory : RfPB;
Ms Hazel Greig-Midlane : I4I; PG;
Dr Eleanor Grieve : HSDR;
Professor Damian Griffin : PG;
Mr James Griffin : HTA;
Professor Susan Griffin : HTA;
Dr Sian Griffin : EME;
Mr Malcolm Griffiths : HTA;
Ms Eleanor Griggs : HTA;
Mr Lee Groombridge : PHR;
Dr Crina Grosan : AI;
Dr Amy Grove : Editorial;
Professor Emily Grundy : PHR;
Dr Haotian Gu : EME; HTA;
Dr Nicola Gullick : HTA;
Dr Anil Gumber : HTA;
Dr Boliang Guo : Editorial;
Dr Lin Guo : HSDR;
Ms Melanie Guthrie : HSDR;
Dr Pinar Guven Uslu : PRP;
Associate Professor Stephen Gwilym : HTA;


Reverend Stephen Habgood : I4I; RfPB;
Professor Allan Hackshaw : HTA;
Dr Robert Hagan : RfPB;
Professor Richard Hain : HSDR;
Dr Alina Haines-Delmont : HSDR;
Dr Salman Haleem : I4I;
Dr Alex Hall : RfPB;
Mrs Hayley Hall : RfPB;
Ms Rosie Hallett : HSDR; HTA; PHR;
Dr Rob Hallifax : I4I;
Dr Mark Halling-Brown : EME;
Dr Mary Halter : HSDR;
Mr Thomas Hamborg : RfPB;
Ms Susan Hamilton : PHR;
Professor William Hamilton : AI; HTA;
Dr Tina Hamilton : HSDR;
Dr Peter Hammond : HSDR; HTA;
Mr Campbell Hand : HTA;
Ms Angela Hands : PHR;
Ms Shahida Hanif : HSDR;
Ms Louise Hansford : Pre Programme;
Dr Iram Haq : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Erna Haraldsdottir : HSDR;
Ms Victoria Harbottle : HTA;
Dr Jake Hard : HSDR;
Honorary Professor Celia Harding : EME;
Mr Christopher Harding : HTA;
Ms Claire Harding : PHR;
Dr Joseph Hardwicke : HTA;
Ms Pollyanna Hardy : HTA;
Ms Jackie Hardy : HTA; PHR;
Professor Kevin Hardy : RfPB;
Dr John Hardy : I4I;
Mrs Rebecca Harmston : HTA;
Dr Deirdre Harrington : HTA;
Professor Kevin Harrington : HTA;
Dr Lyndsey Harris : RfPB;
Professor Ruth Harris : HSDR;
Mr Robert Harris-Mayes : HTA;
Professor David Harrison : HSDR;
Professor Tim Harrison : RfPB;
Mr Peter Hart : EME; I4I; PRP; RfPB;
Dr Jamie Hartmann-Boyce : PHR;
Professor Chris Hatton : HSDR;
Mrs Joanne Haviland : HTA;
Dr Dan Hawcutt : I4I;
Mr Michael Hawkings : HSDR;
Professor Maria Hawkins : Editorial;
Dr Helen Hawley-Hague : HTA;
Professor Alastair Hay : HTA;
Associate Professor Gail Hayward : HTA;
Ms Ahmarah Hazell : PHR;
Professor Philip Hazell : HTA;
Professor Anthony Heagerty : I4I;
Dr Andrew Healey : HTA;
Dr Frances Healey : HSDR;
Dr Richard Hearn : PRP;
Professor Vanessa Heaslip : HSDR;
Dr Shivram Hegde : HTA;
Mr Robert Heggie : HTA;
Professor Christian Heiss : TAR; PHR; RfPB;
Mr Brinton Helliwell : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Claire Henderson : PG;
Dr Emily Henderson : HSDR;
Mrs Julie Hepburn : AI; EME; HTA;
Mrs Sarah Hepworth : PHR;
Dr Rodolfo Hernández : Editorial; HTA;
Dr Eldrid Herrington : RfPB;
Dr Sarah Hetrick : Editorial; I4I;
Ms Paula Hewitt : PHR;
Mr Nick Hex : HTA;
Dr Simon Hickman : HTA;
Dr Leslie Hicks : RfPB;
Professor Samantha Hider : HTA;
Professor Julian Higgins : HTA; PHR;
Mr Simon Higgs : RfPB;
Dr Andrew Hill : EME;
Professor Andrew Hill : PRP;
Professor Sheila Hillier : PRP;
Dr Sarah Hillman : HTA;
Professor Robert Hills : HTA;
Professor Robert Hinchliffe : HTA;
Dr Zoe Hoare : Editorial; EME;
Dr Victoria Hodgetts Morton : HTA;
Ms Mekhola Hoff : RfPB;
Mr Maurice Hoffman : PRP;
Professor Chris Hollis : I4I;
Dr Richard Holmes : HTA; RfPB;
Mrs Jane Holmes : HSDR;
Professor John Holmes : PHR;
Dr Stephen Holmes : HSDR;
Dr Deborah Holt : HSDR;
Professor Peter Holt : HTA;
Professor Jarrod Homer : HTA;
Professor Kerenza Hood : HTA;
Dr Peter Hoonakker : IRS;
Mr Gareth Hooper : HSDR;
Professor Sally Hopewell : HTA;
Mr James Hopkinson-Woolley : HTA;
Dr Syed Hoque : HSDR;
Dr Mark Horowitz : PG;
Dr Jeffrey Horton : HTA; I4I; PG;
Professor Peter Hoskin : HTA;
Dr Luke Hounsom : HSDR;
Professor Robert Howard : EME;
Professor Philip Howard : HSDR;
Dr Stephanie Howard Wilsher : RfPB;
Dr Daniel Howdon : EME; HTA;
Ms Denise Howel : PHR;
Dr Imran Howell : RfPB;
Mr Nicholas Howells : EME;
Dr Neil Howlett : PHR;
Professor Patricia Howlin : RfPB;
Dr Pingzhao Hu : IRS;
Mrs Marie Hubbard : HTA;
Dr Joanna Hudson : RfPB;
Professor Alun Hughes : RfPB;
Dr Laura Hughes : PG;
Dr Rod Hughes : HTA;
Mrs Alison Humphrey : HTA;
Professor Vanora Hundley : PRP;
Mr Barnaby Hunt : HTA;
Dr Neil Hunt : HTA;
Dr Rachael Hunter : HTA; PHR;
Mrs Liz Hunter : RfPB;
Miss Selina Hurley : HTA;
Mr Philip Hurst : RfPB;
Professor Andy Husband : RfPB;
Dr Tom Hyde : HTA;


Mrs Nicci Iacovou : HTA; PHR; RfPB;
Professor Emmanuel Ifeachor : I4I;
Dr Ojone Illah : RfPB;
Professor Roger Ingham : RfPB;
Ms Alice Inman : Editorial;
Professor Nicola Innes : EME; I4I;
Mr David Innes : EME;
Dr Samantha Irving : HTA;
Dr Zoebia Islam : HSDR;
Dr Tevfik Ismail : I4I;


Dr Clare Jackson : HSDR;
Dr Richard Jackson : HTA;
Professor Timothy Jackson : HTA;
Dr Shevin Jacob : PG;
Dr Maya Jafari : AI;
Mrs Parbir Jagpal : RfPB;
Dr Nicholas Jakubovics : EME;
Miss Caroline James : HTA;
Mrs Claire James : RfPB;
Dr Jonathan James : PHR;
Mr Fran James : IRS;
Dr Shahnaz Jamil-Copley : I4I;
Dr Dina Jankovic : HTA;
Mrs Victoria Jansen : RfPB;
Dr Olga Jarrín : IRS;
Mr Richard Jarvis : EME;
Dr Helen Jarvis : HTA;
Dr Channa Jayasena : RfPB;
Professor Sujeet Jaydeokar : RfPB;
Dr Anna Jeffery-Smith : HSDR;
Dr Emma Jenkinson : HTA;
Mr Martin Jenner : RfPB;
Professor Ruth Jepson : PHR;
Dr Akhilesh Jha : EME;
Dr Chen Ji : HTA;
Professor Liudi Jiang : I4I;
Dr Phil Joddrell : PG;
Dr Lina Johansson : HTA;
Dr Denny John : HTA;
Mrs Rachel Johns : PHR;
Professor Peter Johnson : HTA;
Professor I. Sonia Johnson : HTA;
Mr Shaun Johnson : HSDR;
Professor Sheena Johnson : PRP;
Dr Rachel Johnson : HTA;
Mr Owen Johnson : RfPB;
Miss Stella Johnson : HSDR;
Ms Helen Johnston : PHR;
Dr Alexandra Johnstone : RfPB;
Dr Ed Johnstone : HTA;
Dr Jasleen Jolly : RfPB;
Associate Professor Angus Jones : HTA;
Mr Bryn Jones : EME;
Dr Christina Jones : RfPB;
Dr Cliff Jones : HSDR;
Professor Aaron Jones : IRS;
Mr Trevor Jones : RfPB;
Dr Pete Jones : AI;
Mrs Holly Jordan : EME; HTA;
Professor Sue Jordan : HTA;
Dr Mikaela Jorgensen : IRS;
Professor Christine Jorm : IRS;
Dr Easter Joury : EME;
Professor Gwendolen Jull : IRS;


Associate Professor Billingsley Kaambwa : HSDR;
Dr Zarina Kabir : IRS;
Professor Umesh Kadam : HTA;
Ms Doreen Kahangire : Editorial;
Dr Mona Kanaan : HTA;
Mr Subramanian Kanagasundaram : EME; HTA; TAR;
Professor Eiman Kanjo : I4I;
Professor Maria Karanika-Murray : HSDR;
Professor Attila Kardos : AI;
Dr Eleni Kariki : I4I;
Dr Emma Karwatzki : RfPB;
Dr Aikaterini Kassavou : RfPB;
Dr Emma Katz : RfPB;
Dr Jeanne Katz : HSDR;
Dr Rohna Kearney : HTA;
Professor Pamela Kearns : HTA;
Dr Tony Kearon : PHR;
Professor Bereket Kebede : PRP;
Professor Ed Keedwell : I4I;
Mr Francis Keeley : HTA;
Professor Daniel Keenan : HTA;
Dr Anju Keetharuth : PHR;
Dr Michael Kehoe : EME;
Dr Peter Kelleher : EME;
Mr John Kelly : RfPB;
Dr Paul Kelly : PHR;
Dr Mark Kelson : HTA;
Dr Zoe Kelson : EME;
Mr Mark Kemp : PHR;
Dr Julia Kenkre : HTA;
Professor Catriona Kennedy : Editorial; HSDR;
Dr Alexandra Kent : RfPB;
Professor Bridie Kent : IRS;
Mrs Sue Kenworthy : RfPB;
Professor George Kernohan : RfPB;
Dr Chris Keyworth : PRP;
Dr Jattinder Khaira : EME;
Dr Salim Khan : HSDR;
Mr Omar Khan : EME;
Ms Kalpa Kharicha : PHR;
Dr Minesh Khashu : HTA; I4I;
Dr Elaine Khoong : IRS;
Miss Shirin Elizabeth Khorsandi : EME; HTA;
Mr Aethele Khunda : HTA;
Miss Kirti Khunti : Editorial;
Professor Tony Killard : I4I;
Professor Anne Kiltie : HSDR;
Dr Sungwook Kim : HTA; PHR;
Dr Jon Jin Kim : HTA;
Miss Angela King : I4I; IRS; PRP; RfPB;
Dr Lindy King : IRS;
Dr Andrew Kirby : HTA;
Professor Susan Kirk : RfPB;
Dr Peter Knapp : HSDR;
Dr Wendy Kneissl : HSDR; HTA;
Professor Jo Knight : HSDR;
Dr Ruth Knight : EME;
Mr Malcolm Knight : HTA;
Dr Eveline Knight-Jones : HTA;
Dr Gouri Koduri : RfPB;
Dr Dimitrios Kollias : AI;
Dr Daphne Kounali : PHR;
Dr Dimitrios Koutoukidis : HSDR;
Dr Ivan Koychev : HTA;
Dr Olga Kozlowska : HSDR;
Dr Anton Krige : EME;
Dr Laura Kudrna : RfPB;
Dr Sanjay Kumar : EME;
Dr Nuriye Kupeli : RfPB;
Professor Jerzy Kupiec-Weglinski : IRS;
Dr Natalia Kurek : HSDR;
Dr Om Prakash Kurmi : PG;
Dr Ann Kutney-Lee : IRS;


Dr Veline L'Esperance : HSDR;
Dr Rebecca Lacey : PHR;
Dr Peter Lachman : IRS;
Professor Damien Lacroix : I4I;
Mrs Lynn Laidlaw : Pre Programme;
Mr James Lally : PHR;
Dr Pierre-Antoine Laloe : HSDR;
Ms Emily Lam : HSDR; PG; PRP; RfPB;
Dr Tosin Lambe : HTA;
Miss Karen Lammaing : RfPB;
Dr Gary Lamph : HTA;
Professor Martin Landray : HTA;
Dr Steven Lane : HSDR;
Professor Chim Lang : HTA;
Professor Sinead Langan : HTA;
Associate Professor Tessa Langley : PHR;
Mr Adam Lansdown : PG; PRP;
Mr Stephen Large : HTA;
Mr Jeremy Latham : PG;
Dr Zahid Latif : RfPB;
Dr Sharon Latimer : IRS;
Dr Pallavi Latthe : HTA;
Dr Richard Laugharne : HSDR;
Ms Lauren Laverick-Brown : HSDR;
Dr Anthony Laverty : PHR;
Professor Graham Law : HSDR;
Dr Alpar Lazar : PG;
Professor Lambros Lazuras : PHR;
Dr Carlo Lazzaro : Editorial; HTA; TAR;
Professor Christophe Le Tourneau : I4I;
Dr Kathy Leadbitter : PHR; RfPB;
Miss Francesca Leadlay : HTA;
Dr Maria Leandro : HTA;
Dr Joanna Leaviss : HTA;
Ms Jan Lecouturier : Editorial;
Ms Alison Ledward : HSDR;
Dr Alvin Lee : EME;
Mrs Ellen Lee : EME;
Mr Matthew Lee : HTA;
Dr Michael Lee : EME;
Dr Tennyson Lee : RfPB;
Dr Richard Lee-Kelland : PRP;
Professor Christoph Lees : PG;
Professor Paul Leeson : RfPB;
Dr Ningrong Lei : RfPB;
Dr Helen Leigh-Phippard : AI;
Dr Claire Lemer : HTA;
Dr Beverley Lendrem : EME;
Dr Erik Lenguerrand : HTA;
Mrs Lisa Leonard : I4I;
Dr Dan Lewer : PHR;
Dr Andrew Lewington : HTA;
Dr Marie Lewis : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Adam Lewis : PG;
Dr Clive Lewis : EME;
Dr Geraint Lewis : RfPB;
Dr Roderick Ley : HTA;
Professor Baihua Li : I4I;
Dr Jinfeng Li : HSDR;
Ms Jinshuo Li : PHR;
Dr Yunpeng Li : PG;
Mr Alex Liddle : HTA;
Dr Sern Lim : HTA;
Professor Eric Lim : HSDR;
Dr Ka Keat Lim : Editorial;
Dr Ming Lim : HTA;
Mr David Limb : HTA;
Dr Mark Linden : HTA;
Professor James Lindsay : EME; HTA;
Mr Peter Lindsay : HTA;
Dr Stuart Linke : EME;
Professor Brian Littlechild : PRP;
Dr Feng Liu-Smith : IRS;
Dr Michael Livingston : Editorial;
Dr Sofia Llahana : PRP;
Huw Lloyd-Williams : TAR;
Dr David Lo : RfPB;
Mrs Lucas Loblack : RfPB;
Dr Ben Lobo : RfPB;
Professor Louise Locock : HSDR;
Dr Robert Logan : EME;
Dr Claire Lomax : RfPB;
Dr Sara Long : PHR;
Dr Roberta Longo : HSDR;
Dr Rachel Loopstra : PHR;
Professor Florian Lordick : IRS;
Professor Alexandre Louvet : IRS;
Dr Sarah Love Jones : HTA;
Professor Heather Loveday : Editorial;
Dr David Lovell : EME;
Dr Mathijs Lucassen : HSDR;
Dr Andrew Ludman : RfPB;
Dr Katherine Ludwin : RfPB;
Miss Gloria Lui : RfPB;
Professor Mary Ann Lumsden : Editorial;
Dr Eleanor Lunt : HTA;


Dr Karen Ma : HSDR;
Professor Geraldine Macdonald : HSDR;
Dr Simon MacDonald : EME;
Dr Tom MacGillivray : I4I;
Professor Guy MacGowan : EME;
Dr Gordon MacGregor : HTA;
Ms Karen Machin : HSDR;
Dr Anne Mackie : Editorial;
Dr Sarah Mackie : Pre Programme;
Professor Robert MacLaren : HTA;
Professor Graeme MacLennan : Editorial; EME;
Dr Rhona MacLeod : RfPB;
Professor Una Macleod : RfPB;
Dr Stephanie MacNeill : HTA;
Dr Rhoda MacRae : RfPB;
Professor Jason Madan : HTA; TAR;
Dr Gayle Madden : HSDR;
Dr Mary Madden : Editorial;
Dr Will Maden : RfPB;
Dr Claire Madigan : PRP;
Dr Vince Magrini : IRS;
Dr Simon Maher : I4I;
Professor Toby Maher : PG;
Professor Yashwant Mahida : I4I;
Dr Satveer Mahil : I4I;
Mrs Fareena Mahmood : RfPB;
Dr Ian Maidment : Editorial;
Ms Rebecca Maier : HTA;
Dr Barry Main : HTA;
Dr Adedeji Majekodunmi : HSDR;
Professor Arshad Majid : HTA;
Mrs Sarah Major : HSDR;
Dr Petra Mäkelä : RfPB;
Dr Mahdi Maktab Dar Oghaz : I4I;
Dr Anmol Malhotra : EME;
Mr Hammad Malik : HTA;
Dr Juliette Malley : Editorial;
Professor Nizam Mamode : HSDR;
Mrs Mary Mancini : HSDR;
Dr Logan Manikam : Editorial;
Mrs Gill Manning-Smith : PHR;
Mrs Gill Manning-Smith : RfPB;
Dr Gurdeep Mannu : HTA;
Dr Sarkis Manoukian : HTA;
Dr Jason Peter Mansell : RfPB;
Dr Nasimah Maricar : HTA;
Dr Carl Marincowitz : HTA;
Professor Patrick Mark : EME; HTA;
Dr Sarah Markham : PG;
Dr Stephen Marks : HTA;
Professor Neil Marlow : I4I;
Mrs Charlotte Marlow : Pre Programme;
Dr Tom Marrs : RfPB;
Dr Wendy Marsh : HSDR;
Professor Andrea Marshall : IRS;
Dr David Marshall : HTA;
Professor Zoe Marshman : PHR;
Professor Anthony Marson : I4I;
Dr Louise Marston : EME;
Dr Peter Martin : PHR; RfPB;
Dr Adam Martin : PHR;
Dr Kathryn Martin : RfPB;
Dr James Martin : PHR;
Professor Finbarr Martin : HTA;
Professor Adrian Martineau : EME;
Professor Henrique Martins : IRS;
Mr Sean Marven : HTA;
Dr Jane Masoli : HTA;
Dr Alexina Mason : HTA;
Professor Suzanne Mason : HSDR;
Professor Ceu Mateus : HSDR; HTA; PHR;
Professor Matthews Mathai : HSDR;
Mr Gulraj Matharu : EME; HTA;
Mr Maninderpal Matharu : HTA;
Dr Jonathan Mathers : HSDR;
Professor Catriona Matheson : HSDR;
Dr Alexander Mathioudakis : RfPB;
Professor Timothy Maughan : Editorial;
Professor Patrick Maxwell : RfPB;
Dr Elaine Maxwell : HSDR;
Professor Jon May : RfPB;
Dr Frederick Mayall : AI;
Dr Jacqueline Maybin : HTA;
Professor Julio Mayol : IRS;
Dr Samaneh Maysami : HSDR;
Dr Danish Mazhar : HTA;
Professor David McAllister : IRS;
Dr Christine McAlpine : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Orla McBride : PHR;
Dr Colm McCabe : AI;
Professor Jim McCambridge : PHR;
Dr Jane McCarthy : HTA;
Mr Alistair McCleary : HTA;
Professor Alex McConnachie : Editorial; HTA;
Ms Orla McCourt : HSDR;
Professor Paul McCrone : PHR;
Dr Imelda McDermott : HSDR;
Ms Cliona McDowell : HTA;
Dr Joan McDowell : EME;
Professor Robert McFarland : EME;
Dr Anthony McGarry : HTA;
Dr Ken McGarry : PHR;
Ms Irene McGill : HTA;
Dr Ruth McGovern : PHR;
Dr Andrew McGovern : RfPB;
Ms Helen McGregor : HTA;
Professor Neil McHugh : I4I; RfPB;
Dr Siobhan McKay : RfPB;
Dr Lynn McKeague : PHR;
Dr Sara McKelvie : HSDR; HTA;
Ms Jenny McKibben : HSDR;
Mr Edward McKintosh : HTA;
Dr Cory McLean : IRS;
Dr Ailsa McLellan : HSDR;
Ms Julie McLellan : HTA;
Professor Hamish McLeod : PG;
Professor Anne McMunn : PRP;
Dr Richard McNally : Editorial;
Professor Paul McNamara : HTA;
Professor Paul McNamee : HSDR;
Mr Steve McNeice : HTA;
Dr Mark McPhail : I4I;
Mrs Margaret McWilliams : AI; RfPB;
Ms Vonnie McWilliams : HSDR;
Professor Antonieta Medina-Lara : HTA;
Mr Tim Meehan : HTA;
Dr Claire Meek : RfPB;
Professor Dominic Meek : EME;
Dr Gautam Mehta : RfPB;
Mr Samir Mehta : HTA;
Professor G.J. Melendez-Torres : TAR;
Dr Jan Melichar : HTA;
Dr Kristin Melton : IRS;
Dr Jideofor Menakaya : HTA;
Dr Silvana Mengoni : PHR;
Dr Valeria Mercadante : HTA;
Dr Gemma Mercer : RfPB;
Dr Abi Merriel : HTA;
Dr David Metcalfe : HSDR; HTA;
Professor Chris Metcalfe : EME;
Dr Daniel Michelson : HTA;
Mrs Audrey Michniewicz : HSDR; HTA;
Mr Lee Middleton : EME; HTA;
Mrs Samantha Midwinter : HSDR;
Dr Jamie Miles : HSDR;
Professor Ann Millar : EME;
Miss Bekki Millar : HSDR;
Dr Christopher Miller : HTA;
Dr Catherine Minns Lowe : RfPB;
Dr Gary Minto : HTA;
Associate Professor Hema Mistry : HTA;
Dr Caroline Mitchell : HTA;
Ms Eleanor Mitchell : Pre Programme;
Ms Kathrine Mitchell : PHR;
Dr Jonathan Mitchell : EME;
Dr Dipayan Mitra : TAR;
Dr Rito Mitra : HTA;
Ms Kate Moffat : PRP;
Professor Ben Mol : EME;
Dr Freda Mold : RfPB;
Mrs Helen Mollart : I4I; PRP;
Ms Elizabeth Monaghan : HTA; Pre Programme;
Mr Mark Monahan : TAR;
Professor Dorothy Monekosso : AI;
Professor Esme Moniz-Cook : HSDR;
Professor James Moon : AI;
Professor John Moore : Editorial;
Dr Anna Moore : HTA;
Dr Andrew Moore : RfPB;
Dr Christopher Moore : I4I;
Ms Deborah Moore : HTA;
Professor Graham Moore : PHR;
Professor Michael Moore : HTA;
Professor Francesco Carlo Morabito : IRS;
Dr Hazel Morbey : RfPB;
Dr Ranjit More : HTA;
Dr Sharon Morein-Zamir : RfPB;
Professor Robert Morgan : EME;
Dr Marsha Morgan : RfPB;
Professor James Morgan : I4I;
Dr Kelly Morgan : PHR;
Professor Stephen Morgan : I4I;
Professor Mary Morrell : HTA; PG;
Professor Rachel Morris : HTA;
Emeritus Professor Mervyn Morris : HSDR;
Professor Richard Morriss : HTA;
Professor Ann Mortimer : EME;
Dr Joanna Moschandreas : HSDR;
Dr Joanna Moss : RfPB;
Ms Ngawei Moss : PHR;
Dr Richard Motley : HTA;
Professor Thierry Moulin : IRS;
Professor Gail Mountain : RfPB;
Ms Jan Mucha : I4I; PG; PRP; RfPB;
Dr Shah Muhammad : PRP;
Dr Nicola Muirhead : HTA;
Dr Vanessa Muirhead : HTA;
Associate Professor Ruben Mujica-Mota : HTA;
Dr Clara Mukuria : HTA;
Dr Monika Muller : Editorial;
Dr Edward Mullins : HTA;
Dr Matthew Mulvey : EME;
Dr Graciela Muniz Terrera : I4I;
Mr Anand Muraari Chandrasekaran : HSDR;
Professor Simon Murch : HTA;
Dr Jamie Murdoch : HTA;
Professor Helen Murphy : TAR;
Dr Jane Murray : RfPB;
Professor Fliss Murtagh : HSDR;
Dr Aung Myat : HTA;
Professor Jenny Myers : AI; EME;
Ms Dominique Mylod : HTA;


Professor Parashkev Nachev : I4I;
Dr Ramesh Nadarajah : PG;
Dr Tom Nadarzynski : PHR;
Dr Abhijit Nadkarni : PRP;
Dr Amy Nakajima : IRS;
Mr Mayank Nanavaty : I4I;
Professor Jagdeep Nanchahal : HTA;
Dr Parth Narendran : TAR;
Mr Nitish Narvekar : HTA;
Dr Zaheer Nasar : HSDR;
Miss Louise Nash : PHR;
Mr Chris Naylor : PRP;
Professor James Nazroo : Pre Programme;
Dr Hani Nazzal : HSDR;
Dr Bradley Neal : RfPB;
Professor Richard Neal : HTA;
Professor Catherine Nelson-Piercy : HTA;
Professor Dorothy Newbury-Birch : Editorial; PHR;
Professor David Newby : HTA;
Dr Tamsin Newlove-Delgado : HTA; PHR;
Dr Bronwyn Newman : IRS;
Professor Jonathon Newton : HTA;
Professor Wan-Fai Ng : HTA;
Mr Keng Ng : PG;
Dr Kandala Ngianga-Bakwin : Editorial; HSDR;
Dr Melody Ni : TAR;
Dr Brian Nicholson : EME;
Ms Marian Nicholson : HSDR;
Dr Will Nicolson : RfPB;
Dr Sonal Nicum : HTA;
Dr Marzena Nieroda : PRP;
Dr Jeremy Nightingale : HTA;
Dr Elena Nixon : RfPB;
Dr Lizette Nolte : RfPB;
Ms Susan North : HSDR;
Dr Sam Norton : EME;
Professor Ioan Notingher : I4I;
Honorary Professor Tim Nutbeam : HTA;
Mr Alex Nute : HSDR;
Dr Helen Nuttall : I4I;
Professor Chris Nutting : I4I;
Mr Isaac Nyamekye : HTA;


Mrs Stella O'Brien : HTA; PG; PRP; RfPB;
Professor Rory O'Connor : I4I;
Dr Lorna O'Doherty : PHR;
Dr John O'Donohue : EME;
Professor Cecilia O'Kane : EME;
Dr Valerie O'Keeffe : IRS;
Dr Lucy O'Malley : TAR;
Professor Ciaran O'Neill : PHR;
Ms Nóirín O'Neill : HTA;
Dr Vikki O'Neill : HSDR;
Professor Alexander O'Neill-Kerr : HTA;
Mrs Alison O'Sullivan : HSDR;
Dr Chinwe Ochu : Editorial;
Professor Sam Oddie : HTA;
Mrs Risikat Odugbemi : RfPB;
Ms Margaret Ogden : HSDR; HTA; I4I; IRS; PG;
Dr Reuben Ogollah : HSDR;
Dr Rasha Okasheh : PG;
Dr Chidubem Okeke Ogwulu : Editorial;
Professor Isabel Oliver : PG;
Professor Ben Ollivere : HTA;
Mr Akin Oluwole : HTA;
Dr Muhammad Imran Omar : TAR;
Miss Kehinde Omotayo : HSDR;
Dr Louise Oni : EME;
Dr Magdalena Opazo Breton : PHR;
Dr Brent Opmeer : HTA;
Dr Raymond Oppong : HTA;
Dr Katharine Orellana : RfPB;
Dr Vasiliki Orgeta : RfPB;
Dr Lori Orlando : IRS;
Professor Martin Orrell : I4I;
Dr Elizabeth Orton : PHR;
Mr Michael Osborne : HTA; I4I; IRS; PG; PRP; RfPB;
Professor Dennis Ougrin : HSDR;
Professor Karen Ousey : I4I;
Mr Klaus Overbeck : HTA;
Mr Chris Owen : HSDR;


Ms Sandra Paget : I4I; RfPB;
Mrs Ann Jean Palmer : HSDR; HTA;
Professor Aarno Palotie : IRS;
Ms Monica Panca : HTA;
Dr Rakesh Panchal : RfPB;
Professor Hardev Pandha : TAR;
Professor George Panoutsos : I4I;
Dr Sophia Papadakis : PHR;
Professor Vassilios Papalois : I4I; RfPB;
Dr John Pappachan : PG;
Dr Davide Pareyson : IRS;
Dr Romil Parikh : Editorial; HSDR;
Mr James Parker : HSDR;
Dr Alasdair Parker : EME;
Professor Christopher Parker : HTA;
Mr David Parker : HTA;
Professor Julie Parkes : PHR;
Dr Jacqueline Parkes : HSDR;
Professor Jacqueline Parkes : RfPB;
Professor Miles Parkes : HTA;
Ms Linda Parkinson-Hardman : HTA;
Mrs Mandy Parks : HTA;
Mr Richard Parnell : PG; RfPB;
Mr Steve Parrott : PHR;
Professor Sarah Parsons : RfPB;
Professor Nick Parsons : HTA;
Dr Christopher Partlett : HSDR;
Ms Jenna Parton : PHR;
Mrs Carol-Anne Partridge : HTA;
Dr Amrish Patel : HSDR;
Mrs Smitaa Patel : Editorial;
Ms Nishma Patel : HSDR;
Dr Tayeem Pathan : RfPB;
Dr Charlotte Patient : HTA;
Dr Prajakta Patil : HSDR;
Professor Natalie Pattison : HTA;
Professor Lorna Paul : PG;
Ms Monika Pavlov : RfPB;
Professor Ian Pavord : EME;
Professor Ian Pearce : HTA;
Professor Rupert Pearse : RfPB;
Dr Mark Pearson : HSDR;
Professor George Peat : HTA;
Professor Stephen Peckham : Editorial;
Dr Kirstine Zinck Pedersen : IRS;
Professor Liz Pellicano : HTA;
Dr Pierpaolo Pellicori : RfPB;
Professor Yonghong Peng : IRS;
Dr Chris Penlington : HSDR; RfPB;
Dr Peter Penson : HTA;
Dr Panagiotis Pentaris : RfPB;
Professor Rafael Perera-Salazar : HTA;
Dr Michael Perkin : RfPB;
Dr Amanda Perry : PHR;
Dr Francesca Pesola : HTA;
Dr Jaime Peters : HSDR;
Dr Michele Peters : RfPB;
Professor Steffen Petersen : PG;
Dr BRIAN Petheram : PG;
Professor Tunde Peto : AI;
Dr William Petri : IRS;
Professor Sarah Pett : Editorial;
Dr Gavin Pettigrew : EME;
Dr Katherine Pettinger : HTA;
Ms Rachel Phelp : PHR;
Dr Nada Philip : PG;
Professor Ceri Phillips : Editorial; HTA;
Mr Alexander Phillips : RfPB;
Dr Eloise Phillips : HSDR;
Dr Clair Phillips : HSDR;
Professor Maria Grazia Piancino : IRS;
Dr Sara Pickett : HTA;
Mr Tim Pickles : HTA;
Professor Andrew Pickles : PHR;
Professor John Pickup : RfPB;
Professor Jonathan Pinkney : PRP;
Professor Massimo Pinzani : RfPB;
Dr Mary Piper : HSDR;
Mrs Margaret Piran : HSDR;
Dr Alexandra Pitman : PRP;
Dr Elena Pizzo : HTA;
Professor Nicholas Pleace : PHR;
Dr Lucy Plumb : HTA;
Dr Catrin Plumpton : HTA;
Mr Daniel Pollard : Editorial;
Dr David Poller : I4I;
Associate Professor Jon Pollock : HSDR;
Professor Ken Poole : I4I;
Professor Catherine Pope : Editorial;
Dr Bernd Porr : I4I;
Dr Vilius Portapas : RfPB;
Ms Jenny Porter : HSDR;
Professor Lucilla Poston : I4I;
Dr Jessica Potter : HSDR;
Dr Elizabeth Potter : HTA;
Mr Simon Potts : IRS;
Mr Dylan Powell : HTA;
Dr Philip Powell : RfPB;
Mr Dominic Power : HTA;
Mr Matt Powis : HTA;
Dr Christopher Poyner : RfPB;
Ms Farrah Pradhan : HTA; PG;
Mr Asta Prajapati : HTA;
Dr Simon Prangnell : RfPB;
Dr Vibhore Prasad : HTA;
Dr Andrew Prayle : HSDR;
Dr Anne Presanis : Editorial;
Dr Louise Preston : Editorial;
Mrs Catherine Preston : I4I;
Professor A. Toby Prevost : PHR;
Dr Malcolm Price : Editorial;
Mr Derek Price : HTA;
Mr Ian Prince : HTA;
Professor Yeliz Prior : RfPB;
Ms Heather Probert : HTA;
Dr John Prowle : EME;
Mr Sam Prowse : RfPB;
Dr Robert Pryce : PHR;
Professor Steven Pryjmachuk : Editorial;
Dr Rachel Pryke : HTA;
Dr Agnieszka Prytula : I4I;
Dr Maria Pufulete : TAR;
Professor Prakash Punjabi : MRC;
Mr Nanik Pursani : PG;
Dr Shuby Puthussery : RfPB;
Ms Jane Putsey : I4I; RfPB;
Mr David Pye : HSDR;


Dr Louise May Quarmby : RfPB;
Professor Siobhan Quenby : HTA;
Professor Zara Quigg : PHR;
Dr Leah Quinlivan : PHR;
Professor Barry Quinn : I4I;
Mr Amir Qureshi : HTA;


Dr Maja Radojcic : RfPB;
Dr Andrew Rae : IRS;
Professor James Raftery : PHR;
Dr Samira Rahimi : IRS;
Dr Rachel Rahman : HSDR;
Dr Rajiv Raman : IRS;
Honorary Professor Shammi Ramlakhan : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Paula Ramos : IRS;
Professor Craig Ramsay : HTA;
Miss Belynda Ramsay : HTA;
Professor Jaynie Rance : HSDR;
Ms Elizabeth Randell : HTA;
Ms Angela Rantell : HTA;
Dr Ravishankar Raobaikady : EME;
Professor Tim Rapley : HSDR;
Dr Krishnaraj Rathod : HTA;
Dr Nithya Ratnavelu : RfPB;
Mrs Janette Rawlinson : HTA;
Professor K Ray Chaudhuri : TAR;
Dr Dane Rayment : PG;
Dr Hannah Rayment-Jones : RfPB;
Dr Vanessa Raymont : PG;
Dr Gillian Rayner : RfPB;
Professor David Raynor : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Alejandra Recio-Saucedo : RfPB;
Mr Srikanth Reddy : RfPB;
Dr Emma Redman : PRP;
Dr Ned Redmore : HSDR;
Ms Pamela Rees : HTA; I4I;
Dr Melanie Rees-Roberts : RfPB;
Professor Martyn Regan : PRP;
Mrs Barbara Reichwein : HSDR;
Dr Claire Reidy : EME;
Dr Clare Relton : PHR;
Dr Shijie Ren : HTA;
Professor Tara Renton : HTA;
Dr Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro : I4I;
Professor Marc Reymond : EME;
Dr Charles Reynard : HTA;
Professor Nicholas Reynolds : HTA;
Mrs Sarah Rhodes : HSDR;
Dr Catrin Rhys : HSDR;
Mr Stephen Rice : HTA;
Professor Gill Richards : RfPB;
Professor Gerry Richardson : HTA;
Mrs Alison Richmond : HTA;
Dr Peter Richmond : RfPB;
Dr Matthew Ridd : HTA;
Mr Nigel Riglar : PHR;
Dr Renata Riha : HTA;
Mrs Melanie Rimmer : PHR;
Dr Andrew Riordan : EME;
Dr Louise Ritchie : RfPB;
Dr Timothy Rittman : AI; I4I;
Professor Carol Rivas : HSDR;
Mr John Roberts : AI; HSDR; RfPB;
Dr Amanda Roberts : HSDR; RfPB;
Professor Keith Roberts : RfPB;
Dr Nicola Roberts : HSDR;
Professor Chris Robertson : PHR;
Dr Tony Robertson : PHR;
Professor Dame Louise Robinson : I4I;
Mrs Diana Robinson : I4I;
Dr Deborah Robson : PHR;
Dr Joanna Robson : EME;
Mr Brett Rocos : HTA;
Professor Edward Roddy : I4I;
Professor Alina Rodriguez : HTA;
Dr Manuel Rodriguez-Justo : I4I;
Professor Rosa Rodriguez-Monguio : IRS;
Dr Amanda Roestorf : HSDR;
Professor Federico Roncaroli : I4I;
Professor John Rose : RfPB;
Dr Amy Rosen : IRS;
Dr Glenn Rosenbluth : IRS;
Dr Claire Rosten : RfPB;
Mr John Rouse : HTA;
Dr Ian Rowe : I4I;
Mrs Natalie Rowland : TAR;
Professor Gillian Rowlands : HSDR;
Dr Peter Rowlands : HTA;
Professor Michael Roy : PHR;
Professor Sameek Roychowdhury : IRS;
Mr Robert Ruane : HTA;
Ms Janet Ruane : HSDR;
Professor Alicja Rudnicka : Editorial; TAR;
Dr Mamta Ruparel : HTA;
Dr Tom Russ : PG;
Associate Professor David Russell : EME;
Dr Wanda Russell : RfPB;
Professor Jennifer Rusted : I4I;
Mr Philip Ruthen : PG;
Professor Matthew Rutter : HTA;
Dr Dermot Ryan : I4I;
Professor Sara Ryan : HSDR;
Dr Neil Ryan : Editorial;
Dr Ewelina Rydzewska : RfPB;
Dr Howard Ryland : HTA;


Dr Reza Saatchi : I4I;
Professor Cath Sackley : HTA;
Professor Sejal Saglani : RfPB;
Dr Gurdeep Sagoo : Editorial; HTA;
Dr Prakash Saha : HTA;
Mrs Line Sales : HTA;
Professor Christopher Salisbury : HSDR;
Dr Musa Sami : EME; HTA;
Mr Yevgeniy Samyshkin : HTA;
Professor Julia Sanders : HSDR; RfPB;
Professor Harbinder Sandhu : Editorial;
Professor Saeid Sanei : I4I;
Dr Sabina Sanghera : HTA;
Mr Anish Sanghrajka : HTA;
Dr Rajiv Sankaranarayanan : EME;
Mrs Suzi Sapiets : RfPB;
Mrs Amanda Sarosi : HSDR;
Dr Ramamurthy Sathyamurthy : HTA;
Dr Brian Saunders : HTA;
Dr Gabrielle Saunders : RfPB;
Mrs Tina Sauvage : HTA;
Dr Makrina Savvidou : I4I;
Professor Ulrike Schmidt : HTA;
Dr Mark Schneiderhan : PG;
Professor David Schwappach : IRS;
Dr Stefan Schwarz : I4I;
Dr Graham Scotland : HTA;
Dr Neil Scott : EME; TAR;
Dr Aaron Scott : EME;
Dr Jennifer Scott : HTA;
Dr Sion Scott : RfPB;
Dr Stephen Scott : TAR;
Professor Jonathan Scourfield : HSDR;
Mr Ashley Scrimshire : HTA;
Professor Paul Scuffham : Editorial;
Professor Mark Sculpher : HSDR;
Dr Mandeep Sekhon : RfPB;
Dr Hsien seow : IRS;
Dr Lucy Series : HSDR;
Professor Peter Sever : HTA;
Mr Martin Sexton : HSDR;
Dr Hosein Shabaninejad : EME; HTA;
Mr David Shackley : HSDR;
Dr Syed Ghulam Sarwar Shah : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Akshay Shah : EME;
Dr Rajeev Shah : HTA;
Professor Lion Shahab : PHR;
Dr Sania Shakoor : RfPB;
Dr Eduard Shantsila : HTA;
Dr Adnan Sharif : I4I;
Dr Saeed Sharif : I4I;
Professor Michael Sharland : HTA;
Dr Anand Sharma : AI;
Mr Hemant Sharma : HTA;
Dr Charlotte Sharp : HSDR;
Professor Deborah Sharp : HSDR;
Professor Dominick Shaw : EME;
Professor Debbie Shawcross : I4I; RfPB;
Dr Christine Shea : IRS;
Associate Professor Laura Sheard : PHR;
Dr James Shearer : HTA;
Dr Katie Sheehan : Editorial;
Professor Neil Sheerin : RfPB;
Professor Hassan Shehata : HTA;
Professor Ben Shelley : HTA;
Mrs Andrea Shelly : PRP;
Dr Cliff Shelton : PG;
Dr Susan Shenkin : RfPB;
Mr Duncan Shepherd : RfPB;
Ms Suzanne Shepherd : I4I;
Professor Lee Shepstone : HTA;
Mrs Hilary Shergold : AI;
Mr Ahmed Elshawadfy Sherif : I4I;
Ms Gemma Shields : HTA;
Dr Brian Shine : HTA;
Associate Professor Bethany Shinkins : Editorial;
Dr Heema Shukla : Editorial;
Dr Olga Shvarova : Editorial;
Dr Murali Shyamsundar : EME;
Professor Gabriele Siciliano : IRS;
Professor Andrew Sidebottom : HTA;
Mr Julian Simcox : EME;
Ms Milena Simic : RfPB;
Professor Anita Simonds : HTA;
Dr Joan Simons : HTA;
Mr Nigel Simpson : I4I; RfPB;
Professor Jacqueline Sin : RfPB;
Dr Balendra Singh : HTA;
Associate Professor Harvinder Pal Singh : EME;
Professor Hardeep Singh : IRS;
Miss Natasha Singh : RfPB;
Dr Katy Sinka : PRP;
Professor Aloysius Siriwardena : HSDR;
Professor Rima Slim : IRS;
Ms Debra Smith : HTA; I4I; PG; PRP; RfPB;
Ms Pam Smith : Editorial; HSDR;
Mr Andrew Smith : HSDR;
Mr Dan Smith : HTA;
Mr Christopher Smith : HTA;
Dr Lesley Smith : HSDR;
Dr Jane Smith : PRP;
Professor Gordon Smith : PG;
Professor Frank Smith : HTA;
Dr Patrick Smith : RfPB;
Dr Vikki Smith : HSDR;
Dr Theresa Smith : HTA;
Dr Peter Smitham : PG;
Dr Analisa Smythe : HTA; RfPB;
Mr Sam Snape : PG; RfPB;
Mr Stewart Snape : HTA;
Ms Lara Snowdon : PHR;
Dr Tristan Snowsill : HTA;
Dr Marta Soares : HTA;
Dr Ratna Sohanpal : Editorial;
Dr Ivonne Solis-Trapala : EME; HTA;
Professor Fujian Song : Editorial;
Dr Prasanna Sooriakumaran : HTA;
Professor Henrik Sørensen : HSDR;
Professor Jane South : PHR;
Dr Kris Southby : RfPB;
Dr Debbie Spain : RfPB;
Mrs Jan Speechley : PRP; RfPB;
Mrs Jean Spencer : PHR;
Mr John Spencer : I4I; RfPB;
Dr Rachel Spencer : HSDR;
Professor Karen Spilsbury : HSDR;
Dr Sharon Spooner : HSDR;
Mrs Julie Spratt : RfPB;
Professor Iain Squire : RfPB;
Professor Srikala Sridhar : IRS;
Dr Patsy Staddon : PHR;
Mrs Joyce Standring : I4I;
Dr Emma Stanmore : AI;
Professor Stephen Stansfeld : PHR;
Professor Robert Stein : HTA;
Dr Beth Steiner : PHR;
Dr Biza Stenfert Kroese : HTA;
Dr Benjamin Stenson : PRP;
Dr Elma Stephen : HTA;
Professor Terence Stephenson : HSDR;
Dr John Stephenson : HTA;
Mr Kamil Sterniczuk : I4I; RfPB;
Mr Sebastian Stettin : AI;
Dr Abigail Stevely : PHR;
Dr Rebekah Stevens : RfPB;
Professor Fiona Stevenson : HSDR;
Mr Michael Stevenson : HSDR;
Professor Duncan Stewart : HSDR; PHR;
Mr Alex Stewart-Cleary : PRP;
Professor Deborah Stocken : EME;
Dr Simon Stockley : PG;
Mr Serban Stoica : MRC;
Ms Julie Stone : I4I; PRP; RfPB;
Dr James Stone : RfPB;
Dr Rebecca Stores : RfPB;
Professor Robert Storey : HTA;
Ms Sharon Stratton : PHR;
Dr Alexander Street : RfPB;
Professor Beth Stuart : HTA; PHR;
Dr Andrew Sturrock : RfPB;
Dr Caroline Styles : HTA;
Dr Hari Subramaniam : I4I;
Dr Janet Suckley : RfPB;
Dr Natalie Suff : PRP;
Dr Jana Suklan : HSDR;
Mr Yazan Sulaiman Khaled : EME;
Dr Anita Sullivan : HTA;
Dr Ann Sullivan : Editorial;
Professor Frank Sullivan : HTA;
Professor Charlotte Summers : EME;
Dr Dominic Summers : RfPB;
Dr Santhanam Sundar : HTA;
Professor Claire Surr : Editorial;
Dr Yoganathan Suthahar : HTA;
Ms Eilis Sutherland : HTA; PHR;
Dr Christopher Sutton : HTA;
Mr Richard Sutton : I4I; PRP; RfPB;
Dr Andrew Sutton : PHR;
Professor Susie Sykes : PHR;
Dr P.N Sylaja : HTA;
Dr Tamas Szakmany : I4I;


Dr Andrew Tatham : HTA;
Ms Lynn Tatnell : I4I;
Dr Matthew Taylor : HSDR; PHR;
Professor Rod Taylor : Editorial; HSDR;
Mr John Taylor : PG; RfPB;
Professor Julie Taylor : PRP;
Professor Gordon Taylor : Editorial;
Mr Peter Taylor : HSDR;
Dr Ligia Teixeira : PHR;
Dr Julia Terry : HSDR;
Professor Jerry Tew : HSDR;
Professor Sudhin Thayyil : HTA;
Dr Eiddwen Thomas : HSDR;
Dr Martin Thomas : RfPB;
Professor James Thomas : Editorial;
Professor Felicity Thomas : RfPB;
Dr Steven Thomas : HTA;
Dr Matt Thomas : HTA;
Dr Matthew Thomas : HTA;
Dr Patrick Thompson : I4I; PG; RfPB;
Mr Gareth Thompson : RfPB;
Dr Tom Thompson : RfPB;
Mrs Michaela Thomson : HSDR;
Dr Simon Thomson : HTA;
Professor James Thornton : EME;
Ms Patricia Thornton : RfPB;
Dr Mark Thurston : I4I;
Dr Taavi Tillmann : PHR;
Dr Philip Timms : HSDR;
Dr Douglas Tincello : HTA;
Professor Jon Tobias : I4I;
Dr Alex Toft : RfPB;
Professor Toyin Togun : PG;
Professor Giles Toogood : HTA;
Professor David Torgerson : HTA;
Mr Chris Torry : HTA;
Dr Mark Toshner : TAR;
Dr Vaso Totsika : RfPB;
Dr Clare Tower : AI;
Mr Neil Towers : HSDR; HTA;
Professor Ann-Marie Towers : HTA;
Professor Jonathan Townend : Editorial;
Professor Joy Townsend : RfPB;
Mr David Townshend : HTA;
Dr Julia Townson : EME;
Dr Derek Tracy : RfPB;
Ms Susan Trant : HTA;
Dr Julian Treadwell : HTA;
Dr Thomas Treibel : RfPB;
Ms Dalila Tremarias : EME;
Mr David Trickey : RfPB;
Dr Lisa Trigg : RfPB;
Mr Ruben Trochez : HTA;
Dr Nick Troop : HTA;
Professor Emanuele Trucco : I4I;
Professor Emmanuel Tsochatzis : HTA;
Dr Heather Tubbs Cooley : IRS;
Dr stephen tuck : RfPB;
Dr Katherine Tucker : I4I;
Professor Lyvonne Tume : I4I;
Dr Christopher Turnbull : RfPB;
Dr Grace Turner : HTA; RfPB;
Professor Mark Turner : PRP;
Dr Nicholas Turner : PHR;
Dr Sara Twaddle : HTA;
Mr Christiopher Twine : HTA;
Mr Atul Tyagi : HTA;
Professor Peter Tyrer : RfPB;
Professor Sarah Tyson : I4I;
Dr Philip Tyson : PG;
Dr Vasiliki Tzouvara : RfPB;


Mr David Udo : HSDR;
Professor Obioha Ukoumunne : HTA;
Dr Rosina Ullman : HTA;
Professor Martin Underwood : HTA;
Dr Peter Unwin : RfPB;
Dr Sunil Upadhyay : HSDR;
Professor Shin Ushiro : IRS;
Dr Lesley Uttley : HTA;
Ms Philomene Uwamaliya : RfPB;
Dr Korkut Uygun : I4I;


Professor Jayant Vaidya : HTA;
Professor Mojtaba Vaismoradi : IRS;
Professor Rhema Vaithianathan : HSDR;
Professor Luke Vale : Editorial; HTA; RfPB;
Professor Srinivasa Rao Vallabhaneni : HSDR;
Professor Marjon van der Pol : Editorial; HSDR;
Professor Danielle van der Windt : EME;
Professor Fijs van Leeuwen : IRS;
Professor Harm Van Marwijk : HSDR;
Dr Esther Van Sluijs : PHR;
Dr Nejra Van Zalk : RfPB;
Professor Verna Vanderpuye : HTA;
Dr Filippo Varese : EME;
Dr Armando Vargas-Palacios : HTA;
Miss Kristiina Vassilevskaja : HTA;
Dr Ali Vazir : HTA;
Mr Lewis Veale : EME;
Dr Andrew Veitch : HTA;
Professor Roel Verhaak : IRS;
Professor Sumita Verma : I4I;
Dr Marta Vianya-Estopa : I4I;
Dr Sarah Vicary : Editorial;
Dr Suresh Victor : RfPB;
Dr Franck Vidal : I4I;
Professor Cecilia Vindrola : PRP;
Associate Professor Mara Violato : HSDR;
Professor Serestina Viriri : I4I;
Dr Shelina Visram : RfPB;
Dr B. G. Viswanath : HTA;
Dr Bella Vivat : RfPB;
Professor Peter von Dadelszen : I4I; RfPB;
Dr Georgios Vrakas : RfPB;


Dr Anu Wadhwa : HSDR;
Professor Jonathan Wadsley : HTA;
Dr Adam Wagner : PHR; RfPB;
Dr Christian Von Wagner : RfPB;
Dr Mary Waight : RfPB;
Dr Gordon Waiter : I4I;
Dr Andrew Walden : HTA;
Professor James Walker : I4I;
Mr Anthony Walker : I4I;
Dr Susan Walker : Editorial;
Mr Simon Walker : HTA;
Professor Carolyn Wallace : RfPB;
Ms Aideen Walsh : HSDR;
Professor Bronagh Walsh : HTA;
Mr John Walsh : I4I;
Professor Catherine Walshe : HSDR;
Mr Darren Walter : HSDR;
Professor Silke Walter : HSDR;
Professor Julian Walters : HTA;
Dr Holly Walton : HSDR;
Ms Jackie Walumbe : HTA;
Dr Rebecca Walwyn : HTA;
Dr Yize Wan : HTA; Pre Programme;
Dr Marta Wanat : RfPB;
Dr Kay Wang : HTA;
Dr Mengyu Wang : I4I;
Dr Yanzhong Wang : HSDR;
Professor Derek Ward : PHR;
Professor Nicholas Wareham : HTA;
Dr Krystal Warmoth : RfPB;
Professor Saman Warnakulasuriya : I4I;
Dr Martin Warner : HTA;
Professor James Wason : HTA;
Dr Dennis Wat : RfPB;
Dr Bassel Wattar : AI; HTA;
Dr Steven Watterson : IRS;
Dr Elizabeth Webb : PHR;
Ms Carol Webley-Brown : I4I;
Professor Bee Wee : PRP;
Professor Li Wei : HSDR;
Dr Yang Wei : I4I;
Professor Christopher Weir : EME;
Mrs Jane Welby : I4I;
Professor Sharon Weldon : HSDR;
Professor Jennifer Weller : IRS;
Dr Richard Weller : I4I; EME;
Ms Amander Wellings : HTA; I4I; RfPB;
Mr Sean Welsh : HSDR;
Dr Victoria Welsh : RfPB;
Professor Catharine West : I4I;
Dr Sophie West : RfPB;
Dr Sarah Westbury : RfPB;
Dr Stephen Westgarth : HTA;
Ms Rebecca Whear : Editorial;
Dr Maxine Whelan : HSDR; PHR;
Dr Pauline Whelan : I4I;
Dr Daniel Whibley : RfPB;
Dr Sarah White : HTA;
Professor Richard White : PRP;
Professor Ian White : PHR;
Dr Jacqueline White : RfPB;
Dr Sara White : RfPB;
Associate Professor Paul White : HSDR;
Dr James White : PHR;
Professor Christine Whitehead : PHR;
Dr Phillip Whitehead : HSDR;
Professor Penny Whiting : HTA;
Dr Robyn Whittaker : PHR;
Dr Andrew Whittamore : HTA;
Mr James Whittell : EME;
Ms Nyantara Wickramasekera : Editorial; HSDR; HTA;
Dr Andrea Wigfield : PHR;
Miss Claire Wilby : EME;
Mr Michael Wilcock : HSDR;
Mr Peter Wild : HSDR;
Professor Tom Wilkinson : RfPB;
Mrs Melanie Williams : HTA; PHR;
Ms Marney Williams : HTA;
Dr Emma Williams : RfPB;
Dr Haydn Williams : AI;
Professor Sophie Williams : I4I;
Professor Rachel Williams : I4I;
Mr Peter Williams : HSDR;
Professor Valerie Williams : RfPB;
Professor Trish Williams : IRS;
Dr Diane Williamson : HTA;
Dr Heidi Williamson : HTA;
Dr Brian Willis : HSDR; HTA;
Ms Simone Willis : Editorial;
Professor Wendy Wills : PHR;
Professor Andrew Wilson : PG;
Dr Edward Wilson : HTA;
Dr Eleanor Wilson : RfPB;
Professor Gerry Wilson : HTA;
Dr Rebecca Wilson : HSDR;
Professor Patricia Wilson : RfPB;
Dr David Wingfield : HTA;
Dr Eleanor Winpenny : PHR;
Dr Gary Winship : PG;
Professor Miles Witham : HTA;
Dr Katrina Witt : IRS;
Dr Ramona Woitek : AI;
Ms Beth Wolfenden : PHR;
Mr Wei Jin Wong : IRS;
Professor Patricia Woo : HTA;
Mr Tom Wood : HTA; PHR;
Professor James Woodcock : PHR;
Dr Jenny Woodman : PRP;
Dr Abigail Wooldridge : IRS;
Dr John Woolham : RfPB;
Dr Nick Woznitza : AI;
Dr Alison Wren : HTA;
Mrs Judy Wright : HSDR; HTA; PHR;
Professor David Wright : HTA;
Dr Ben Wright : RfPB;
Dr David Justin Wright : RfPB;
Professor Caroline Wroe : RfPB;
Dr Honghan Wu : AI;
Dr Jianhua Wu : PHR;
Professor Katrina Wyatt : HSDR;
Dr Kevin Wyche : PG;
Professor Rochelle Wynne : IRS;
Dr Zoe Wyrko : AI;


Dr Penny Xanthopoulou : Editorial;
Dr Georgios Xydopoulos : HTA;


Dr Yasuo Yanagi : HTA;
Dr Guang Yang : AI;
Dr Kai Yang : I4I;
Dr Tao Yang : RfPB;
Mr Tet Yap : RfPB;
Dr David Yates : RfPB;
Ms Elizabeth Yaxley : RfPB;
Dr Peter Yeates : HTA;
Dr Joyce Yeung : RfPB;
Dr Duncan Young : RfPB;
Professor Alistair Young : I4I;
Dr Aideen Young : PHR;
Mr Haney Youssef : EME;
Professor Weihua Yue : IRS;
Professor Nicola Yuill : RfPB;


Dr Shahid Zaman : I4I; PG;
Mr Giovanni Zaninotto : RfPB;
Dr Anjali Zarkar : HTA;
Professor Wei Zhang : IRS;
Dr Zhivko Zhelev : RfPB;
Dr Yalin Zheng : RfPB;
Professor Shang-Ming Zhou : HSDR; PHR;